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>anime posters
>hairy skinnyfat dudes
>trap posters
>creepy pedos with recession hairlines
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are you considered an animeposter if you only post it sometimes?
because im not skinnyfat just skinny
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Wahahaahahhahahaha you fucking moron! Smoke weed every day you ninny! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit!
a lot of different people here, im very good looking and im anime posting sometimes

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>mfw a highly successful person dies in a car crash
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>mfw a rich and famous artist commits suicide
>tfw highly successful and famous
>still feel like shit wanna kill myself erryday and browse r9k
>if I died in a car crash you'd be happy and wouldn't even know I was just like you
famous how? like an actor famous?

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Hello robots my whole C drive is gone, can you share some reaction images with cute waifus ?
No 3D sluts allowed.
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Not gonna share anything but this one pic because I have to write an original comment to accompany the imagine as well, which is unbelievably annoying. Go ask /b/ instead.
/b/ is full of bullies
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I don't care much for originality

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>be 31
>parents want to set me up with my 19 year old cousin
>she's a little chubby but otherwise pretty
Is it worth it..?
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cousins are literally made to have sex with one another.
Do it faggot
Why would you reject
Are you a paki or a Jew?

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In case you have, do you feel any guilt for having stopped trying?
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no. i stopped caring, too.
t b h i never actually tried in my life, everything i got i got really easy. why should i feel guilty for being myself?
>stopped trying
Kek. I never started to begin with.
>everything i got i got really easy
What did you get?

also, would you bang?

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>parents went out of town
>was feeling adventurous and ordered a pizza
>ate half of it
>have to get rid of the rest before they get home and guilt me for not eating well
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>what are fucking tupperwares

Nigga, are you retarded ?
Yeah, pizza isn't bad for you. Go kill your parents for being such idiots. They probably screwed up your life in other ways too.

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Any NEETs realize your social skills are a lot worse than you thought?

>decide to go to the gym since there's a free 2 week trial
>the girl at the desk brings me into her office and has me sign shit
>was not thinking I had to do all this shit
>she makes fun of my social skills and wondering if german was even my first language
>it's not but I've been in germany since I was 6 years old
>told her I've been only been here for 1 year and that I speak english better
>proceed to awkwardly speak english/german fusion
>tfw she probably just thought I had autism at that point

Fucking hell this is what happens when you only browse 4chan and never speak your 2nd language. All of a sudden I'm a foreigner even though I used to speak german perfectly as a kid.
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my social skills have been declining but i'm still able to hold a conversation with strangers. stop projecting
I've been a neet for 6 years and only ever talked to my parents/brother. And I could probably hold a conversation in english if I lived in the US.
>Went to dermatologist to check some weird shit in my scalp
>she's a qt grill
>I stammered and spat on her table while trying to describe what was wrong
I have literally never spergd that badly

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Anyone here make music? Post tunes

Here's something I did a few days ago
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I liked your tunes man sounded like a video game soundtrack from the old era

Here's a song I wrote check it out and tell me what you think

I heard that one before; you posted it in an OP thread like I did. Gud shit, mang.

Ah well here's another one for you to check out if I can be so audacious


>now I just abuse substances
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>now i just abuse trap porn
>spend my life in altered states
>death grips is the only band to understand me
stop doing that!
t. guy who fell for the trap meme and fugged one irl and now wants to kill himself

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>Hey bro, wanna grab a slice?
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Sure, thank you. You sure are a good friend, Chad.
fun fact: most chads are super nice to robots

get a chad friend today
That looks like a great pizza, count me in. I brought that new batch of double IPA I finished brewing last month. Ready to pwn some noobs on CoD?

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bonus for robotic songs
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>tfw to Kate Bush gf to let you pet HER BUSH
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good musician but shit song but thanks for ur input have a good kate song
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>go on okcupid
>message a guy with "hey ;)"
>he responds and I ignore him
>he spams my inbox and checks my profile every day for weeks
>I finally reply to him "want to go on a date?"
>he says yes and acts excited
>mfw I start ignoring him again
>he deletes his account

Anyone else trolling on dating sites?
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You have quite a large amount of free time, perhaps you should consider shooting yourself.
>complain how the world mistreats you
>do the same to the world
>feeding the cycle of suffering
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>go on okcupid
>message a guy with "hey ;)"
>suck his cock
>he nuts in my mouth
>swallow his cum
>ghost him afterward


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>tfw mom got me a job as a Starbucks barista
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What does a starbucks barista do?
I have no idea, make drinks I guess?
Did you have to interview? What questions were there?

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is this how all girls eat

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What a fucking pig, I only eat like this if I'm starving and really like what I'm eating so like once every few months. I like it though, slightly turned on by how she eats for some reason.
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There's just something about this girl and how she eats, I want her.
I don't fucking get it. She's just eating, it's not even gross that's how I and everyone I know eats.

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I've been sitting here refreshing this board for the past 3 hours. Help.
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>3 hours

That's small time
did you expect the threads to get better or what?
ugh i remember that time when the only thing i did was 4chan

slept 7 hours and the rest wad ONLY 4chan and nothing else besides food and toilet.did that for about 5 months

worst waste of my time

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