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I believe in every single on of you. You are all worth it,even if you are human trash. You are all meaningful,even if just on a sociological stand point. You may be a number,but a single number can change an equation making it something entirely different in the end. So just be you and be happy you are a 1 or a 0 in a binary system of yes and no.
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>OP actually believes this
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mfw op thinks this will help anybody
Why would post this? You didn't even proofread it.

I'm lonely but don't attempt to get a gf.
I feel like they'd find my boy body unattractive. I'm 25.
What do you gay and femanons think. Should I start lifting? What should I change!?
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you have a normal body. you should lift if you want to attract girls who like fit men.
That's a small cloud anon. Could be your problem...
Normal is better than hideous. How tall do you guess I am?
Ya I think I'm going to lift. I want to feel like a man not a boy. I feel like it's just so much work. I gotta eat more food too.
I guess it's worth it if I feel good about my appearance.

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woblack album.png
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>in dorm with my black-chad roommate
>he's on the phone with his mother ranting about fuck whitey
>going on full kang-history tangents about different things, most notable example was how a black woman wrote for shakespeare
>"they're so manipulative, and they do this to EVERYONE"
>now he's talking about how 9/11 was a hoax
>"who REALLY created ISIS"
>"they took away all the PRIDE and JOY of the black man"
People of my race actually, unironically feel and think this way. Fucking kill me, someone looks at me and this is the type of person they anticipate me being, and apparently with good reason.
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WE WUZ KANGZ shit is really retarded

Although he was correct in questioning where ISIS (the terrorist group) came from. They were originally funded by then US government
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Yeah, the ISIS thing isn't as wrong as the other shit he's been spewing. Still jesus christ, I've never witnessed this sort of thing first-hand before and it's disheartening
>"All the history is gone, all the KANGZ that came before us is gone"
>"If I could go back to Africa right now I'd do it in a heartbeat"
>"We should be raising a generation of *african* americans, even if they haven't been there in a long time they can still go back"
Because Africa doesn't hate American niggers even more than America does...
Keep sucking the white dick there coon

You get to ask God one question. Well, what's your question?
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Who are you? desudesu
Do pets go to heaven?
will i go to hell if i kill myself?

(non-redditors) how did you first discover 4chan?
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Originally from a shock site (moid.org in particular if anyone remembers it) back around 05/06 It had a forum and I remember someone linking to the site in one of the threads. Been here since.
I'm think it was some magazine article about porn on youtube. I spend months just lurking and was super anxious when I made my first posts and took ages before I dared to start my first thread.
My friend told me about it, he used this site for furry porn. I was a Tumblr user (I wasn't an SJW) and used this site more frequently after the raid

>getting this hairstyle today

post hairstyles you like. feel free to talk shit
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So the thotboy cut? I really hope you have the hair for it, else it's not going to like your pic.
nigga dont do it that hair is terrible and reveals much autism and fuckboy

i have a friend who has this hair and girls fucking love this shit. but you need to be thin otherwise it looks ricidious

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>Be a cute hapu girl
>Have a perfect life
>Dad is Goldman Sachs VP
>Receive top notch education while growing up
>Turn 18

What the fuck is wrong with women?
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It's not a problem with women specifically. Repression and rebelliousness occurs in males too, and in non sexual things as well.
Lots of women have extreme masochistic sexual fantasies and enjoy the idea of being brutalized and pretend-raped, choked, hate-fucked, insulted, humiliated, spit upon by an aggressive domineering male

especially rich spoiled sluts like her
18 years of asian parenting will do that.

She inadvertently created the holy grail of porn though so I'm completely ok with it.

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>tfw no 600 pound gf
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She's trying to eat him, isn't she?
ywn be eaten by a giant whale of a woman after sex
it's certainly a good feel

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Over 140 - Genius or near genius
120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence
110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence
80 - 89 - Dullness
70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency
Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness

so where are u?
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Somewhere in 120-140.
also 120-140 on the lower end
124 IQ here. I don't feel superior in any way. I can solve complex problems like they're obvious, but I end overlooking simple mistakes.

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How are people with above-average intelligence supposed to have high self-esteem when intelligence isn't valued in a person?
As long as a person isn't retarded do you really care how smart they are, honestly?

