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>tfw aunt and uncle are staying at my house.
>tfw have to hibernate in my room because I'm too scared to go out
>tfw just built a gaming pc but now I can't use it because it's in my office and I'll have to go out of my room.

I'm stocked up on enough food and water and snacks to last me about 5 days. What the hell do I do while in stuck in my room? I have a Ps4 a smartphone and an ipad in my room. I also have a bathroom attached so I'll never have to leave.
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are you hikki? man up for 10 minutes and go get your gaming rig. also try just saying hi and making small talk. to your family lol
Why not go late at night to get it?
I wake up really early everyday so I'll be tired at night. I'm also scared someone will hear me.

why dont you watch real social dynamics and change your life?
you dont want to change your life you want to be pathetic all your life
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hmm r9k?
normies, chads and stacies are repulsive people, shallow and hollow, too narcissistic and self centered and emotional affective to be interesting or even fun

i prefer animals desu
because it sounds like you are a marketer trying to sell me useless bullshit
also my life isn't pathetic

also i have nothing against learning to manipulate people around me and i'd buy your shit if it weren't fake plastic american shitty "self-improvement" how to spout retarded one liners 101, i'd probably be better off reading a classic

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>You are autistically browsing items in the store

>"Ey wite boi! U know were da magnums at?"

wat say?
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damn she is so fucking hot
At the entry, to the right
>proceeds to hide thread

Yesterday I went to a disco known for basically being a whorehouse... and I didn't get laid which is no big. I wasn't the only one, it isn't a certain thing. But it did bring a realization: I've never had gf, have never been with a girl in any way and I never will... and it's okay. No girl will ever feel lust or love towards me and it's alright. I don't know why but I've accepted my condition, I'm probably not interesting or funny or attractive enough but what can you do :-)
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This is the first step, desu senpai.
The first step to what anon?
Enjoying life the way YOU want to live it
Not some movie or society tells you to

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>tfw am jew
>tfw no one likes me online cause am jew
>tfw got kicked from discord server 10 seconds after saying i am joo
what do? and no i don't want to assimilate like an ashamed cuck
>inbe4 kys
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Uncuck the white race.
don't be jew
off yourself scholmo

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I decided to get a haircut tomorrow!

What does /r9k/ recommend?
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A mullet.
>Keep the shape, thin it out and X inches off the length
In and out in less than 10 minutes and no time for the hairdresser to start any awkward conversations.
And you don't need to go back for another 3 months or so
What are they doing to that cat?

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>tfw white supremacist and have a black gf
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>being so much of a normalfag that no matter how racist you are to a girl you can her to date you
the sad part is i cant even tell if this is bait anymore
white man's burden, friend
File: white supremacy.jpg (97KB, 1000x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
white supremacy.jpg
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The weak should originally fear the strong

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Do any of you have experience with those dolls?
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Yeah I just pinned a 140cm doll up against a wall and gave it rough anal
aren't you afraid that doing this is making you the pathetic subhuman you are..?
You talking to me, faggot bitch? That's a nice combo of guilt/shame/fear you used but not very original so I suggest kys and stop projecting your personality disorder onto others. If this little busty schoolgirl doll makes me lose too much vital essense of semen I'm going to dismember her. Total impulse buy, meh.

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>post finger layout
>take typing test and post results

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File: myself.png (153KB, 1684x1191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>WPM 124
>Adjusted WPM 119
58 original wpm
Hello, Mr. Veganarrian, it's Steve from Big Juicy Vegetables. We prepared your package containing: Extra Thicc 30cm Cucumber and Huge Fat Watermelon with hole. You can come to pick it up any time, and we recommend you to bring your slave Rania because package is heavy. Have a nice day and go green!

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a girl i've been talking to lately just posted this on her facebook, what the fuck did she mean by it???
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It means she likes Ariana Grande.
Don't get your hopes up OP, has nothing to do with you. She's just quoting lyrics.
Personally, I'd ghost a trashy girl like that.

