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I'm a big man. I can protect you. Nobody fucks with me. You'd be my princess.
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Hey, anon. Just here to let you know I'm bumping your thread. And remember, your dreams will come true if you work hard enough.
Should we be calling the police, or is this a random photo from elsewhere?
>somebody sleeping
>call the police

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how do I reduce the fatty pad around my dick lads?
i'm almost 7 inch but I have a 2+ inch fatpad
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Are you fat? If yes, then stop being fat you fat fuck
yeah i'm 250 6"2
but I used to be like 300
Step 1:
Stop being fat.

Are all fatasses this inept? Is this why they're such fat cunts?

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im stuck in toilet without toilet paper. how i can make my ass clean
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Wipe your asshole with the toilet paper tube
I assume you're in public. Here is my method.

flush a bunch of times.
stand up and begin to wipe your ass with your hand, washing your hand in the toilet water and flushing when it becomes too gross to rise off your hand.

wipe your ass to the best of your ability this way. enough so that you won't be sitting in shit.

pull up pants and go to sink and wash hands. seek out a new bathroom with toilet paper to finish cleaning.

shower when home.
Use your underwear, then throw it in the trash.
This is disgusting.

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4chan has been compromised with exploits in recent weeks. Someone is collecting user data to build a database linking 4chan posts to your actual identity. It could show up on wikileaks in the coming weeks.

If you haven't been blocking all connections to ekansovi.com through NoScript or uMatrix, you are most likely fucked.

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Why not just block it at router level?
I only blok ekanovski.com, that all ?
yes, block it good

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>tfw nobody likes me because im pale in south europe
feels bad
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not even girls?

I thought you people always wanted to be white
It's not cool to be white anymore thanks to the Jews
Just go out and get a tan anon

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>small, pathetic dogs
>every other dog could basically swallow them whole or just sit on them
>even a kid could stomp them to death
>they are still little, insufferable, hyperaggressive shits

If only the same reasoning could be applied to humans
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>yet woman still love chihuahuas.

>Implying it isn't

The majority of manlets I've met were loud barking pussies with no action behind their words. Overcompensation.
>what is a Napoleon complex

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Will be going to a ganguro/chav girl's birthday tomorrow. How do I get her to fucc
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Chavs are fucking disugsting and Ganguros are even more degenerate.

Get off of my board, Norman.
Ganguro/chav? They aren't the same thing
Jesus dude. I'm all for girls experimenting and sleeping around, I know I do so it's only fair they do too, but a chav girl's vagina will burn through any condom, m8

I am 62 is there anyone here older than me.
Also you can ask questions of me if you wish.
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Okay, how old are you?
I am 62.
Tell us your life story, what made you end up here?

Can we get a nice Wojak thread going? Leave one take one.
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Enjoy this Wojak version of Seung Hui-Ch

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Do girls have it easy nowadays? In a society where they force men and women to be equal, the man still has to put in all the work and women still get unequal privileges and don't need to pursue guys.
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Post ITT if you can't grow facial hair

>been attempting to grow a beard for 3 weeks now
>won't connect
>all the teenage girls at work laugh at me
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>mfw I can grow facial hair but still posted itt
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>tfw most of the beard doesn't even grow on face
>grows mostly on neck
>hate damned hair
>too lazy for shave
fok u

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>wake up
>see this

What do?

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kick him out then vomit
call cops immediatly
Grab the aluminum bat next to my bed and start threatening to kill him if he doesnt tell me how he snuck into my living space.

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>meet person online
>they seem very interesting
>smother them in attempts at conversation because I'm a NEET used to constant communication with people who are similarly jobless and used to constant online chatting
>a few times thought I was close to someone while in fact I was testing and breaking their tolerance limits on a daily basis
>they never made it clear before it was too late
>I'm oblivious
>when they finally tell me, or someone else does, it crushes me every time
>every time I think I got a hang of it
>every time I alienate someone again anyways
How the fuck do I find the right amount of talking to someone? My incompetence levels are nearing lethal. Even the people whose first impressions of me are very positive I manage to drive away by being fucking tedious.
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I require assistance even if I know I'm past the point of saving and am thus bumping this thread

I just made a full recipe(very pic related) american pancakes and ate them all by my self
who else here /fat/?
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Hoe big are you? im usually 5.5 inches but if i dont masturbate for a while i can reach 6.25. desu when my dick is bigger masturbating is less fun
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