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You told me to grow up
but I dont know how to
I liked when you reached your hand out to me.
nobody ever did that to me. Nobody was that nice to me. I don't want to grow up, I want Aya. I want to jump in Ayas arms.
he wont see this, wish I could tell him.
I want to hold your hand
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Stop making these threads.

don't be mean to rem, he needs our support

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Was he great or was he the greatest?

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you know the answer OP
He was a sociopath who killed a great many innocent people in a horrific way. Go to bed, you have school tomorrow.
>"Guys! Guess what I just learned in world history 2-day! :333"
Underage B&

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>tfw your eye bags and acne are why you're a robot

>Just sleep more
>Just wash your face bro, worked for me
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are you jewish? (sincere question, not memeing)
err how old are you op?

No, I was raised catholic.

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How do you cope when everything is shit and nothing makes you happy?
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Read a lot of superman stories and drink.
You recognize that you've described clinical depression and you take steps to get that shit fixed.
i go on /r9k/ and post facebook-tier ironic depression memes with cats on them

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>wake up
>there's still nobody lying next to you
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>wake up
>grab a brush and put a little makeup

Really makes you think.
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>Wake up
>There's a gay dragon lying next to me

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Who exactly was in the wrong in this situation?
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The ones who brought niggers into U.S.
The evolution. It forgot about niggers.
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I make these threads just to bring out /pol/.

You white bois crack me up. Now I'm gonna leave this thread, get away from my PC, and get in my comfy bed with my white wife

Did you get the belt as a kid? Or did you grow up in a BETA household? No psychology memes allowed
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Nope, worse we got were getting slapped pretty much.
No but we were fighting/wrestling with brother all the time. Must have felt good for that faggot being 5 years older.
whenever my mom got angry she would yell at my dad to hit me with his belt

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I'm thinking of playing the "Blue Whale" game, Should I do it?
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Give me the quick rundown on this game
You harm yourself in ever increasing gruesome ways and then kill yourself by jumping from a building, because it's kind of a bet or something.

Yes, this is considered a """game""" in 2017 and teenagers have actually died because of it. If this is not an argument for a mass millenial genocide i don't know what is
It's basically a game in which you are assigned a task each day for 50 days, the tasks are pretty weird or just stupid, but the last task says that you have to kill yourself. This is all organized in Facebook, so if you don't kill yourself, the will track you down and they will do the job.

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Who else here /no friends, no car, no job, no gf/
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im everything plus a dropout
> No friends
> No car/license
> Shit wagekek job
> No GF
> No friends
> No car
> Highschool fag
> tfw haven't talked to a girl my age in 3 years
> tfw I realize this is only the beginning

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Why do women think this is attractive?

It looks retarded. Stop wearing your fucking pants so high. This outfit is the female equivalent of the male "cargo shorts and buttonup flame shirt".
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I think it looks attractive
But then again i'm not a faggot so maybe that's why.
Or maybe you just have shit taste. Seems more likely.
I personally think it's cute. Idk

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>tfw you realize people on 4chan aren't cleverly pretending to be idiots but are in fact complete idiots and you've spent countless hours polluting your mind with the thoughts of these idiots
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yeah but that, """""synchronicity,""""" though, amirite?

i realized at some point the whole creative aspect of my identity, the intelligent thing, was just something foisted on me by people looking for redeeming qualities in me, that i was willing to take on for the benefits. the reality is that i'm a lazy chronic masturbator. i can clip my toenails by folding them back then ripping them off. now there's a talent.
>I'm just like, 3 smart for this bored :^)
So you're one of those guys?
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The accelerated postmodernism of 4chan has gotten to the point that I have no idea what level of irony anyone is on at any given time
The world as a whole has dissolved into an indecipherable mess of genuine meaning, irony, genuine meaning so stupid it comes off as irony, post-ironic meaninglessness, shilling, virtue-signalling, and propaganda that even people who watch generic tv news every day have realized that one has no access to anything resembling the truth
The internet was a mistake

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You just don't belong here if you say things like, "Kill yourself, weeb." and "Anime is trash." We know you came from r/the_donald or something during the 2016 election.
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kill yourself weeb, anime is trash
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>when someone who hates anime comes to anime website but it's le okay cause on non anime-specific board of anime-site

They just heard 4chan is le cool meme birthplace and shit it up with their bad opinions and reddit attitude and posts.
I don't hate anime. Just indifferent to it.

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This just happened over text:
>Girl: Do you think XYZ likes me?
>Me: I dunno, do you want him to?
>Girl: Suspicious question, are you jealous if I say yes?

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>"Honestly, yes."

get off the internet you stupid fucking mong
I'd answer no. Even if the girl I liked liked someone else, I'd try to be happy for her, and fucking deal with it. If you answer yes, then I believe you are completely done, and she might think odd things.
Be honest, but also try to sound confident

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why aren't you taking a bath /r9k/?

It will relieve your stress. Try it.
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good thread I give it 10 points
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How is your water that fucking blue?
My apartment doesnt have a bath

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Hey you Trumptards

Can you explain this massive tax cut for the rich?


I don't comprehend 4chan's support for Trump, he's going to hurt all of you faggot NEETs and help his rich buddies you idiots
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>4chan's support
don't group all of us with them man
Sorry, I think you have this confused with /pol/.
Also "Massive tax cut for the rich" is a meme. Do you live in a post-industrial part of the country? I did, until the lack of jobs and insane cost of living drove me out. For the past 60 years, they've been under Democrat rule and tell the everyday man "we're fighting for you". What they really mean by that is that they and their rich pals from mega-corporations who have enough money to get specific tax cuts from government are getting rich, and that small businesses get destroyed so the large companies (connected with corrupt politicians) monopolize the market.
So breaking this down, a corporate tax rate cut to put small businesses on a level playing field with the mega corporations who already pay almost no taxes anyway?
Why is that a bad idea?
Perhaps it's time for you to get a real job or grow up a bit more to understand what really happens. Reading New York Times articles from the viewpoint of folks who have never worked in the private sector is no substitute for experience.

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