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ITT: High school spaghetti stories. I get high off them.

>8th grade gym class
>be 5'11 210lb somewhat fat kid with a big boxy frame
>teacher says we can either choose to play touch football or volleyball, knowing that almost all the girls will choose volleyball and almost all the guys will choose football
>exactly that happens, except two girls choose to play football with us
>one is big and butch and the other is this tiny qt 3.14 asian pixie chick
>since it was almost all guys playing, and the two girls weren't really doing shit, we were allowed to make more contact
>no real tackles, but half-tackles/shoving was pretty much allowed
>playing defense, covering a friend
>he's running his route, and I see him looking at the sky, so I know there's a pass coming
>look back as I'm running to try to see the ball
>can't see it
>turn around as I see someone catch the ball out of the corner of my eye
>all of my momentum is carrying my fat frame
>run up and slam into my friend, the receiver
>except it isn't my friend
>he must have turned at the last second, because the one who caught it is the qt 3.14 asian girl
>fucking slam her to the ground
>she screams, ball goes flying
>I look down at her, for the first time contemplating the unspeakable horrors of what I've just done
>she is looking up at me with a confused and scared look in her eyes, she thinks I did it on purpose
>everyone stops and fucking stares at me
>mounds of spaghetti begin jettisoning out from all of my orifices
>slowly walk over to where the football landed
>pick it up
>walk over to girl, extend my hand out to help her up
>she hesitates for a moment, then takes it
>I hand her the ball, and mumble "I-I'm sorry..."
>walk off the field, tell my gym teacher I'm done

>asian girl remains scared of me for the next few years, finally warms up to me around senior year

>remembered as that huge kid who blew that little asian girl the fuck up

Now you go.
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Hi /adv/ I'm 23 years old

I just discovered I get extremely turned on (more than with women) when I imagine myself as a shemale and set up a sex-dates with much older men, I have been trying to have a career as a rapper for less a year now and have gotten some good results (around 2.5k in less than a year)

part of me says "You will never make it as a rapper, your body is femenine you should just transition and get a sugar daddy boyfriend"

the other part of me thinks I can make it and that the fetish will wear off but I havent masturbated to a non-shemale video in about 2 years now

I know that ultimately this is my decision but I want to know what you'd do

P.S. I have tried quitting the "sissy fetish" doing it for a couple months only to have it come back stronger and with something extra like fantasies about kissing while being groped by men or romance fantasies about cooking and snuggling with men.

*pic related: me crossdressing
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bumping with pictures of me crossdressing
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send feminine penis
this isnt /adv/ but keep going
where are you?

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I somehow lucked my way to an engineering degree (biochem). Now I have to find a job, which gives me a stress, and if I find a job, they'll soon find out they hired an incompetent person. I don't know how to do any engineering work.
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Why are Slavic women seen as perfect wife material?
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transvestites need to die goddamn what a mess lol
because you haven't been around them

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Chad wants to die. Kek.
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At least post the source, you fucking retard.
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>wants to die
>poses for a news spot about euthanasia instead of blowing his brains out with a Remington
Seriously, people with severe social problems should have the right to die. They can't hold onto jobs, cant get GFs/BFs, have problems dealing with everyday problems, etc. It's usually usually just a matter of time before they go on a killing spree

>Just finished jerking off

How the fuck did I end up like this. How's your day going Robots?
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do you think he would be so popular with 3/10 face?
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That is a 4/10 face. Stop blaming everything bad that's happen to you on looks.
um, that's a 1.

and nobody knows the fuck this beta is
that is a 3/10 face

the question is would he be famous without a full hairline?


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Am I the only one that feels this specific type of nostalgia?

I was born in 97' but feel that I missed the 80s and 90s. When I was small, VHS was still a thing, and I used to watch episodes of Pokemon and Inuyasha on tape over and over again. I never had cable, and I never went full weeb either.

But now I have this longing to dive into 80s and 90s music and tv. I wasn't even alive to be around it, why is this so?
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What's her name /r9k/?

This comment ia original
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to those of you who left home at a younger age, what was it like? Did you go back eventually? Are you still independent?
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Been on my own since 17, yes I'm still independent there is nothing to return to
greentext the story

original post original fucking post
I moved out of my parents house 9 months ago and started renting a house with my GF. It's not that hard, grocerys are way more expensive than I thought and I have less cash to buy cool shit with.

But overall is pretty fucking dope, I make all my own choices and I'm the master of my own Castle and I don't have to put up with any shit I don't want to!

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Uh oh, wagies. You got another day of work tomorrow. Better get your sleep in now, don't want to be late for Boss Shekelstein. It's a tough life, but hey, another day, another dollar.
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I haven't seen a NEET thread in awhile.
Works for me, tendie. I've got vacation coming up. Gf will be out from Canada. My penis is excited.

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>Mommy found the private panty pouch
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Mum peeped the vagina vacuum
>Mum peeped the vagina vacuum
did i say yould say that

i have had the shits for like a week now. i miss being able to trust farts.
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What's your diet like? Maybe you need to "detox" (elimination diet). What's your BMI?
too poor to afford anything but the cheapest option bruh.
embrace the BRRAAPP OP

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r9k dubtracks thread
join here my boys
try not to take this shit too serious but add whatever you feel like it
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>enter the dubtrack
>lil peep
>leave the dubtrack
p-pls no bully
add whatever u want my dude
we need more robots in this thing. I'd like to listen to whatever you have to share

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>tfw applying for jobs brings you out of depression
looks like im genetically imposed to be a wageslave huh
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