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I have 50mg Tramadol pills from a family member. How many would I need to take to get high?
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200-400mg will give a nice buzz but can't get you high. Don't go above 400.

If you wanna make any use on them wait for the buzz to hit and smoke weed. If you are close to anyone you will feel like you love them a lot.
So 300mg will make me feel what? Last time I took some hydros but those didn't even get me high or buzzed.
Just take 400mg nigger. Why is this so difficult for you to understand.

I would say don't even waste them unless you have weed. Don't smoke before you take them tho or you won't even notice. Wait til they hit then smoke.

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How 2 git gf?
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Be genetically supreme

the end
you have to go out and ultimately be yourself
I pray to kek

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Is it something as simple as worrying about how your family would respond or fear of doing it? Or do you actually have a passion/reason to live? Either way share it
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answer me faggotsoregano
i would reply if you didn't post a stupid shitty twitter attention whore pic
you don't know about the TSUKI suicide cult?


they plan to kill themselves at the same time july 1st

Someone left a vape in my car. Should I keep it?
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No, give it back to them.
no, put in some drops of liquid hallucinogens and give it back
keep it and enjoy your hepatitis

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Why does this annoy cum skinnies so much?
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I'm a whiteboy and I love it. Thicc white girls fucking superior nigger bbc turns me on so bad.

It doesn't. I wouldn't ever go for her or anyone like her, they're refuse
I'd breed her.

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How do I get a boyfriend that isn't a nerd?
One that doesn't like video games or has a STEM related career?
One that isn't a virgin or skeleton/fat.
I want him to be circumcised and at LEAST 5'9

PLEASE give me advice, my standards aren't even high. I just want someone who isn't a loser.
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>no STEM career
>not a loser
have you downloaded GRindr yet?
Hm well why ask here?
Loser central of all places, i wonder what your REAL intention is here, you pathetic loser.
Go outside.

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Tfw when no gf who will dress like a skunk and spray hot fart smell in my face and pretend it's skunk juice
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>unironically liking lazelei

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What do you unironically like? I'm sure it's good stuff
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no bully,
ochiko. pixiv stuff. i've been considering making my own fart art too

pic not related

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Ayyyyy yo wite boi, why you so poor?
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That's less than a thousand dollars
I don't take welfare checks nigger
>passing upt neetbux
wtf is wrong with you, you want to be a wage cuck for the rest of you life?

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Who else here is pretty much beyond saving at this point? Tell me your situation.
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>tired of being a robot
>tired of solving thousands of captchas a day
>they are using me to teach ai cars to drive
>i repeat the future ai is being taught by autistics
>the future is gonna be fucked up
>start solving captchas incorrectly on purpose
>ghost in the shell
>5 year NEET veteran
>no future
>obsessed with women I can't have
>live in hotels

I can't an hero either, my parents would be devastated. I'm like a husk of a person at this point.

How do you live in hotels? Wouldn't that be hard to afford?

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>tfw you went away from a discord server because you didn't want to cause drama
>tfw the only guy you thought was your friend sends you a friend request once he notices you left
>tfw you don't say anything and accept hoping he sends the message first
>tfw he doesn't
>tfw you join the same discord a week later
>tfw he made a friend and is doing the same things you use to with someone else
>tfw you got easily replaced
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Somehow I think I know who you are
Does your name start with a C
No on the discord I was referred to G or M.
Who do you think I was?
Not OP but I had a similar situation and my name does in fact start with a C

>decided to start taking hrt today
>just ordered the pills off qhi
>already feeling happier

even if they just make me look girlier I'll be happy
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>even if they just make me look girlier I'll be happy
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jew spam
nice, I've recently switched to a regimen (estrofem+bica) that I order from QHI and it seems to be working

make sure you take pictures now so you can have your own before/after thingy

>tfw wasn't cute enough as a boy to get molested
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>tfw escaped unmolested despite being cutest boy in catholic church

now that's a god damn miracle
>tfw got molested in the 5th grade by that retarded african exchange student who had no concept of hygiene and drooled everywhere
It's funny because I was gay at the time and it probably cured my homosexuality. Pretty much started being bi in the 6th grade and stopped liking men by the 8th grade
Were you a choir boy?

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>release same game four times
>normies still buy it

Who else here /hates pokemon/?
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game freak released the same game atleast 20 times by now
I still haven't completed the original S&M.

I'm still gonna buy both these.
Why? Wouldn't you rather buy something new?

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Do femanons hate black men, or is it a meme?
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Are they capable of lavishing attention and money on them? If so, then there is no distinction
everyone hates black people in general
This is genuinely true.
White people enslaved blacks.
Arabs enslaved and still enslave blacks.
Indians abhor blacks, even Ghandi called them 'kaffirs'
The Chinese are disgusted by blacks
The Japanese are disgusted by blacks
The Koreans are disgusted by blacks
Pretty much every culture hates black people.

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Ask a girl with BPD anything part 2. Before you ask, yes, I have empathy and I regret my actions a lot of the time. No, I won't kill myself. My actions aren't justified by my illness, they're only explained.
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post bpd titties
uhhh ok roastie.

>i regret my actions
sure you do.

women shouldn't be allowed to have agency in anything except raising a child. you're all basically ruled by emotions and instincts and then only retrospectively are you rational and ONLY rational when its necessary (there will be consequences)
No thanks.
If I didn't regret my actions, I don't think I would be diagnosed as borderline. But okay. Thanks for your opinion.

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