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Ok. I am ready to improve my life and not stay a khhv loser.
So in my quest to reduce my ugliness, what do bots ?
>No surgery cause no money
>Genetical chubby cheeks, can't lose them with gym
>Chinlet manlet
>Not fat and reasonably /fit/
>Have a job already
>Diffusing baldness all over my head (even my sides)
>No facial hair
>Dark circle around eyes even if i sleep well
>Already eat well

Make me a chad /r9k/
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You can be relatively not-ugly and still remain a KHV.

The most important and simplest thing that you can do is to leave this website and never come back. 99% of robots would find that 99% of their problems will magically solve themselves if they would just get off the internet, especially this website.
I only know this website for 3 months.
So your logic is stupid.
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I guess... i am doomed.

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>tfw ywn produce and record Despacito

why even live
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thanks for getting that shit song in my head

I know that song forwards and backwards and I know for a fact that they never say that in it.

Unless it's from that Justin beiber version or some other remix.



Why is that song so popular?

Ebin's probably tying the noose right now edition
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first for fuck cyclists

murderous cunts
wanking desu Iads
>It's my right to destroy the planet so I can drive my death cage to work

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I'll never look like a cute femboi, My face is getting more manly every day kill me, the body dissonance is too much. Is my escapism really just escapism? what is the real world?
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>I'll never look like a cute femboi, My face is getting more manly every day kill me, the body dissonance is too much. Is my escapism really just escapism? what is the real world?
Dumb sissy anime boi.
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I understand this feeling. Just make sure you're taking care of yourself, your hygiene, skin, diet, etc. If you're at least comfortable with how you look right now, doing those things to make your appearance age slower will help. It's gonna be okay.
can you give me a routine to be cuter

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I am able to work and so I can provide for myself financially. I am protected from harm by laws and government agencies. Everything that I once relied on Men for is provided for me in today's society. Everything EXCEPT for sexual gratification, which I get from genetic lottery winners on Tinder and other social media apps. This ass is Chad's only until I am no longer in my sexual prime. This is what he is allowed to do to me every day. I am the modern Woman.
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Kinda sophisticated bait.
I like it
This post is homosexual

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What's the main difference between failed normalfags and cyborgs?
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Failed normalfags were once pure normie and had sex and everything else denizens of this board don't get to have, cyborgs might of had some friends and good experiences or done drugs or possibly even held hands once but otherwise was far off enough from both normals and forsaken robots to know that they aren't either.

The end result of both are pretty similar looking though.
I sometimes wonder if I'm a failed normalfag, but then I think about it and realise I'm not since I never had a chance at being one because I'm too fucked up. Always just too far from being normal, but not fucked up enough to fully relate to somewhere like this. Left with nothing, forever unable to relate with others.

Some who use the term cyborg seem to just be failed normalfags in denial.
Failed Normie: Tries his hardest to be a normie, hates on weird people, thinks he is superior to weird people, but ultimately, never fits in with normalfags.
Cyborg: Half man, half machine, with guns for arms and augmented vision. 100% black and remember, he's police.

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Idleness is the bane of human life. It is the most potent cause of failure. The idle man not only does not achieve success, but he is a prey to the ills of the body and the cankering of the mind. His life becomes insupportable; he drones out the weary hours and drags after him the weight of discontented day, until the hoary and unhappy years close round him and the winter of age come on.
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I disagree with what you are saying in your post.
Indeed, men cannot live in utter indolence; they are obliged at last to invent tasks for themselves; they turn their pleasures into labor and their pastimes into arduous and exhausting toil.
Who has not seen men so devoted to sport and games as to spend all their time in the field or consume their whole stock of energy in play, making toil of diversion and work of recreation?
Employment is the natural condition, the open sesame to health, happiness and success. The child is never idle except in sleep. Men are never so, until false views of life or the relentless chains of habit have made them indolent. If a man follow the promptings of his inherent energies, he will be a laborious active man; without employment, he goes back to the condition of the beast and cannot be happy.

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>if a girl had sex with me I'd stop being a terrible person
>no girl wants to have sex with me because I'm a terrible person
How do I break this cycle?
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you honestly believe that lack of sex is the only reason that you're a terrible person?
Not him but this could be the case.

