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Have you had your wisdom teeth out yet? If not, why not?
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I'm not a biologically inferior human who needs them removed and also not retarded enough to be unable to judge my own dental x-rays

I'm not a chinlet so ALL my wisdom teeth fit perfectly in my denture.
I've had several surgeries. My jaw was fucked. I had my wisdom shattered in mouth and picked out. I was awake for it.

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hey r9k, i made a discord server a while back, a few people left and it'd be nice to have new robots join.

anyone is welcome, this isnt a hugbox or an echo chamber but try not to be a dick
gg/dSnvR9G (doesn't expire)
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>go into server
>bot pings me
>leave server
>go into server
>gets triggered by bot so much that it's enough to leave the server
Bots aren't comfy. I won't be joining. Sorry, OP.

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White women have always preferred superior black lovers throughout history.
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sounds like someone got bullied in school today
Ofcourse you would work for CTR if you are a nerd virgin.
eh? you sound like a nutter, someone call the looney bin, they have a fugitive on the loose

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Why don't you all "robot" faggots admit that you only want to get good things in life with no effort?

A bunch of pussies who are afraid to step outside and get a taste of the real world, you are so fucked when your mommy's and daddy's aren't around anymore.
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Everyone wants good things without effort
Here's your reply so you won't have to feel too bad

It doesn't get better when you don't have objectives with all that effort, gotta make blunders to find some unconventional results.

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Do women only have sex for validation? I mean, unless a guy has a 7-8 inch dick, sex doesn't seem to be that pleasing for women, and odds are they don't cum since sex pretty much ends when the man cums. Surely a girl would have more pleasure masturbating than having sex with an average man? So is the entire act of sex for women just a form a validation and power control?
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You might be on to something anon. It explains why promiscuous girls are all mentally damaged, they need a lot more validation.
also in porn when you see a girl having sex with an average size guy, she's barely moaning and it seems to not really affect her all that much whereas when it's a big dick, she actually seems to enjoy it and can't control herself. i have a hard time thinking that a 6 inch or less dick with weak girth is nothing more than a tickle for girls

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How do I get a goddess like this as a gf?
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Hang around the platform boots shop
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Get addicted to heroine or coke probably both to be safe and go to the closest rich shopping district around you. First girl over 18 that is "woke" go up to her and talk about politics be on her side. Never fails they believe everything.
That's clearly a dude

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just had a serios argument with mother
wants me to get a job
she's threatened to kick me out
I'm 27 so this may be a good thing
but fuck, hope she wakes up and forgets the whole thing
also mfw skipped by qt31.4's on omegle
pic isnot related
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Make sure she cuts that umbilical cord first

Why didn't she give birth to a sausage instead, at least she could have eaten it and got some use out of it
She's a vegan,
could of got no use out of that whatsoever
I fail to see your point?
Vegan sausages? Hello. You just dont think do you. No wonder you are jobless. But maybe you have a future in stand up comedy. Just tell the audience about your like. That'd be a funny joke.

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eva green.png
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>people actually put milk in their coffee
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>people actually drink coffee with milk in it without ice cubes.
It gets worse.

>people actually put whipping cream in their coffee
>sugar too

At that point, why not just drink a cup of hot chocolate? Anyone who doesn't drink black is a fucking child
I bet you put orange juice in your coffee YOU PERV

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stop the bleeding
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my god i want to breed her so bad, just pump her full of my cum everyday
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i want to pump you full of cum anon you cutie
Not a real cutter she only did it in forearm for attention just a thirsty roastie

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Why has this thread never been made?
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because only you are enough of a faggot to make this thread
why has this post never been made?
because only you are enough of a faggot to make that post

>edgy as fuck 26 year old
>Make stupid /pol/ comics of Sarah Scribbles
>Make fun of Sarah Scribbles on twitter
>Blocked me and called me a racist and a sexist
>Fucking stupid dyke AMIRITE?!?!?
>Months pass
>Meet qt on Tinder
>We fuck at my place
>Actually kinda cool girl. Not a roastie
>Start hanging out and fucking
>I'm her bf now.
>Invites me to her apartment
>Introduces me to her roommates
>One roommate is a happa or lapland looking girl
> "Anon this is my other roomie Sarah"
>We lock eyes. I can tell some gears are turning in her head
>"Anon have we met?"
>Deny ever meeting her and end convo

It's been a couple weeks since that evening. I'm afraid that Sarah is going to remember who I am and tell my gf. Fuck me r9k, what should I do?
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am I supposed to believe this? Sarah is real cute though
I hope this is true, proof?
Who the fuck is Sarah scubbles is this some sort of new meme on redditsage

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this you new band anon?
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It's my new way of life, kid
"kids" isn't an appropriate way of life perv

How far back is the foreskin supposed to go?
I had phimosis pretty bad as a kid but went to the doctor and got cream that helped a lot, now my foreskin can easily go back behind my glans when I'm hard. That said I sometimes experience discomfort during sex (I'm 18, I've only had it wearing condoms) and really don't want to mutilate my cock down the line. Kindly deposit pictures of desirable, pristine uncut penises here
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All the way like this my dude
no homo
me and my foreskin go way back
If it doesn't go back all the way you've gotta get it removed.

Would you get a gf that is 10/10 but she likes something that you hate the most ?
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No that would be stupid.
>but she likes something that you hate the most
I think I could deal with her liking me
Yeah, I fucking hate eggs.

Doesn't mean shit though

I go to sleep at 5am and wake up at 3pm. How do I fix my sleep cycle? Should I just stay up for the whole day?
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Nah, it makes it harder. Just go to bed at a reasonable time, maybe 10:30 by turning off your phone or concentrate really hard. It sorts itself out.
That will fix it for a few days. What you need to do is find a reason to be up at a reasonable time, and fix the habits. You'll just keep ending up in bad sleep patterns if you don't have any real reason to change.
I often fuck up my sleep cycle aswell. The best thing you can do is skip one or two days of sleep and then go to bed at a reasonable time. The two days staying up will be pretty hard but once you got it you're so tired you can sleep immediatly.

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