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Anyone here discouraged from even trying to get a girlfriend?

Most incels seem to cope by self-improvement and socializing in vain attempts to woo girls (think early Chris-chan "boyfriend-free girl" tier). But some have lost all hope and the prospect of ever having sex doesn't motivate them anymore.

I'm not ugly, fairly tall, educated, and not broke. At one point I had a high-paying job, which I quit. It's demoralizing to think that almost half of my income went to taxes, which were in part transferred to anonymous, undeserving women.

In economic statistics, discouraged workers are not counted towards the unemployment rate, painting an official picture that everything is just fine, even though there are millions of able men without work. The sexual market mirrors this hidden truth, that there are many incels largely ignored by society, and effectively all women.

Porn and video games are such an effective anesthetic for the modern man, that without them I fear for violence waiting to happen.
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HTF do you end up like this? Not to be Chad but HTF do you manage to not have confidence in that situation?

How incel are you really?

Maybe I'm just optimistic but I've had some success in the past and I know with more effort I could get a gf again (pls no bully). I'm nothing close to your success. Short and only a bit richer than average.
If I get a gf, assuming such a thing is possible, it wouldn't end well. I'm too emotionally starved and I'm a clingy fucker and I'd probably be cheated on or something. Idk, it's not really worth it. I don't see it going well at all.
It's quite circumstantial. I was working in the Bay Area tech scene. There are many like me, not enough women to go around and the ones there think they're 9s when they're actually 6s.

I feel the same way. It gets deeper though. A rejection from one girl might as well be a rejection from the entire female gender. Without other girls to like you, how will any girl know you are desirable? This may be generalizing too much but women do seem to have this hive mind and collectively know which men are of breeding stock and which are not.

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>conquer Egypt
>you're a filthy overweight, Macedonian NEET-tier armor shiner
>you somehow get caught up with an execution squad
>make your way through bloodied halls and rooms
>screaming and raping going on all around
>pass by a door that nobody notices is still closed
>open it

>see pic related
>she desperately falls to your feet
>"I-I've always wanted to meet the man who'd singlehandedly conquer m-my husbands kingdom"
>"please, if you spare me I will become your eternal cumslave lest the n-next man contests me!"

>out of the corner of your eye, you Chaddus Thunderuscok'niss striding down the hall towards your room
>his cock is flopping hungrily, tip edges in blood from the hymen of lolis
>the door refuses to close shut

wat do
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That's a tranny btw
Good, then Chad will stay away and I can actually get an erection.
nonsummerjack, a female(XX) cosplayer


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You feel miserable becouse you are looking for meaning in things that dont mean anything.

Love is not a bond between people that support eachother until the end. Its just an instinct, Like when you desperatly need to shit you dont care if you look silly running or make any sounds shitting you just need to get it over with. And once youre done its gone no matter if you made it in time or shat your pants.

Friends are just people you label as such. You never know if they screw you over becouse of money or a woman or drugs. They might do a 180 at some point and simply stop caring about you or the time they spend with you. Same thing goes for you.

Family is also one of the most pretentious concepts known to man. You HAVE to care or you are out. And the older you get and be less they can expect from you the more will they just forget about you.

Remember these things are just Concepts. Ideas. MEMES. Made by people that probably just wanted to sell something and kept alive by others that desperately want to fill a void that can never be saturated.
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Well if you shit yourself you now look autistic and smell

Objectively retarded whether nihilist or not making your POV pretty invalid OP
Thanks for the reminder OP. After multiple heartbreaks, I had to learn this the hard way.
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No it isn't. Absurdism / Discordianism is.

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>tfw I have become a NEET
Well boys it's finally happened. I've flunked out of college and I'm officially a NEET. Currently applying for neetbux and looking for a job.
Is there where my life starts to go down the shitter?
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I sympathize with the hell you're about to . habe fun
kill yourself while you're still young

t. grand old sage khv NEET
Probably not, not everyone is cut-out for college. The direction your life goes is at least partially what you do. Why not get a comfy job, a comfy studio apartment and start living a comfy life?