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>be hanging out with girl I like at her dorm
>her boyfriend comes over also
>feels bad, but I don't wanna just leave
>We all sit around and talk, he's actually pretty cool, but I still wish he would go.
>I get up from the couch to go to the fridge, thinking that I'll get everyone some sodas.
>I decide to ask her boyfriend if he wants anything
>Have immediate brain collapse
>"You want anything, daddy?"
>They both start cracking up
>"Sure thing, sweetheart!"
>They will not drop it
>He gets up next to me and pats my back
>It doesn't help that he's like a foot taller than me
>"It's all good bro, don't worry about it."
>She's still giggling.

What have I done? Why did I say that?
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time to become a cucky, anonie.
>We all sit around and talk, he's actually pretty cool, but I still wish he would go.
That's what they're thinking about you, at best.
That's the first step to a threesome where you'll get his dick in you, best prepare now.

>Meets girl in my class
>Has a crush on her
>She's pretty thottish, (idk if thats a term) so she dates many guys
>Still loves her despise that
>After a while, she eventually had a crush on my best buddy
>I got tired of hiding my feelings, so I open up
>She uses the unoriginal ''Oh, we're pretty good friends and I want it to stay that way''
>Since I dont want things to be weird, I pretend my crush for her wasnt serious, but it still was
>Doesnt know what to do anymore, so we kinda stopped talking
>Still was thinking about her and still had feelings for her
>After a good, long month, she texts me saying ''we gotta end this friendship, its not going anywhere''
>Was pretty angry, so I go talk to my female best buddy about (who turns out to be her best friend)
>I let all my anger out, and she leaves me too
>All that's left for me now is my best buddy
>Also turns out he's becoming really really good friends with both my crush and that female best buddy
I'm baka expecting he'll be leaving me at any moment
Rate this story /10

(Crush looks like pic related, but younger)
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Bet she wanted to fuck some Chad and broke his heart too huh OP
>she's pretty thotish
>still love her despise that
Yeah that's where you went wrong
>I let all my anger out
You brought all of this on yourself buddy
Who ends friendships because they don't go anywhere. Sounds like a stuck up bitch, good job anon

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Do I go to class today?
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yes. you need a soild education to get ahead in life anon.
Yes, organno
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>yes. you need a soild education to get ahead in life anon.

while I agree with that perspective I've already fucked up my grade in the class by shitting on the first midterm

and I didn't do the homework due on friday

so the prof is going to be angry at me and bully me

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>tfw too dumb to solve this
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C because I never guess right in anything in my life.
it's 0%.
Theres a 25% chance to pick any of the given options. So, the answer's 25%, right? wrong. since two of the answers are 25%, that inherently makes 25% the wrong answer. so, 50% would then be correct, but that's wrong, because there isnt a 50% chance of picking the right answer.
The answer is 0% because there is no right answer, both 25% answers are wrong as discussed and so is 50%, but this then shows that the answer would be 25%, because you have a 25% chance of choosing 25%, but that's wrong as well.

The most logical answer to this question is that there isnt one, as all answers conclude in a logic loop.

And yes I know this is bait
Is this a meme?
It's 50%, it would be 25% but that's written twice so it goes up to 50%

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Do you miss the early 2000s? Before smartphones, social media, Tumblr, Recession, Big Bang Theory, etc exploded circa 2007
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Ai ai puffy ami yumi right? I wish I could go back to the pre-2008 days, mainly 2005. Those years were the best. Oh I had this one friend in 2003 named Brianna who I wanna see again too.
>iraq & afghanistan (both are still ongoing but at least support for both wars is wavering)
>slow internet
File: IMG_0785.jpg (661KB, 5120x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
661KB, 5120x3200px
I sure do. Pre-smartphone world was much better, and the spirit the internet had was too.

Things were still kinda tailored for people who knew how to use computers and/or the internet. Lately, the internet has been so normalized that the floodgates have been opened for retards. Retards en masse, that is.

I just wanna play Flash games with friends I had and shitpost about Bleach mostly.

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