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To the person that told Melissa that I gave them info about Elliot, I know you did it and that you dont want me to know who you are. Just to let you know, I didnt know it was info I wasn't supposed to share. So OH WELL I wont let it bother me lol. Your a jerk anyways
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What is this about? Who is jerk?
What happened?

Originally original
Did you know, btw, that Mumkey is going to release his documentary of ACS's materials in July or latest in mid August. It's going to be huge.

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>hdd with anime collection just died
>had to sell my back up last week to pay rent
>had to sell my pc to pawn shop the month before for rent
Is this the end?
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>living on my own after HS
>no money to pay my ISP
>a whole month without fucking internet

thank the lawd I had like 400 gigs of animu.
t. Californian

This is what happens when your family didn't own CA property before it became a financial shitfest and not living with your parents doing CC at the nearest city or your hometown.
My neighbors dont have a password on wifi. Posting from an iphone 4.

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Anyone else going through a mid-life crisis? I just bought an overpriced car
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what purpose does this car serve?
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I'm still a virgin neet and i'm aiming to stay like it until my death.

thanks for the free money wagies
Almost 25...

My SO did that two years ago. It wasn't extremely expensive ($16K), but
it was def. a learning lesson. Need to shop around, try to get interest free on loans, save up on cash, usually better off buying used, etc.

my biggest crisis right now is just getting my health in-order. It's so important to start now and not later guys...My biggest thing is controlling my weight. I'm probably about 30lbs overweight. Exercising and eating healthy now will pay off later.

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Goys I'm going out with a chick this weekend and she's kinda hot but kinda crazy and she gives me mixed signals but agreed to go on a date off tinder. I'm a 24 year old dropout virgin loser who plays video games, smokes weed, jerks off, and reads jew conspiracies all day and works at dominos and she's a 20 yo 7/10 physics major at the local uni. How do I not fuck this up?
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I will hope with all my might that you fuck this up.
Goddamn dumb nigger.
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Chad looks prob senpai

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>you know the drill
ideal gf thread
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My oneitis who has a new bf :(
mystery inc. velma was the goddamn BEST velma
shaggy was a dumbass but at least she ended up with best girl VELMA x MARCY OTP FOREVER
someone who actually loves me. :(

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I'll start

I don't think there's anything wrong with being gay
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unpopular opinions are unpopular for a reason.
Life is what you make of it and you have no one else but yourself to blame if you dont like where your choices put you.
free will is a meme invented to excuse selfishness and maintain oppression

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>too normie for robots
>too robot for normies
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Are you me?

we need to think of a word for this

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What handgun at/under $300 would be most reliable for suicide besides the 45 highpoint?
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Why not the hipoint?
Apparently it's not legal in my state
Just fuck a prostitute and die of AIDS slowly my nigga.

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There is no such thing as an ugly billionaire.

I dont think youll ever be a billionaire, but I do know that if you can earn about $250,000 a year. You can live a lifestyle that would attract 18 year olds fresh out of high school that would love to give you their best years for a piece of your lifestyle. Trips around the world so she can post it on IG. Driving your fancy car. Having her friends at your house, so she can rub it in. And in your mind you know that is all it takes is her to say NO one time. For one of her friends to be sexier. Maybe you just need to save money for a few months. You can end it and devastate her.

My question to you is why arent you actively pursuing a career, a skill, a profession that will bring you the income it requires to not be ugly?
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The chances of doing so with my current set of skills are zero, and the goal is not as atractive to me as you think. The risk of failure and wasting time and resources are to high to pursuit a path like this.
Meanwhile self hatred and resentment are consuming all of my time and motivation to do something about it.
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i'd rather just live my life completely on my own terms and die alone because of it.

if that's the price, then so be it, i'm ready to die alone for it.
That sucks man. I think youre going to live a boring life.

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What's your go to smell or stench for trying to entice roasties? What do you believe a filthy trap wants to smell on your virgin nerd body as she/he rides you? Everybody talks about face, body, and game.... what about your stench?
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No cologne, just wash well with a manly soap.
I have a few and I like to smell good
>berberry London
>Aqua Di Gio
>Aqua Di Gio black
>Gucci Guilty
>Lacoste In the clear red bottle
>Mr Burberry
I like this Polo Blue my mommy got me. But I don't use it to attract sluts, silly Chad, it's just for myself.

hello my fellow manlets 5'5'' reporting in

How do you cope day-by-day with your condition? do you have any anecdotes related to your height? what about dating?
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Seth Green is not a good example, he doesn't really seem to care about it.
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"Son, it's not about the size of the dog; it's the size of the fight in the dog. If you be yourself, look people in the eye, and shake their hands firmly, then height is just a number."
girl in pic related has to be 5'10 at least desu

I encourage all my fellow robots to join me for a productivity challenge,
The rules are simple.

>Roll and whatever the last 2 digits of you post number are will be the number of minutes you have to be productive before taking a break.
>The task you choose to dedicate this time to is up to you, as long as its something you consider to be productive, whether its cleaning, reading, working out, art, whatever.
>Feel free to mix it up if you complete a task before the time is up.

Celebrating a week of nofap, coincidentally, being productive at night has kept my hand off my dick. Lets roll!
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I love it when I get just enough time to clean up an prepare. Time to work on my manly physique!
Roll for drawing I guess.
Rolly rollyc.f.hv dygcfy

>grow up watching my mom wrongfully imprison my dad
>older sisters picks on me and steals money from me
>ex girlfriend cheats on me and plays herself the victim
>only best friend since i was child stops talking to me because his wife doesn't like me
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What's your thoughts on the current WWE product?
Ding dong diddley BBDWTS and they are SEETHING
Non retarded answer please

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Daily reminder that eggman has a monster dong and gets more pussy than you
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Which part is the penis? Left or right leg?
fuck off mac you thot
Did he tuck in his shirt?

If you live in Australia and have a decent job that is not a bricklayer then why don't you buy this qt magnet car for only $25,000 AUD
What is stopping you from doing so?
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Link to car
>Buying a Chrysler
Gee, I wonder which of jew would post something like this. I mean which of "you". Must have mistyped

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