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>tfw my bicalutamide came in the mail today

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Congratulations, nigger. Also, original.
bicalutamide is by far the most effective AA for breast development
>there are people who don't use the catalog in 2017

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So, basically once a month I go visit a guy I know and buy some stuff, I then visit two other guys I know and sell it to them. This makes me 300 euro a month. It's not real drugs, just pic related.

Despite this I don't really see myself as either a criminal OR a drug dealer and sure as hell not as the stuff you see on tv or in other media.
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>not really drugs
>posts drugs

>not really a dealer
>sells drugs

The cognitive dissonance is to the max
You're a middle man
They're not anymore drugs than alcohol or tobacco. They're even well on their way to legalize them here.

I think both of them are further selling the stuff though.

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Hey robots, im at anime expo in LA and was given a free subsceiption to fakku for a week, here is the link
It has infinite uses
Go wild
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Did everyone already forget Piety was supposed to be there?

oh shit I forgot about this. does this prove she(he) is really a catfish?

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Did Eve fuck her own son since there were no other females?
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No, god created more people. Their son had another wife.
Adam and eve werent the only people created. The only reason the bible talks about them is because they were the first sinners
Shouldn't you be asking if Cain fucked his sister? There's extracanonical Hebrew lit about Lilith, a demon that slept with Adam before Eve came on the scene, and she could have given birth to other females.

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Do any of you find it difficult to tell your parents you love them? My mom calls me almost everyday and when we're done talking she says something like "Talk to you later, I love you" and I just say "Alright, bye."
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Yeah same.
Dunno why. I wasn't like this as a kid but at some point I just stopped saying it and never started again.
Pretty sure this stems from perceptions of what love is that we're taught as children. We're taught its a magic feeling that you'll know you have and its something you only share with people close to you. Robots are distant from everyone so we don't use the word.
I've started lying and faking it. The only person I hate more than myself is my parents. They made a shitty, detective genetic product. I'll always hate them.

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who wants to watch me end it all itt
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Livestream? Go right ahead.
If you want another suicidal cuck repeatedly telling you to not do it, then sure.

Otherwise I'll see you there and beg you not to do it.
Do it, faggorino.

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a really smug cat.jpg
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Things to say or do that trigger normalshits.

I'll start:
>I don't drink alcohol
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>can you go smoke outside please the smell annoys me
>could you try and keep your mouth closed when you're eating
>can you stop talking so the teacher can finish

What are the pros and cons of eating out or fingering a juicy hairy pussy? Discuss.
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hair in your teeth
I love hairy pussy familia. Natural girls who aren't disgusting dyed hair sluts or disgusting smelly hippies are hot. I just want a 1950s gf
I don't hate em, but I don't eat pussy, so that's maybe why.

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28 year old who has fucked over 40 women, is in a LTR of three years with a loving GF (and has a girl on the side) here.

Completely friendless in high school and community college and had never hugged or kissed a girl besides family during that time of my life (15-21). I used to be a /b/tard and /r9k/ poster from around 2007-2008, and didn't lose my virginity until I was 22.

Ask away if you want any advice or have any questions/hatemail.
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>fucked over 40 women
please leave,

thank you
So how do you do it

Originally speaking
Yet you are still here. You'll never escape, OP.

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I'm a sad crippled permavirgin. I belong here.
Gays cannot be virgins. Gays can literally get unlimited sex anytime anywhere.
Well, it happened. I'm 32.

I'm not attractive, and besides, I hate people.

(It could have been different, but... really bad circumstances. Incredibly unlucky circumstances.... I lament it every day.)

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looking for a findom
do any fembots want to bully me for my money?

if you're particular about who you bully I'd really appreciate it if we could save that to discuss privately pls

thank you
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pls respond soon
How old are you and what's your contact info?

People like you are the reason western civilization will fall

>Hey anon why don't you present me to your GF?
I don't have one
>Of course you don't, why are you so ashamed of your mother?

anyone else has parents that are delusional about you?
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Used to, they gave up their hopes after about 4 years of neetdom.
Is it better than when they are delusional about you?
they think i'm gay... keep dropping "hints" about how they are accepting of that

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Why haven't you become a cuck yet?
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Unlike you, I am not a total faggot.
Firstly because becoming a cuck requires a gf to begin with.
Secondly, if I had a gf I'd make a proper effort to keep her, and treat her right so she doesn't cheat.
I am. It's one of the many things I do for no real reason but because it hurts. She rests my head on her lap and sings to me after he leaves. I usually cry during this part.

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/r9k/ cleanup time

>If you are female GTFO
>If you have any friends irl GTFO
>If you have ever had a relationship that started irl GTFO
>If you don't have a severely debilitating mental disorder like autism, schizophrenia, social phobia, GTFO
>If you said anything more to people irl this week than "Thanks" or "Excuse me" GTFO NOW YOU STUPID FUCKING NORMIE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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Wrong, the only thing that you need to make you a robot is:
>Being an ugly male
>Have been rejected by women and the normies your whole life

That's it. None of that nonsense above. Plus we all don't live with mommy and daddy and actually are forced to talk to people. Not everyone has rich parents like you op to take care of them.
>If you have any friends irl GTFO
Never understood this.
Why is it so bad to hang out with people as
autistic, if not more autistic, than yourself?
It's not like if you have friends, you're going
around befriending Chads or normies at all
if you make more than 20k a year you should leave too, desu.
if you've made it economically, you've made it, the only thing holding you back at that point is your own dumb self.
people will sell out their kids to have a roof to live under, that's all you need to offer a leech (woman) to get a GF.

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>be me
>lazy eyes
>acne on face, chest and back
>shit ton of moles
> shitty hair with dandruff which I can get rid off even after 2 years of treatment
which itches a lot Everyday
> completely not masculine or feminine
> look like shit in general
> maybe a 1 or 2/10
> go out no more than once a month with friends who are mainly chads/Stacey all
> kv
> Sister has a cute and beautiful face
> no acne
> 9/10 qt3.14
Oh I forgot to add that she probably hates me because I don't help her buy food and she never wants to spend time with me
If there is a god, why does he hate me?
Also why is life so unfair? I've lost a lot of motivation, the more I've thought about my life the more upset I get.
Any advise /r9k/ ?
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Whoops I meant all my friends were 7-10/10 and that I was a kv , mistyped it
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feeling you anon
>be me, 21
>hairline starting to dent, have had wrinkles for a while but in the past 3 weeks its accelerated
>cant hold certain expressions without face twitching crazily or getting tired, sometimes can't make an expression at all
>half blind, need glasses
>couldve lived as a twink or fagboy before skin went bad
>sisters a stacy
>doesnt have a recessed jaw from our retarded father telling us it was ok to mouthbreathe in our moldy house
>100% more extroverted and socially succesful than me
>also 7 years older than me
>has slightly less wrinkles than me despite me being younger than her
when does it end famly
>when does it end
Hopefully soon.

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