>Me in 2011
>Totally craving for pussy
>Change into an asshole and get depression
>Me in 2012
>Get a gf
>No depression
>Not an asshole anymore (unless someone pisses me off)
>Me in 2014
>Lose gf
>Get depressed shortly after
>Become an asshole once again
>Holy shit, the level of assholism and depression must be over 9000
Yes. I'm very sexually frustrated and I want to kill myself.

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who /asshole/ here?
>tfw banned from every forum and kicked out of every place you've been in
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i dont know what it is

i try to be nice but my life has been fucked up so i just get into fights with people because im jealous of everything

i try to change and i cant unless i take downers
yes im a keyboard warrior
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>mfw i've probably caused suicides and I know I've caused people to self-harm

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>normie family forces me to a high school reunion
>it is excatly the same like 10 years ago
>I am just sitting there in silence, while they are having fun
>noone would even notice me if I would die
>want to try to add something to the convo but they are talking about their family life, career, in what kind of expensive hotel resorts did they take their wife family during summer
>just sit there
>Chad who bullied me in high school noticed me
>here we go
>"and where did you go anon during summer?"
>"I saved money for my driving license courses"
>"You still don't have a driving license at age of 28?"
>everyone starts to laugh and they start to drink and talking like I wouldn't be there again, like I would suddenlycease to exist
>I sit there for 10 minutes then I said nothing and I went home
>nobody even asked me "where are you going anon" or something like that

I guess they are still sitting there and they didn't even notice I was there. Why are normies so fucking evil?
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Lets look at their perspective
They see a:
>Receding hairline
What would they want to talk to you about ?
You think you were bullied because the bully was evil ?
No, but because you are fucked in the head kid. Snap into reality. If they were to talk to you they have to do all the talking, you think that's fun for them ?
>Please kill yo self
haHAhaHAhaHaHaHa ha!
u dumbass lil bitch, i'm never gonna see my high school acquaintances again
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Why are you so evil anon

I am 186 vm actually

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How do I get more intelligent????????
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What for? It's all upbringing and connections.
I wanna do cool stuff like program game engines, rocketships, physics and math.
Maybe you should go to college for that, senpai.

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Fuck guys, I might be a weeb.
I visited an art museum today and saw some japanese girls who had the same age as me (18), i loved hearing them talk japanese and I always loved tomboys.
I'm the first one to criticize ironic weebs but fuck i wanna go to japan and meet some cuties.
I mostly listen to japanese songs (not anime songs tho) but I don't want to become a weeb.
How can I cure myself?
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You're not a weeb yet anon, you just seem to have yellow fever.
Just don't start to obsess over anime and you should be fine

About the music and language just say you find it interesting but don't go overboard like some people and "love everything Japaneese"
by the ways most Japanese girls don't look like you think they do, that just like thinking that every woman in America looks like supermodels
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You can't cure weeabooism senpai you will be a weeb till the day you die.
Just sit down watch some anime and post on /a/.

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download (24).jpg
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What's your favorite line from a movie? Mine is "no one had any particular interest as to my identity prior to me beginning to wear this disguise"
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"This loneliness....it follows me wherever I go"
Its from taxi driver. He really is /ourguy/. Weird because he has the balls to go up and talk to random girls, even if in the end he spergs out. Reminds me a lot of me, forever cyborg and forced to walk the earth like this with all the normies and scum.
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bane is a pretty big guy
Mine is "no way, this is impossible, I am in command" from the same film

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I like it when a girl is jerking you off and sucking your balls and she just starts licking your butthole
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I like it when a girl is jerking you off and sucking your balls and she just starts penetrating your butthole with her penis
Source on that OP?
I like exhibitionist stuff.
not sauce, but have you checked valsus's work? Know anything similar?

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Do you ever wonder if you have undiagnosed autism?
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we all do....everyday
I tried to reach to a doc to see if i got one.
Every single one of them charges 300$ for the diagnosis.
Don't fall for the diagnosis jew anon.
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i would bet my entire life savings and my whole wage for the next 25 years that Alex Jones is autistic if such a betting market existed.

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