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>visit netherlands and italy
>heard how attractive the people were
>all of them looked below average/average at best
>disgusting dutch food too but not what this topic is about

what gives, robots? why do anons say certain countries are so attractive, when I rarely saw any good looking people
Will visiting russia be the same?
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Russia will be worse
KANKER KANKER KANKER KANKER never come to our country again faggot
Been to Russia, less fat people but I think that's because they are poorer.

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reallly made me think lads
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what is this assigned male?
>Mutilated hole where penis was
>Uglier than regular vaginas and it has less feeling
>Adams apple is visible
>Hips and shoulders will still be that of a man
>Can't have children

I can understand the appeal of wanting to live life on EZ street but this will just make things worse for most people.
>Nice try!

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any oldfag robots still alive?
anyone else remember when some robot spray painted a shitty pepe on the wall in his housing projects and we went fucking wild.
now pepe is a household name..
never forget that pepe started here, born from the rage of a thousand virgins.
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I'm sorry op, the old days are over
Who /gangbang of whining/ here?
It's not that old if it was pepe
Boring story is boring

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longest neet wins
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>4 years baby neet here
i'm 7.5"
8 years here, don't expect a win but looking to place.

can anyone else not stand false modesty?
it makes my fucking skin crawl...
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I don't give a shit about what other people say or do.
There's such a thing as morality, but sometimes people have to do bad things in order to do good things. It's like slavery. It was what made the USA, but was terrible. USA did lots of great things, but it took slavery to make it. It's necessary evil, in a good world.
and it's always faggy normie normison trying to act as if he/she doesn't still ask to leave the dinner table

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I just had to call the police on a friend that was possibly going to kill himself and he is in the hospital now.

I've lost a lot of people to suicide in my life and I think I'm done trying to help others after this incident and just focus on my self for a while.

I currently work as musician and Artist / Esports Caster but I'm barley making enough to get by (but I do have a ton in savings from previous success in my work) and I want get comfy af.

I really want to know what are some really comfy things I can be doing / your thoughts on my situation.

(also any good soundcloud playlists for while I draw, stuff like shamana)
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if it isnt too hot I love to open my window at night and listen to all the sounds of the outside. really helps me relax.
Wow, what a good friend you are. That's totally not selfish of you.
what sorta sounds u hear

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Has your perspective changed much in the last year, or months
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Yep, I learned life is worthless and dying doesn't matter and killing doesn't matter it doesn't fucking matter if I rape and kill someone there fault for being weaker the strong live and the weak die
I went to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago and found the stereotypical "small-town America" that you just don't get in Alaska (in addition to some other things.) There were lots of military history monuments (which piqued my interest), really made me more appreciative of this country. While I still long to travel to Europe one day, I now have a newly-acquired desire to see more of the US, especially the East Coast where a lot of our history began and remains.
watched welcome to nhk about 8 months ago.

what a gr8 anime

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Anyone have experience with hydroxyzine? Gonna take probably around 200 mg along with 35-40 mg diazepam and hang out with a girl I've been flirting with, will that be enough to suppress my autism and get me laid?

Also, general anxiety meds thread, what works and what doesn't? My psych keeps prescribing SS/NRIs which help, but the side effects are shitty.
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never heard of hydroxyzine.. im on 2.5mg of xanax almost daily. doctor wants to move me to diazapam. tried a couple SSRIs and they didnt help.
dont take that shit anyways, mental issues such as autism, adhd etc. are just essential features of otherwise normal human beings that are just not how SOCIETY WANTS THEM TO BE... so they feed you this meds.

For the answer... go with GBL (Liquid Extasy) its free to buy and priceworthy. You feel like being Drunk but you are fully concious and talk normal aswell you feel light euphoria.
>mental issues such as autism, adhd etc. are just essential features of otherwise normal human beings that are just not how SOCIETY WANTS THEM TO BE

not op but i have anxiety attacks almost daily and they last for 5 hours or even longer. ive tried diet, exercise, meditation and other things and nothing helps but anti-anxiety medication. GBL might help people be less of a sperg but its not going to help daily anxiety.

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>go to /biz/ to discuss finances
>99% of threads are meme coin bullshit
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> wanting to discuss business with NEETS and college sophomores
>want to learn how to make money
>try to talk to money people
>"haha nope kiddo it's secret"
>go to /r9k/ to discuss autism
>99% of threads are other thread bullshit

if you go to thailand which girls are safe to go bareback?
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The ones not wearing a whores uniform* and live in the deep country. Trust none from or near major cities or touristy areas.
*Whores uniform: in SEA region whores in certain cities or belonging to certain pimps where some article of clothing to advertise their proffesion such as all of them wearing pink belts or certain style/brand of footwear. Basically anything unique to those individuals alone but eye catching usually in neon colors or something that contrasts heavily with the rest of their outfit. Usually this is a street by street/small area basis and its recognizable.
The ones that have dicks.
They're all safe but the question is....are you safe?

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Are attractive males expected to have slept with a lot of women?
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Who cares dude I just wanna go to sleep and watch anime or something and pretend this never happened
>Are attractive males expected to have slept with a lot of women?
how many?

I'm attractive but I've only slept with 2 and never had a gf

Mostly due to lack of opportunity though desu

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>he doesnt listen to nu metal while playing wow

nice """""""robots""""""" you are
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This doesn't make any sense.. but man.. atreyu... So loved them ~10 years ago
This isn't 2007, man.
legion is cancer

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varg based discord server, Join your European pagan brothers in a degeneracy free community. If you follow channels like: ThuleanPerspective, The Golden One, HistoryTruths or Survive the Jive you are more than welcome to join our tribe and prosper to a better self.

invite code: 5JaDWN
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t. LARPing american mongrel
I've assimilated to the american political system, just another cog in the machine. What am I even doing wrong?
Idk, become a pagan? stop degeneracy? stop supporting (((them))) ?

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>hate my fucking parents
>don't want to work

what do
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Come back in 3 years when you are 18.
i'm 31 very fucking oreignal comment fucking gook moot

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who /sprint/ here?
>feels good to run fast
>slow normies cant comprehend running fast and stick to jogging ("just pace yourself bro")
>can easily run away from scary niggers on your night walks
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Everybody just have a good time.
That's a great idea. Just fill a room with laughing gas. Just Gas your guests at a party.
>Tfw can outrun all white people
i can't run very fast, but i can jog for very long distances. is this bad or good?

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