I keep hearing everywhere that women supposedly value intelligence, but where's the actual proof? So far all you really see is attractive women with dumb shits.

If you're smart, but don't have a career, you're just as fucked as everyone else, please tell me what advantage being smart gives you.
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Intelligence is only valued if you get money with it...

But really it's all about the money
Use your intelligence to make a lot of money

That's what I'm doing. If there were actually any women that were so called "sapiosexuals" I would be getting laid constantly since I am (not memeing) in the top 1% of the top 1% of intelligence. In real life that just makes people not like me because I come off as either an arrogant asshole or really weird, which I am.

Fortunately I just started a $35/hr job which should grow to $54/hr next year as part of the research team for a software company.
Get on my level. I sometimes make 1k for 30mn of consulting...

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>So anon tell me more about your autism spectrum disorder :o)
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Tell me more about your eating disorder
morbidly obese disgusting roastie detected
>smokes cigarettes

I havent even touched a woman in 10+ years but that shit is a dealbreaker

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What is it like to have friends and go places with those friends?
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Fun until you realise that you care more about them than they do about you and come t understand just how shallow your connections to them are. You will never have true companions who will stand with you against the world like in cartoons or anime or movies. All friendships in this day and age are based on convenience and as soon as it stops being convenient to be your friend, your so-called allies will either turn on you or abandon you.
you should probably find some good friends
It's overrated

One on one hangouts are superior friend format

Am I seriously the only anon who cums in 10 seconds
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if i was allowed to plunge my penis into that girls vagina i would probably too.
I wish I was rich enough to pay her to fuck me.
>tfw no twitch slut gf
That bitch smile is fucking creepy.

>be Arab from Lebanon engineering exchange student in Sweden
>decide to take up swimming lessons
>never learned to swim because grew up with grandparents
>perfect opportunity since nobody knows me here
>first time at the swimming lessons
>as expected all "students" are immigrants but I'm the only one who doesn't speak Swedish
>instructor is this very tall blond woman (I'm a manlet so I don't know how tall but approximately a foot taller than me) with a weirdish face, not ugly but not cute either, early 30s probably
>swimming lesson goes fine
>am actually the best student there even with my lackluster swimming skills
>go back to changing room
>everyone is showering and dressing
>too much assburgers to shower with them so wait for them to leave while I hide in the toilet
>go to the open showers
>since nobody else is there, pull down my trunks and shower naked; the showers are shared but you're supposed to keep your swimming attire on while showering the clorine off
>mid shower swimming instructor lady comes in
>she acts as if nothing is weird
>gets under the showers
>I pretend nothing is weird either
>eventually she starts making conversation
>asks me questions
>I answer curtly
>I go to leave
>she grabs my hand
>turn around
>she forces her face on me
>I'm like shocked, don't know what's happening, just go along with it
>she pulls back, smiles
>I slime, I wouldn't have thought of her in that way, but I'm not going to say no, now
>even if I say no, she could probably have me, anyway
>she starts fondling my dick
>...end of story (we just fucked afterwards, not going to go into detail)

This happened on Friday night. Shit was crazy. WTF still cannot believe I lost my V-card this way. WTF.
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>be Arab
Stopped reading there
That sounds so hot.
nice try sage noko

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Here's what is going on:
>be me
>be 6'2 chad
>make out with a girl at a club a year ago
>7/10 thicc legs but "toned" (friends say she's 8/10)
>don't text her back
>friends say I made the biggest mistake of my life
>they praise her 24/7 and make fun of me for not making her my gf and banging her
>They make her out to be the perfect girl
>Text her generic "I want to see you let's go out" text
>We go out
>Make out on first date
>I have kept seeing her for more than a month now
>Whaddayaknow she's not perfect
>She just doesn't turn me on
>still not official
>I keep texting other girls daily and get a kick from it
>Went to the club this week and made out with a younger, skinnier girl
>Dick was diamonds
>Saw "gf" yesterday
>At her house, no parent, got no action
>Only kisses were pecks
>Leave her house when her parents arrive
>Feel like I deserve better

What do I do robots? I HAVE to get laid before summer ends!

Image not familiar
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what you have to do? leave this board disgusting normie
you dont advice you want your ego fueled you spastic
>be me


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