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how do I get laid when I am unattractive
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You seek unattractive girls. They're pretty desperate.
this is a good point
do I find them on tinder?
Except they aren't, Thanks to feminism now every 3/10 thinks they are entitled to dating Chad.

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yeah r9k, why not?
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I'm actually retarded.
Even at home i'm given simple tasks that i fuck up for some stupid reason

i have minimal expenses so i don't need to work too hard
>get a jobs
>get taxed
>money spent to support Chads children

no thanks.

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end it.png
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>parents storm in room out of the blue
>start shouting at how i am a failure
>kick them out
>weep in envy that I never had, and never will have decent and loving parents

does this happen to you too?
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Yes, apart from the weeping and envy.
My room has been broken into twice.
I've been beat numerous times.
As you grow up, they just stop giving a shit about you though, so don't worry.
"Well, it its either your worthless genes, or you are not my parents at all, what do you think, guys?"
I've never got beaten since 15 because dad is a manlet and can't turn on me anymore. All they do is shout the same fucking thing over and over again until they leave. Im not sad anymore, I'm just jealous of others.

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>when you see a pornstar with a dick the same size as yours (6 in)

Feelsreassuringman :)

>when you open up the comments because they're usually hilarious and it's filled with people saying what a tiny dick he has

Feelsbadman :(
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>When you don't care about 3D roasties and stick with 2D instead

Feelsgoodman :)

You should try it to.
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>video features guy with a 'small dick'
>it's bigger than yours
You cant put your 3D dick in a 2D pussy tho.

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>want to die
Should I point a fake gun at a cop?
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Hop off a building top, you're doing the world a favor nigger, your kind only spreads inferior genes and "ghetto culture"
Of course not. Choose life.
you gave me an interesting idea, there's a racist meetup group an hour away

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Is there truly a better example of an Alpha Chad in today's society than Jake Paul?
>blonde hair
>tall, over 6 foot 2
>that fucking jawline
>Adonis bod
>does literally whatever the fuck he wants
>wanted by women everywhere
>tons of money
drives the most expensive cars
>took over LA and is holding it hostage
routinely cucks his 10/10 girlfriend by loudly banging other chicks one floor above her and yet she still loves him even though it makes her cry herself to sleep every night
>violates private property laws and gets away with it
>kisses other women in public for "prank videos" and gets away with it because he's Chad
The list just goes fucking on and on. Is this the power of a true Alpha Chad?
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He has a receding hairline.
not OP but he could shave his head bald tomorrow and still have 9000x the social status and pull you do
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Sounds fucked up.
But I hope some robot out there just kill this fucker.
I just want to see /r9k/ and the internet turn into a shit show.

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>when i'm listening to music i sometimes sing/lipsync the lyrics with an over the top facial expression acting as if i was in the music video

It's kinda fun though
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>refer to myself as we
>talk to myself all the time
>punch myself in the face it I fuck up too bad in vidiya (I've given myself a black eye multiple times)
>have numerous inside jokes with myself
First thing I do when I get home is pull off my belt in one go while yelling "Let it RIPPPPPPPP!"
I can't do anything for more than 2 hours or so without getting up and prancing around my living room.

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What's going on in Japan?
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Fukushima's tsunami event radiated the land, something was bound to happen sooner or later.
lots of plastic surgery maybe?
Before they were fucking like animals now the womens bodies are starting to become more sexy to get men to approach them becuase all the herb men

>In the state of nature, women had sexual leverage over men because they controlled the means of reproduction
>Eventually men seized power by being physically stronger and controlling the means of production
>Modern society returned power to women, and in turn stacked the odds against men
>You must now become Chad to impregnate pic related

How does this feel, /r9k/?
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In the state of nature women relied entirely on men for their survival because they are too stupid and weak to hunt or protect themselves from other tribes and animals or neanderthals for example. Men could do whatever the fuck they wanted with women, they never had any leverage. Cucks in the 20th centruy decided it would be a great idea to fuck shit up and give power to women and now it will all burn. I don't want to impregnate any woman because i have awful genes and the world is crumbling in general.
Not true, men still depended on women to properly raise and care for their children. Without monogamy (a patriarchal invention), men could not protect their women from Chad or even confirm that their children are in fact theirs.
In the state of nature no one gave a fuck about chad, i imagine most men back then were pretty content if they got to nut inside a woman and they called it a day. Hardly anyone would have a reason to care if their children are theirs, the tribe works and provides for everyone anyway. And if chad becomes too much of a problem they could always ooga booga on him and bash his skull into a paste.

