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1. Share any problem you may have.

2. Ask any questions you may have.

3. For extended conversations, use a name right away; don't just tell me to call you Billy Boy, actually put a name in the name field, and do this right away; brownie points if you pick a name that relates to your issues.

4. Before you post, make sure I'm still around. To verify this, scroll down and look for an image that says, "Good-Bye, I will always love you," if that image is posted, that means I'm gone and will not be able to respond.

5. At some point I will most likely ask you about your parents and your childhood; you can save some time but adding a bit about that in your post.

6. Below are links worthy of your attention.




7. Let it go.
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I have a theoretical physics exam tomorrow morning and I dont know shit
soo I fell shit

Ask yourself why you didn't prepare earlier. Report back when you know.

Don't worry about tomorrow. It's been too late for a while now, just do better next session.
I have an annotated bibliography assignment due soonish but the sources I have to read through are soo excruciatingly boring that just reading one paragraph makes me want to kill myself.

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>tfw can't keep the blinds open cause i dont want my neighbors to see me

i just wanted some sunlight
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Just open them u fucking autist
1. Remove clothing
2. Open blinds
Get over your phobia today

Tfw I probably haven't opened my blinds for 5 years straight. I know that feel anon

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Why doesn't this board like Post-Op trans girls? Vagina is always better than penis. Always!
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They did such a shit job, it's a deflated scrotum. If you're going to cut off your dick at least do a good job.
It's... It's very roastie. But i guess its better than a dick.
Post-Op always looks like a car accident, no exceptions. It's a mutilated penis, might as well fap to leprosy photos

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>Quit drinking cold turkey
>Quit all my drug habits cold turkey
>Have deeply disturbing, graphic, violent dreams every night since I got sober

When will it end, 'bots?
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It ends eventually.
Tell us about the dreams.
Congrats man. I don't think I'll ever be able to quit my habits, I just can't deal with things sober atm.

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>hates humanity
>is depressed because he feels 'lonely' and 'isolated' from humanity

explain yourself

shouldnt you be happy?
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Biology you autist

what do you mean by that? biologuuu origanu
Humans as social animals have a need to socialize. Whether or not you hate everyone, that need doesn't go away and if you don't fulfill it, you will feel bad.

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>we are 1/3 through 2017
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It's the 4th month. So 1/4 dumbass
There are 12 months in a year dumbfuck
But that's even bigger than 1/3
where has your life and math skill gone

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whats the creative insult you can think of??
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The jerk store called, they ran out of you!
You great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies
The faggot store called, they ran out of you

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>go to forum for prospective wizards (not /r9k/)
>spend a month commiserating with fellow KHV
>by chance come across an old thread full of images of these dudes
>all of them are average or even good looking

This is becoming a meme or something now, or what? Fucking good looking mentally retarded people don't below in wizarddom. They could easily get laid if they just knew it.

I'm ugly. I'm not like them. Why do I have to share the same place with them? They don't know what's really like. They are just mentally ill people with BDD.
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You might just be a homosexual, anon

Not really. What makes a men attractive is pretty objective.

If you're

>not fat
>don't have crooked teeth

That's like 80% of the way there.


That's bordering Chad territory

>nice facial structure
>some minor muscle definition

You're Chad.
>he thinks the only way people will ostracize you from society is if you're ugly
>he thinks the only reason you can fail socially is if you're ugly
You're the memer OP.

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Anyone else have this too?

>be a bit of a loner
>do have a couple of friends I see now and then
>they don't mind my asocial ways or don't notice it
>they'll invite me for stuff now and then
>we usually drink around a bit at someone's place
>this I can handle fine and I'll even be social
>then after some hours they'll want to go out to clubs etc.

This is where I don't fit in at all
>it's always the same story
>we go to some club
>my friends will meet other friends that I don't know
>I'll slowly get more isolated
>it's only a matter of time before I'm basically by myself there
>usually just leave after that

God I hate clubs. I don't get the appeal and it's never fun for me and I don't see how anyone likes to go to those places. Do normies actually enjoy themselves or is it all an act?
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>>be a bit of a loner
>>do have a couple of friends
Maybe I'm an idiot, but isn't all this relative?

I'll see these guys maybe once every 2-3 weeks. My day to day social interactions are very limited.
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>Be me
>at party, drunk
>black girl takes me to other room
>we make out for a bit
>starts pulling down my pants
>have epileptic fit
>wake up in hospital
>have to take pills to prevent epilepsy
>mfw epilepsy almost saved me from the misery of being a chad

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Elliot Rodger's book, 'My Twisted World' is probably the greatest thing ever written
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it's shit tho
It's like Crime and Punishment without the intelligent parts
I'm planning to bind the thing in a cover, put it on my nightstand and read it every
day like it's the bible.

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Have your parents disowned you?
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Ye came out as trans and got thrown out oh well my lifes been fucked before that happened anyways
I'm surprised they haven't al ready since I was such a shit head as a kid.
Not yet.

I have no social life but at least I have a job.
You need to learn from little victories but more importantly you need to actually TRY.

Your parents will respect you if you can tell them you're putting 100% of yourself into your life, regardless of the result.
If you sit around all day browsing 4chan and do nothing to improve yourself...even your parent's patience has limits.

Now class I'd like you to find another board to work with today
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>April 1 prank
>pol combined with mlp
>lit combined with fit
>out combined with soc
>many other combos
>r9k stayed alone

Seems kinda fitting, actually...
>but miss, working is for wagecucks
They're trying to send a message to you guys.

Spending your time in such a toxic place is not good for your well being at all. You might get some kind of catharsis from being around like-minded people but it is not healthy in the least bit.

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it doesnt help me anymore i dont enjoy it like i used too i often find myself playing and thinking about tfw no gf and similar since everything became automatic to me
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This game makes me horny.
playing on dalaran wow now. wotlk was my favorite era. im playing a useless rogue who gets carried through dungeons. i dont lift a finger and people let me leech off of them for exp. how comfy
This takes me back. Haven't thought of WoW since Burning Crusade.

I've had enough of life.
TodayI'm downing an entire bottle of these and a saying farewell to my wretched life.

Sayonara cruel world.
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Enjoy your new healthy life
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>literally manchild pills
That will actually be a terrible way to go please look into a less painful way to die that wont take days and involve killing you by slowly shutting down your organs

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My NEETdom may be over robots, I have a mcdicks interview that are in desperate need of staff

Farewell lads, how do I celebrate being a NNET for one last time
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just do what you usually do i guess
I wouldn't be happy about flipping burgers but if you are good for you.
It may not be a dream job but it's a start! Make us proud. Maybe try and move into entry level health care. It can pay better, usually hiring, and there's lots of ways to move up.

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