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It's Saturday which means it's time for another /cwt/ (Comfy Waifu Thread)

Today's thread won't have a subject, but feel free to talk about anything within reason!
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>tfw no waifu bf

>tfw no ufo361 bf

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I love my 2dgf.
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What are you guys up to?
I'm watching some Black Sails while drinking some good Whiskey

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femanons, what is your weight and boob size?
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4 inch dick
I need more of that damn slut.
Average penis
Have you considered wearing a bra?

You realize that women stay away from you because of your mommy issues just like you stay away from them because of their daddy issues, right?
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tfw no daddy issues gf
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>dude women have special secret telepathic sixth sense powers and they just stay away from you without even talking to you because they just KNOW ur a weirdo with "issues" lmao

>>mfw women still manage to seek out abusive men to date/marry in spite of these "special secret woman's intuition telepathic powers"
Yes, what's your point?


Now that the dust has settled, claim your ultimate 3D waifu.
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You make me sick.
>3D waifu

How does it feel to know that your "waifu" is used-goods?
Babs claimed. She's the most perfect qtpie in the world.

When you gonna accept having an Asian fetish is creepy as fuck?
If you ask these guys why they like them they rarely say it's because of their flat pancake asses or the fact they can barely see, but because they're extremely docile and just want to please the man.

Not only do you sound like a creepy racist sexist and possibly a pedo but you also sound stupid because we all know that isn't true.
You even notice it much more online where they must meet up or something because most of the lonely losers on dating sites seem to mention it.
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doesnt matter, asian women will always want white social status. they dont care
if you're a fembot can I ask why white women hate asian women more then other race of women?

Is it cause they feel threatened? Not memeing, I genuinely want to know.

>feminists are literally trying to stigmatize wanting a feminine woman

My bad, I'll wife up that blown out 35 year old career woman with 6 HPV strains and wrinkled skin

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She found my manifesto
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What's she gonna do about, report you to the thought police?

Is there any saucy rule 34 of 1984?
manifesto of what your homsexuality?

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Why do I find myself getting so aroused by the mere idea of white males being dominated, brutalized, and used by black men?
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'Cuz you're a cuck. Simple enough.
It depends. Are you,
A white male?
A blackmail?
Something else?
its because you are gay anon

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How do you handle your bitch choosing another nigga?
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choose another bitch
If she chose another nigga, she wasn't your bitch to begin with
Stone her to death
It wasn't just Islam that said to do that
It was also the Old Testament

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pepe aku.jpg
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asked my best friend out, she was busy

what do
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>asked my best friend out, she was busy

rip OP
try again next week if she's say's she's busy don't try again until after a month or two, if he rejects you agian stop trying
Ask someone who's not your friend out

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Just got ubuntu which means I officially don't go outside now. What's some good telegram chats so I can pretend I have friends?
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Tell me when you get into Debian and IRC
Just fill your hard drive with CP
Looking into IRC now, what client do you use?

Also isn't ubuntu based on debian?

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why is this board only for friendless virgins? who made up this rule?
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Some losers made up this rule but they're losers so fuck them haha! :D Would you fuck Nina Agdal, Brad?
>pic related. Nina's face when she sees a robot.
>who made up this rule?
A loud minority of autists who think this board is their safespace from whatever boogeyman they're crying about today.
The large majority of this board is autistic permavirgins, and you sound like no exception.

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What kind of manga does /r9k/ read? JoJo has always been one of my favorites. I've been a fan for about 6 years now.
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Shamo for me. It's about a Wojak like man becoming a mix of Hijak and Chad.
I read the entire Azumanga. That's all.
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The only serialized manga I continue to read semi regularly is One Piece.

I'll wait for Jojo 8 and Dorohedoro to finish before reading those, because I like those series a lot.

Don't read much else. I usually only check out completed series, and I've read the ones that I have any interest in. Ongoing shit takes literally years to conclude, so I don't bother following 99 percent of it.

I'm also a Berserk and HxH fan, but I'm not even gonna fucking bother reading those anymore. I pretend that Berserk ended when he found a band of friends to help soothe his suffering, and pretend HxH ended with Gon meeting his Dad on the world tree.

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say it with me


You've heard it before, you've seen it on T-Shirts. The meaning is clear on the surface but let's dig in

It's Not My Fault

Let's apply that to something big and disastrous, let's say

Climate Change

Climate Change is not your fault

I mean yeah sure we are North Americans. We are the leading consumers of carbon on earth.
But we share that responsibility with hundred of millions of people.

Responsibility sufficient shared iS NO RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL

And what if it is oh so apparently a little your fault? Well who are you? Are you not a product of your parents? With their flawed genetics and terrible habits? Are you not the person they made you to be?


Therefore it is quite simply-

Not Your Fault.
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Now the second part, I don't care anyway. This is a little trickier.

Apply it once again to climate change and oh ohh now I can see you already all prickly in your seats.
Of course You care
You Care
Don't tell you that you don't care, because you do!
You Do Care!

Well. To That I ask.
Do you? really?
Do you really?
Well I think that you don't care.

That society changed at some point and we simply stopped caring.
No one knows why.
Was it the media? Was it horror movies? Was it violent video
games that hardened all of our hearts? No one knows.

But one thing is certain.

It wasn't my fault
And I Don't Care Anyway

And neither do you, so say it. Everyone! Come On!
All together now!


Give yourselves a break, why not? It's not your fault
and you don't care anyway
I wrote the speech to INSPIRE you losers now hurry up and say it with me

It's Not My Fault!
And I-
except it is our fault as a species. maybe not us individually, but we as a species caused climate change, so it is technically all of our faults.

Do you have friends with small penises?
I'm asking for a friend who said he won't talk to me until I prove my penis is at least 6 inches long.
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wtf is that pic ew
I think your "friend" wants to suck your cock. Go ahead and continue to be faggot somewhere else, OP.
Your "friend" is 100% undoubtedly gay. No straight man asks their friends to show them their dick. "Proving" your dick is at least 6 inches is just showing your dick to them.

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When did anime start becoming normie? How do we stop it?
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It's too late, they're going to kill it like they did with vidya
I hope it becomes more popular, this is a good thing.
Black people have always loved anime tbqhwy they probably make 99% of the fanart

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