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Anyone ever gone to a mental hospital? What was it like?
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Delevered a pizza pie to a guy staying in one once. I had to go past security.
I was amazed how cozy it seemed.
Take this guy right... in his pjs,just ordered a tasty pizza pie, and he's probably going back to his room to watch gsn...
I think I might have to "attempt suicide" some time idk
Yes. OP. Twice.

What do you want to know?

There are different classes of psychiatric institutions. Is it upper-class or state owned or what's the deal?
yep. it was awesome. i convinced this 18 year old qt to give me a pair of her panties

why is doing eye contact so hard
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Do you ever feel like this earth was simply created to be a hell for beta males?
it's easy senpai, just [email protected]@k their pupils for 2 seconds, then, look at they foreheads then back at their pupils 2 seconds, then glance to the left, then watch how often they look away, and sort of mirror that
>tfw depression got to the point that I stopped caring about everything
>my eyes look so dead it unnerves people
>gray eyes and purple bags under my eyes
>used to look at the floor but like seeing the discomfort in normies now

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Any other gay or bi robots have a crush on their best friend while growing up? Did you guys do anything together?

Bonus points if you're still crushing on him.
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>Any other gay or bi robots have a crush on their best friend while growing up? Did you guys do anything together?
>Bonus points if you're still crushing on him.

I haven't talked to him in years

I haven't talked to anyone in years except for my parents and strangers for fleeting moments
after high school I haven't done anything
>Any other gay or bi robots have a crush on their best friend while growing up?
Kind of, yeah. We never did anything and he's engaged to his gf, and they've been together almost 10 years now, ever since high school. I feel like I crush on him more whenever we get to hang out, which isn't often since I hate leaving my house tbqh.

What about you, OP? What's your story?
I've known this guy for 20 years and absolutely love him. We were pretty much inseparable growing up. I started having feelings for him when I turned 14. We never did anything together though. He's a really good looking jock and was always dating girls. We never drifted apart even after high school and college and now we're in our mid 20s. He's the only friend I really have.

He's been dating a girl for 4 years now and she's almost 30 so the clock is ticking. They'll probably get married and eventually have kids so at that point I don't know what will happen. He's my only real friend and I can see him drifting away for good if he starts a family, and at that point I'll be completely alone. I honestly still have feelings for him but at the same time I've come to realize that kind of relationship would be impossible.

Still I love the guy and even just seeing him in person makes me happy. But I always thought a lot about what ifs and wished we did something when we were younger, or even now. There was some flirting and interesting situations that happened but we never did anything. I always thought he was at least curious when he was in his teens. I never told him how I feel because I'm still wary of his reaction.

That's my blog post for now.

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Does anyone here have a problem with self hatred?

I pretty much love everything about myself expect for my personality. I fucking hate it. I'm a shitty person.
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I'm the opposite. I'm fine with my internal self, but I absolutely despise my physical self
It's really no different once you think about it
It would be more phycotic to not hate myself.

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I wonder if there are robots with a big cock? with this I mean 7 inches or more.

It would like the ultimate trolling from God, the most evil paradox.
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I have almost 7 inches
totally useless with ma face
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>7 inches
lel, 7 inches is the bare minimum acceptable size. Most women prefer 9 inches +

7.5 x 6.25 here, except I don't look like a robot either

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>tfw you make it to the ripe old age of 23 without having sex

Believe if it not, people like me still exist on /r9k/. We're a dwindling population but we're not going anywhere. If I need to be the last voice of robots among a sea of normies I will remain.
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Stfu young blood you still can't come into my 25+ threads
I'm 30 next month.

Your journey hasn't even begun yet. I feel like the you're still a normie if you've lost your virginity by 21.
>ripe old age

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I'm youtube famous and often get e-mails from guys and girls suffering from depressing telling me how they wish they could have been my friend or could have everything I have. I try to reply to every e-mail I get, but it gets overwhelming trying to give every one of these people a thoughtful response. I don't have the energy or time to give a meaningful response to everyone, but I do read the e-mails. I often feel pressured into doing the "right thing", but I can't force myself to be friends with everyone. I've accomplished a lot in my life that I never thought I would never would do, but my life isn't full of glamour. Yes, game companies have acknowledged my artwork. Yes, I've met professional e-sports players, voice actors, and other famous content creators. Yes I get invited to conventions and events around the world. Yes, I finally get to live away from my strict parents, but I'm still not quite happy with my life so don't get too envious of the life I have. Most of my income comes from streaming on Twitch. I still have no job related to my major. I am constantly on the verge of homelessness because I'm not quite talented enough to do anything professionally.
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>wall of text
tl;dr literally nobody cares

