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Vent and get stuff off of your chest. Thread theme: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EyKNUj-AjgA please add fringewizard on skype he will never ghost or block you. He runs an esoteric board [eight] ch . n e t [slash] fringe .Visit >>>/adv/ for further support and a shoulder to lean on.
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I'm not getting /fringe/ enough and I miss someone that I shouldn't be missing. Trying not to lose sight but sometimes its kinda hard
Who do you miss anon? Why shouldn't you be missing them?
This makes me mad it has been in multiple threads and I have a small dick so fuck my life.


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Japanese Breakfast.png
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>listening to pic related or any album with a girl singer
>chad thinks you're gay for not listening to nigger trap
How do you even recover from this?
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Recover from what? Not having shit taste like Chad?
Chad's right, you faggot

It's humiliating having your taste in music being shat on in public. It's soul-crushing seeing how normies are so quick in agreement to hate on non-mainstream music.

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Let's r8 our tastes in music and create an opinion on each other based on our favorite song.

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dance with the dead is always nice. good taste
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You guys are both alright


I wish the album had more songs like this but this is the only one. There isn't a band in existence that I know of that uses this song's particular style of music. I always listen to it on repeat at least 2 or three times. One is never enough.

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im gay.png
125KB, 1416x2677px
I have no idea what this board is for! Let's do this!
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and the template because it would be annoying to white out and re-mark them
This is way too much effort to simply say you're a degenerate.
I mean, it does look intimidatingly large, but I knocked it out in maybe 2-3 minutes with some careful thought.

It's fun to be such a degenerate and to have a normal corporate office job where no one has any clue how far gone I am.

Why don't you just get a Indian gf?
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They smell like curry and unwashed armpits and are usually ugly.
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poo poo pee pee me so stinky
They smell. They unironically smell like spices. I don't know if it's true that they just fucking sweat the shit or if it's some fucked up perfume, but the smell is unbearable.

>"Hey guys, it's yo boy"
>jump cut
>"It's like"
>jump cut
>"You know"
>jump cut
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>overly dramatic bumper that was obviously outsourced
>generic tasteless modern normie music blaring
I should have added more Ws. It's more like
>one hand placed in the other hand and being lifted
The palms are always facing up.

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Do you robots actually want a mommy girlfriend? I know it seems nice and caring, but I'd just like to know why it's so appealing on this board specifically.
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a mommy gf wouldn't put an iron to her baby bf ;_;
Manchildren want enablers.
Gotta iron shirts somehow and what better way to get the creases in the right places.

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Daily, we see lots of threads concerning red flags and roastie hate. But I rarely see robots telling what they would like in a girl.
>inb4 a real robot would accept anything
I know, faggot. But WHAT IF. I am truly aware we are shameful human beings in general, but I like to know stuff I like.
Bonus points: no lewd
I"ll start:
>two unrelated majors
>no social media account
>sees herself living in a farm with her husband and children in the future
>speaks fluent german
>learns meme languages such as czech or korean
>likes pork

Pic unrelated, but I like her bed
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>fake braces
>cat ears
Does good in the name of Jesus
>not a whore.
>not a hambeast.
>christian would be a plus (but not an evangelist)
>is smart enough to recognize propaganda when it is right in front of her.
>stupid enough that she can love me for the next 60-70 years.
>happy and friendly.

You're granted one of two options:

1 : If you decide it, any girl in the world instantly falls in love with you and becomes your complete slut and servant. Any girl, at any time, under any conditions. For one year ; then you die. (includes traps and dudes if you're into benis)

2 : Free shelter, power, water, food, internet... for life, for one person. No girl will accept to live with you under these conditions, but your current situation remains otherwise unchanged.

What do you choose ?
Do you know someone who would choose otherwise for sure ?
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1 you fucking retard. After I get tired of sex I'll just kill myself.
1 of course

Sex is way more pleasurable than living in a sterile sexless middle class lifestyle
You can still normie out to sex though, the situation remains unchanged.

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Today my boyfriend's friend demonstrated to me how to give a blowjob by sucking my boyfriend's dick. I was willing to try to taste of cum, but I didn't want so much in my mouth so I let him cum in her mouth while I was the one to suck him dry.
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perfectly legit
how much cum did you siphon in this way
Let me guess, you and your friend are both """"she""""'s

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Is he livin' the dream, robots?
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>eats for a living
i'd say
Looking at his sub count he probably is.
I miss the old 40k sub count reviewbrah channel. Shame normafags had to ruin it.
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Review Brah, more like Review Brazier

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
0B, 0x0pxpx
What was the alarm about?
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Oh jeez lad. Only option seems to be an hero at this point
what the fuck is a hero and why does it sound like pulling a columbine?
yeh, be sure to do a backflip.

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>dad found the diarrhea dispenser
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>sister found the semen suppository
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482KB, 671x644px
>Nana found the nuclear nematodes
File: 1503503070002.png (446KB, 808x805px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
446KB, 808x805px

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Are creepshots of children legal? I almost want to look online as a pedofag but I don't want to go into illegal stuff that will get me into trouble, no attraction is worth getting your dick wet for

pedo general thread I guess
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*no attraction is worth going to jail for
thread off to a good start

Delt now
no pls

i just want to talk about feels i dont want pizza

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Gonna dump some paintings I did.

Tell me what y'all think.
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feel free to tell me:

which are your favorites,
what emotion they give off,
your ranking of them,
any questions you have,
things I can do to improve them,
what they remind you of,
general comments on them,
etc. etc.
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since I have to include text with each reply, I'll give a random line of ee cummings poetry from a book I have next to me
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than(by yon sunset's wintry glow

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