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You know what's worse than a nightmare robots? A dream so perfect, and so realistic that you believe it to be true, only to be startled as you see everything fade away into grey, pleading to a higher power above for it to stay like this, but only to awake to the sight of an all to familiar ceiling.
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Giving a man hope then taking it away as fast as you gave it to him is much more painful than living in prolonged despair.
I want to go back to my wedding anon. It was perfect :'(
Maybe it'll happen one day OP. For now, at least try to appreciate the small things in life.

I had a terrific breakfast this morning, a melted cheese omelette paired with some coffee and strawberries. What did you eat today?

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What is the point of this, all of this?
We're all gonna die. Nobody here gets out alive. We have a guaranteed bad end.

But we choose to stay alive. And suffer.
Tragedies every day. I've had quite a few myself. I've seen way more than a few. This world is fucked. At least this goddamn fucking piece of shit rock will burn when the sun goes red.

Not that humanity will survive until then or even a fraction of the time needed. Just wait until the next and final world war. We will destroy ourselves and it will all be over.
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Honestly I don't get why people give a shit about anything. We're all gonna die and no matter how deep your impact in the world is, it's eventually gonna disappear, the human race will go extinct and the world will end. So why bother with shit. Just do whatever the fuck you want.
life is meaningless, Morty!
being alive is great

every experience is a gift

if you're depressed enough to be suicidal you are also depressed enough to be beyond caring about everything anymore and live your life to whatever the fuck you want now

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Cards against humanity thread.


Anyone else feeling lonely?
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bumperni falzola
biamermas ffas
How do you play?

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Are there things you can't look at any more due to former partners/love interests?

I can't see my ex's name without thinking of her, can't watch anime anymore and can't watch Alien.
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Harry Potter reminds me a lot of her

Her name is pretty unique but I definitely feel something whenever I hear it
I can't look at this board due to normal fucking faggots shitting it up every hour.
What name Anon? Let it out

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does anyone else feel tired all the time, all day, every single day? i never have any energy at all
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Glandular fever?
Nah, he probably just never exercised as a kid. I'm not Fitfag, but it has to do with your mitochondrial count (the powerhouse of the cell) Athletes have far more than your average person, who gets about 8 hour of strenuous physical activity in a week. Compare that to a robot.
True, I've found that doing more increased my energy after a few days because I guess my body had gotten used to being a lazy shit. Helps having an active job.

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Where am I supposed to masturbate when I live in a crowded dorm with 6 other people?
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In front of them so they can bully you for the size of it obviously
rub it untill you cum
>6 people in one dorm room

holy shit what budget bin college are you going to

Can someone explain the appeal to non-normies?

I get why women enjoy this game, but what do you get out of it?
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The story is compelling and promising, it could have been epic but fell on its face in the last episode.
Men get to play as pseudo-attractive lesbians, which they think is hot.
The fuck do you mean? From the very beginning, it was annoying and badly written.
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Honestly the story and characters are amazing and got me really invested.

Can't say much for the community since it's like 80% teenage girls but there's surprisingly a lot of robots and dudes who are into it.

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Beta hate thread? Self-loathing welcome.
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I see you also browse /v/betahate. Shame the sub is so small currently
This hurts so goddamn much

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>thought Jamaica was a country located in Africa
who /retard/ here
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I know fuck loads about geography but I can't do a lot of basic math and programming.
I also thought the same, although on a subconscious level. I never really gave any thought to where Jamaica was
You thought Trump was born in Africa?

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>tfw ywn save a cute foreign boy from <insert Homophobic shit hole here>
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save me from the UK desu
Do you want to move to the US?

On a scale from 1 to 10 how willing are you to lick my soles?
at least a 10 quite honestly

ITT: define what makes one a "robot"

Not one thread goes arguments about who's a robot and who's a normie. Often times the criteria for "robothood" isn't exactly clear either. It appears that different individuals have different opinions on what makes one a "robot". Let's find out everyone's unique criteria for "robothood" in this thread.
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If we define it then it would be easy for normalfags to infiltrate and subvert our other outposts, also if you don't get what a robot is you arent a robot.
I've been for a long time. Many new people came here since then and I'm curious to see what their warped concept of a "robot" is.
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>false robots check the box
>true robots cannot afford a pass

life is a conundrum

Those of you that don't smoke weed,

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Illegal, hard to find for a loner robot, the usual.
they are mentally weak, period.

i learned a lot about people and myself when i shroomed with a bunch of friends.
my friends who ate shrooms and everyone who was sober, was acting like 10 year olds who drank too much coke.

you could barely tell i was even tripping, they kept asking me all night if i was tripping i was getting annoyed and would always go by myself into a room.
i have wayyyy too much control when i take drugs, doesn't matter what they are.
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Because benzos are way better

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So did she actually do it?
Ciara said she was offing herself 11 EST today in her youtube channel less than a month ago. Confirmed in that thread to be her as she took multiple selfies doing requested hand signs. It seemed legit enough. Surely today her channel is set to private, and once 11 EST passes it's deleted. Did she actually do anything? Was anyone watching if she opened her channel before it got / she deleted it? I missed the exact timemark of 11 EST.
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jesus fucking christ orbit some other whore you piece of shit
Give me a run down of who she is, what her channel is and why you're on about it pal?
I was never an orbitter, just want to know if she offed herself, and if she actually did stream it.

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femBOTS you dickweed.
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She failed before even trying, even fucking Randy Stair did better than that.
"I always knew there was something up with her."

The normies could smell that she wasn't one of them.

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>"Ok anon it s your turn now bend over"
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>Is this how prostate exams usually go ladies?
This is still probably the most horrifying thing I ever seen on 4chan that isn't outright gore or some shit
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atleast you didnt have a dream about him raping you violently anon

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