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why do people care about dick size if you can make a girl cum with your fingers

just asking, im a kissless virgin
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Cant hit them walls without a big dick
Its the only thing that makes you different from them having a female lover. The smaller your dick the more you are just an ugly dyke who munches cunt.
It's because the penis is a central facet of the male ego. You can make women cum with your fingers, with your mouth, you can use a toy, etc. but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that if your penis cannot please her enough, then you're considered pathetic.

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Is it possible to learn not to love? It's hard for me to ignore attractive people, even if it's just by their voice alone and it causes too many distractions. Can I unlearn it?
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You have to discard the thought the moment you become aware of it.
Clearly it's not love if you're basing it entirely on how attractive they are. Just chemically castrate yourself and you won't "love" anymore because you won't lust after people like a horny dog.
It is love. What happens is that we see someone attractive and we start projecting favorable characteristics onto that person. When we see someone beautiful, we have idealized view of them.

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Women hate thread
Women's rights were a mistake
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If you have to keep white women enslaved and without rights to keep them away from black and Arab men, isn't the problem with white men?
>restrict women's ability to spread degeneracy
reddit plz
Problem with white men is that they allowed feminism to happen. The worl is paying the price.

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Who else /hairy/ here?
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I wonder how many rape victims have had this horrible sight.
Dead bodies can't say no anon
nigga got TITIES

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>decide therapy would be best for me
>no insurance

oh well
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Don't worry, I have insurance and I'd still have to pay like $60 our of pocket a week.
>not being on daddy's insurance
Best case scenario it'd just be some normie asking you how you feel and trying to sell you drugs

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You guys talk about how women all have shallow interests and only follow what's popular and that's somewhat true...BUT take it from someone who recently graduated hs, this is most guys:
>bro u see the game
>bro u hear Kendrick lamars new single it was fire
>bro the new [whatever] looks like lit
Correct me if I'm wrong, pic unrelated
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Those guys are just putting up the normie facade. They worry about their reputation. Even with guys like that, they have the nerd tendencies repressed within them.
>pic related
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is it really the shallowness of women that's bad? I thought it was because they're evil rotten bitches.

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The last bastion of robotkind is still resisting the normalfag hordes.

>no unvirgins
>no women
>no trannies

Join now at https://discord[dott]gg/kFKHdn8 to bolster the resistance

>inb4 b-but muh discord

Normies use 4chan too, does that mean everyone on 4chan is a normie? Stop trying to find excuses to whine about. Don't be a cuck, join the resistance.
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Instead of fighting "normies" fight the psy ops posting cuckold, gay, trap, bbc threads all day

>fight the psy ops posting cuckold, gay, trap, bbc threads

We do that too
You do realize that running away and putting your OC into discords basically lets normies shit up this place even more, right?

who else here /cerebrotronic/

>compsci student
>never talk to anyone
>unaware of surroundings
>90% of my shirts are gray, gray tshirts, jeans, hoodie most of the time (hoodies are black/gray too)
>never go outside, people tease me about vampire skin
>ran xc in hs and people used to make fun of how I ran

on the upside:
>not horrifically ugly
>somewhat /fit/
>good gpa at top 40 school or so
>15k in bank account
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Cerebretonic describes me almost perfectly save for the studious job/uni part because I'm an aimless neet
Yup, only thing I have is good grades.
Who /goes up stairs two at a time/ here?

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Why don't you robots just date a rapist? There are women who are literal 9/10's who went to jail for molesting little boys & stabbing children. They got out of prison at the age of 30-40 or so and they're not allowed to leave the house without supervision.

These women are EZmode, no one wants them and they're completely dependent on you. Best of all, you can do research on them before dating because you can just pull up their records online and find one that lives near you.

There's a 9/10 QT in my neighborhood who gets out of jail next year, and I been sending her letters to prison about how much I love her and I want to meet her. She is fucking thirsty AF for going so long in prison without any sex.
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And where are they, smartass?
In prison, dumbass.
>he doesn't know about familywatchdog.us
I'm trying to give you legit advice here. Go on this site and check your neighborhood, there are plenty of sex offender women floating around. I seen some as young as 22 that are really really hot

I am not a robot but I want to be one.
The thought of being able to sit down, play vidya, shitpost and completely give up on everything seems comfy to me.
Is that weird?
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Don't forget living in mommy's basement.
It is a step up from being a wageslave.
and the feeling of loneliness and despair, as well as hostility and an odd, unexplainable distrust towards strangers and people who participate in things that usual people (non-robots and non-cyborgs) participate in.

Yes, this is related to you.

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Why are we made to suffer? Why does it never end? Why can't we die?
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every night i can feel my leg, and my arm, and even my fingers
I don't suffer a lot myself but I think I bring a lot of suffering upon others
You haven't done it right, OP.

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Do you ever look at the skin on your testicles, particularly when they are relaxed, and realise that they are moving around quite noticeably?
If you haven't then go somewhere private, let your balls relax and just watch as the skin moves around like a gentle ocean.
Why the fuck does it do this?
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To move them closer to/farther away from your body to regulate temperature.
the testicles have optimal operation conditions at a temperature lower than the body's, and that's why they usually hang low. when it's too cold the skin contracts to get them closer.
Your balls are actually sacks full of spiders.

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would you support the systematic extermination of white leftists?
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Hello FBI!
You must have missed the board responsible for Nazism and bigotry

for better results!

yours truely,
we forget
I'm not even right wing and could possibly be considered a leftist and I would 100% support a genocide of modern leftists.
They have gotten way out of hand and are not only digging their own graves, but dragging everyone else down with them.
>They have gotten way out of hand and are not only digging their own graves, but dragging everyone else down with them.
This is your present and future

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How do you guys feel about mods being able to see your IP/MAC address and thus able to stalk specific users if they wanted to?
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I'm not nearly interesting enough to stalk
Would be a waste of all that information
I usually phonepost on a data connection or use a VPN.

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Why aren't you wearing your roastie protector right now?
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>Why aren't you wearing your roastie protector right now?
No man has installed one on me yet

someone needs to step up and take responsibility for my penis!
Man up and take responsibility for your own penis.
>Man up and take responsibility for your own penis.
You know I can't do that anon

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