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Physical ailment thread. Just want to see if we missed anyone last time or if anyone has any updates or specific stories on their ailment. Remember, no emotional or mental ailments.
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Gluten intolerance, vitamin B12 deficiency, and irritable bowel syndrome. Likely also have either ADHD or a very high functioning form of autism.
Chronic cluster migraines and 'normal' headaches. Basically in pain all day every day. I take quite a lot of pills although I'm trying to take less. New neurologist in a few days though and I'm trying not to give up hope and all that blah blah.
Are you diagnosed with anything for their cause? Do you want to kill yourself?
Since you have IBS do you get neetbux? Or are there different levels of it?

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>ywn go backpacking with a qt
>ywn get laid in a tent 50 miles away from civilization
>ywn cuddle and be sore in bed together after a long trip
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These are all easily attainable goals unless you are disabled.
All you have to do is leave your fucking basement
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>you're right, but at least I can do it alone
duuude :p go outside bruh xD just go outside so simple :) Here's your reply you fucking moron. :3

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Holy moly, I cannot believe I get this feeling again, thought have totally fallen into the depths of apathy and lethargy as a soon 31 year old.

However in the recent days I feel anger, pure anger that is building up insides of myself.
I have the urge to punch a hole into the screen, throw my notebook against the wall, simply destroy anything I get into my hands and scream my lungs out.
I cannot explain that sudden explosion of emotions.
Is it the suppressed bitterness and sadness that is leaking out drastically?

Maybe the antidepressants start working, after several years of taking it.
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Probably just a bad time bro.

Either let it all out or focus on something else. Whatever works for you. I want you to be happy.
Actually I want to suppress it further, but I guess that's a bad idea, which is what a psychologist would say.

However I think if I contain it once more for a few years, maybe the next eruption would enable me to overcome my cowardness and go for the highscore.
Pretty sure "suppressing" is just normie for "being stoic". But I'm 25 so maybe I just don't fucking know.

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Take these two motherfuckers together. You'll become a normie in 2 weeks and a Chad in 2 months.
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i don't believe you.i
I do the L Theanine L Tyrosine and Maca stack and it really calms me down. Not surprised that 5htp does something similar though
what do they do suppshill

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Why do people even like white girls when asian girls exist?
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Why do people even like asian girls when white girls exist ?
Because there are no qt petite asians in my country
Why do asian girls try their hardest to look white?

How old are you?
How do you cope?

The rest of my life isn't so bad - i've got friends, i've graduated from a good uni, i've got a well off family that loves me..but my love life lets me down and it destroys me
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i don't cope, i was able to contain it for a while but now i've been drinking every day and my emotions are spiraling out of control into a hateful bitter wildfire
i think i may have to do something drastic
I had sex at 15, 16, and 17.

I'm antisocial but physically attractive. If I was an ugly virgin I honestly don't know how I'd survive. Probably be miserable and an hero.
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19 almost 20
I cope by thinking that there's people out there that have died virgins and will die virgins.
Not the first and not the last. Sucks that we in this but eh
Imo lack of love is worse, i'd rather have someone care and love me than just sex

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Every day i'm..
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Struggling against the ever so consuming urge to end my dreadful existence.
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>tfw unironically, wholeheartedly bought this song and listened to it in 2011
No regrets

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why do girls care about acid attacks?

looks doesnt matter, be funny, be confident and take a shower!
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Holy shit seals are fucking vicious.
This is a very good point.
If looks really dont matter, then why should your hideous face after an acid attack be a problem?
Looks do matter for women though. They literally have nothing else to offer.

What's for dinner robots 06/23
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Did you throw up on your food again you disgusting slob?
What the fuck man you need to post everyday you have been slacking, good to see you alive though and GO with summer heat M8
Bro you must be fat as fuck

I ruined my face this morning, I started using this acne stuff last night and it really helped in terms of brining it out which is what i wanted, so when i woke up i tried popping them. I eventually did, now my chin is a bloody red sore mess. Now my lips are extremely chapped and damaged. I can't do fucking anything right.
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>carnitards STILL, I repeat STILL don't know how to get rid of spots


veganism completely gets rid of spots (vegetarianism alone doesn't though)

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I am happy now
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What do I do next?
I'm happy for you, my autistic friend.
good work budster

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