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First impression of my gf and me /r9k/?

Pic is us
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I want to put my wiener in her and I'm sure every male that passes her on the street also does.

Aiming high I see... gg wp OP, your still a fag though

(make sure to have at least 3 children)
She's good looking. You should have quit smoking while you had the chance


Who here /sadboy/?
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>stole Lil B's style
>completely relied on his team of producers, never created a drum loop in his life
>is the main reason that braindead emo xanax rappers dominate the underground now
Fuck Yung Lean. I'm ashamed to have ever been a fan of him

Apparently this post isn't original, so I've added this portion.

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Choose 3 masks. Then tell us why you chose them.
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>Anglerfish Mask
To draw out my ideal mate
>Clown Mask
To rapid fire tell her jokes while she is making noises so she falls in love with me
>Depression Mask
Just for fun

Literally no downside
These masks are terribly imbalanced. Some of them have downsides that make them worthless, some have meaningless downsides, and some have more upsides in place of the downside.
>Clown mask
Make people happier
>Depression mask
No need for food
>Pirates Mask

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>get a guitar
>can barely play the c major chord after 2 hours of practicing
Dammit, Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page make it look so easy
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Just learn to play power chords, then you can say you know how to play
Why do you want to play guitar?

original comment?
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>>can barely play the c major chord after 2 hours of practicing

holy shit just quit now

>therapist is useless and gives no helpful advice
>keep paying her because I have no one else to talk to

there is not much else more pathetic than this. $100 for one hour of pretending to give a shit about my inane whining
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therapy is a meme. how does it feel to be cucked out of your money?
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>paying for talking

Seriously, if I weren't living in Europe with "free" healthcare, I'd rather use the money bills to wipe my ass off.

Go kys
it's the only person in life that I talk to vocally

4chan is my only other socialization outlet

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When I first started seeing the associations between tendies and neets, I was confused but intrigued.
Is this a factor connecting robots? Something deeper that has to do with diet and upbringing?
Or... Is it as simple as some people are just born being the type of person that thinks tendies taste better than everything, and just ends up becoming a NEET?
Please explain
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It's cheap meat, and it's easy do make without having to cook.
There really isn't any other meat that's as easy or cheap to make. Even lunchmeat needs to be made into a sandwich.
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i've been on 4chan since 2012 and i have no idea why tendies, which i first noticed in about 2015, became a thing. perhaps because they're cheap, salty, easy to procure?

also i'm pretty sure it's ironic, tendies are nowhere near as good as hamburgers, pizza, mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, or even fried chicken.
tendies are memetic because most people like nintendos

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I wanna fuck traps and trannies. Where do I find them?
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I see a lot of qts on grindr
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In another life it probably could've been me.
Used to think becoming a girl would fix all my problems and make me happy.
Then I realised I'd still be unhappy no matter what I did still shave my legs and cross-dress occasionally though (no homo)
But Anon

What if traps and trannies

Are inside all of us?

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>tfw the sun is rising already
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It's 4 in the morning here. The sun will soon be up.

I think I have insomnia i should get it checked famalam
>4:55 am
>told myself I'd go to bed at 3am
Where you bots reporting from?

Cornwall here

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No, you ruined your life.

please get out and kill yourself, normalshit.
I used to just lurk and laugh at the funny stories but I keep getting baited into ranting about the stupidest arguments.

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Would be cool if robots got together and played this game, seems like a good robot game

>i play solo but it feels boring

we can make a squad up 2 4 players
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Discord and Steam profile info?
looks cool but would run like shit on my toaster
bugger it m8

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How does r9k sleep?
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>be skinny and hug my pillow
>have fat fetish and kind of want to gain weight because I would like the feeling of it
>see that image
>"fuck, I don't wanna look like that"
the suffering continues
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Im 6'3 and i sleep in a 4 foot box because i got deported out of america and im staying with a friend in Germany because i don't want to go back to Venezuela
It comforts me to know that I'm not the only one like that

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How do you live knowing you'll never get that one girl? And by one, I mean THE girl?
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With pure distraction and fantasy with the only motivation in life being the propagation of those two ideals.
i dont think i can

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
Not bothered by it since Im going to die in my sleep tonight.


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Yes, it's my natural hairline.

Yes i'm mulatto.

Yes you may compliment me.
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Why shave all your hair off?
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Could at least go for this...
>Yes you may compliment me

You could almost pass for white.

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>family bought house for 400k
>rented it out to 5 asian student for a year
>renovated it and just sold it for 650k

just made 50k off my investment, nepotism feels so good
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dumbass. Should have rented it forever and live in a trailer park. Money would come in all the time and you wouldn't have to worry anymore.
That doesn't mean you're a neet retard

yeah it does you colossal retard

I don't work for anyone and earn no wages, thus I am a neet

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This is Gremblo. He's up for adoption. Can we keep him?
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Yes I love him
Is his name Gremblo or is he a Gremblo
His name is gremblo.
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