Femanons, did you ever walk in on family members or friends masturbating? How did it make you feel and how did you react?
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Does it count if I'm not female?

I once catched my bro schlicking lol, so I went ahead ripped of my pants and panties and jumped on his dick wile doing a barrel roll in the air while screaming "YAMETE ONII-CHAN!"

Save to say I broke his dick and he hates me nao. :(
>walk in on little brother with dads old playboy mag
>he shrieks and calls me a piece of shit while covering up
>tell him if he wants some alone time with the little guy go do it in his own room
>kick him over a few times as a punishment while he tries to scrabble out and play keep away with the magazine
>kick him naked into the hall with mom and her friend then slam the door
>put magazine in locked drawer then proceed to kick sephiroths ass in KH1

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>4 days into no fap
>wake up, get cafe and go look around the window.
>see a bunch of nasty homeless punks with a punkette.
>she seems to be in her mid 20s, about 5/10, but looks nasty and clearly hasnt seen a shower in months.
>she decides to change her clothes right there.
>just takes her top off.
>mfw i get the most shameful boner of my life

i dont think i can make it past 7 days guys.
could you give me some tips?
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get yourself a wife
just have sex with your gf, dude
i don't live in a muslim country sadly.
i can't just go out and buy a wife.
don't have one.

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Fuck me robros
I was following the gerogia thread on /b/ and went and read threads on /x/ trying to find another thread on it. Then I read a thread on /b/ again about paranormal shit and a dark figure.

I'm scared shitless for the night. I just wanna talk guys and try to get sleepy. Halp

Contributing a video I found earlier that's sick as fuck. I also play Tekken if anyone wants to talk about that

Pic unrelated
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good night, anon
>Gets scared by paranormal and spooky ghosts
What are you, a fucking pussy?
anon im too tired to read and comprehend your post but ill read and reply to it in a decent amount of hours after i get some sleep

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This is YOUR league. Deal with it.
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i would make her lose weight. If she doesnt i would leave. People can go up a couple points if they lose weight.
I have dealt with it and I have chosen to be a bachelor forever.
im too scared to talk to girls so shes actually still out of my league

>serious leg injury as a kid left me in constant pain for a year
>knee would give out all the time and i'd fall on my ass
>thought i got over it at 15
>over last month it's returned
>can't stand for more than an hour without it feeling like someones stabbing my leg
>tfw completely useless
>tfw worried about becoming a cripple
kill me
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>severe anxiety and depression resulting from brain damage from beatings from dad around age 2-7
>pills do either nothing or have crippling side effects
>can't read people's emotions had to relearn everything related to that and got bullied harshly for it until adulthood
>serious sickness from what doctors guess started age 12 and got found out late age 14 when my heart randomly gave out during class
>sickness fucked literally every joint in my body so I'll have serious arthritis and tendon issues from then on
>all joints enflamed and painful and occasionally will cough up blood
>hurts to exist and hurts to breathe making depression vastly worse
>doctors are pretty sure I'll need some surgeries around age 30 to keep living most around the heart but several joint are getting bone spurs so those will need cleaning up plus hip replacements
>every single bit of news is bad news and all anyone from the outside can do is say just be tough like they have any idea what it's like or don't give up as if they've ever had to live like this >recently found out liver and kidneys are going so more depressed than usual
>contemplating chugging my hydro bottle but doubt it's enough to get the job done
I'm incompetent. I simply fuck up everything I do. I messed up every job offer that I had. How am I supposed to survive?
dunno, I haven't eaten in 24h, and I'm just testing how much I can go without food

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Obscure feels thread?

>Tfw will never get to ask questions to a microbiologist about Toxoplasmosis Gondii.
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>tfw morning drives at 3am.

Feels pretty good.
Why not? Shouldn't be that hard to find one on the internet...
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>tfw people will only care about me when i die
>even then it will be a remote group of people for maybe a few months if i'm lucky

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