I spent a great deal of my life feeling disconnected from others so going out to all those events and doing gigs is very mentally exhausting. I'm not enjoying my time out so much as it feels like I am only doing these things because I will regret it if I don't. It just feels uncanny whenever I'm out having dinner or hosting events with other content creators. Lot of my old friends accuse me of ditching them for e-celebs, but that's just not the case. Most of the time I would rather much be home alone playing videogames or shitposting. Most of the time I just want a simple night out with a few friends and not discuss fans , e-sports, or anything related to being a content creator. Not every night out has to involve a dozen people and a food bill that costs over $300 .I feel too consumed by social media and constantly have to exclusively hang out with famous people or else I go broke.
You already made this thread earlier today, and it failed.

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I'm making a fake tinder to practice talking to chicks. What city should I set my gps spoof to for an easy/beginner difficulty?
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Anything major like nyc
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Istanbul, turkey


it symbolizes our alienation, rage, and anger at the world
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Memes aside, early linkin park was robot tier music.
>it symbolizes our alienation, rage, and anger at the world
and most of all, your autism
that video is pretty cool

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I don't want to do anything. Nothing stimulates me anymore. I haven't eaten in a few days. I can't remember the last time I had an erection. I boot up vidya but then stare at the main menu for hours before eventually closing it and starting up a new game. I notice that one of my friends is online, but I don't message them. I have nothing to talk about.
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Pic related

It's me :(
I'm sad

That is your answer, anon.
What is there to meditate on? And what makes meditating different from sitting around and doing nothing?

>sex is the best exercise
>the guys who need it the most actually get the least

Any more of life's little ironies?
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>sex is also commonly associated with candy in pop culture
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>be born in as a creature that tries to find meaning in things
>no discernible meaning to living
it's the little things :^)
choking bitches to death with my bare hands, thats my exercise

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who here hates your mom. Mine isnt even a whore, but I know she would like to. Many red flags, I hate the world, and women, and Jews.
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I mean, who here hates his/her mother?
I love my mom because she spoiled me growing up but hate most women for cringing and laughing at me instead of having sex with me.
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>Mom made me kill pigeons with my hands when I was 5
>Mom made me drink her piss a couple times
>Mom argued with dad 24/7
>Mom would run into my room crying telling me to help her commit suicide
>Mom is 5'2" but over 300 pounds and ballooned up the second she got married to dad
>Mom is a fucking slob and steals money from dad
>Mom is a fucking slob and leave her period stained underwear on the family's tooth brushes or counters
>Mom is as hoarder
>Mom doesn't take baths or brush her teeth or even washing her hands
>Mom hated me for wanting to eat healthy
>Mom thinks I'm the reincarnation of her dad
>Mom would abuse the pets
>Mom threatens my dad if he leaves her she'll take all his money
>Mom still thinks she's a good mom

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Post music robots can relate to.

Rilo Kiley - Better Son or Daughter
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robot music doesn't exist because creative musician types are always chads.
The musicians themselves usually aren't robots but they do sometimes make music about things that robots can relate to. Like Elliot smith or some Radiohead songs. Even all of linkin park's stuff is about kinda angsty somewhat robot shit.
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Even at the height of fame in one of the most successful musical groups on the planet I promise you this man was more of a robot than you will ever be

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>went to see this in the cinema
>halfway through looked around at the people in the audience
>all the women looked like they were bored out of their minds

thought this kind of thing was a meme
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it's a meme women are compassionate creatures. Men are a thousand % more compassionate and empathetic.
Women can never understand war or fighting. The whole equality idea is complete bullshit. Men and women are completely different creatures. Why the West keeps deluding itself into thinking women are the same is just complete insanity at this point.
Women are stupid
You only need to look at how the majority love shows like tge big theory to understand that.
Women have a wide range of feelings, but can only use them if something tells them to.

This is the only thing that turns me on. Why are today's women so different from us?
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There's something off about her.
It's photoshop, silly. From a page interested in girls like this..
I think I'm living in the wrong era. I will place my bets that this is what homosexuality is. Nothing perverse, but a wish to have your partner resemble you, except with a vagina.

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