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go getter.png
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>girl on left has crush on a guy
>guy only wants girl on the right
>girl on the left has brilliant idea and plays a little joke on the girl on the right
>fills her violin case with acid
>girl on the right opens her violin case and the acid spills all over her, causing her to scream in pain for hours, suffer major nerve damage and also be permanently disfigured
>girl on left doesn't give a fuck, says girl on the right did it to commit suicide

She'll be out of prison in 21 months but man. Imagine being that dude, having girls going to prison over you being attracted to someone else.
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"the fairer sex"
"the empathetic sex"
>tfw no one will ever burn someone with acid for me :(
>Britbongs band guns and knives
>Now forced to 'educate' people on treating acid attacks

>Roasties frame acid attacks as male perpetrated
>Get attacked by females with acid

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How rare is a girl who lets/wants to have her asshole licked?
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you just gotta do it until they accept it
I think the ideal would be a girl who loves her asshole being licked, but is a little embarrassed about it because it makes her feel dirty.
Most girls just don't say anything unless you spend too much time on it

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robots that were born ugly or socially unaware are at a disadvantage from the beginning but their social inexperience becomes exponentially limiting by high school and forever limiting by college.

chads are socially rewarded in grade school and junior high school and by the time they enter high school they have the benefit of numerous positive exchanges with women and feel respected by men.

chads have their first sexual experience in high school and they continue having sex throughout high school. like this chad in the article, he had multiple threesomes with 2 hot female teachers. they were both married and he made porn films of them.

>chads are born and then refined by their experiences
>robots are born robots and then stay robots

we are almost like a different species
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It's just not fair man. It's just not fucking faaaaaaaaair
this is something that progressives should be fighting against. they should want equality between men and women, but they want to make things worse for robots.
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>a 34-year old married mother of three threw that all way to get fucked by the high school football star

Can you imagine being her husband and finding out your wife threw away you and your children just because she wanted to get pounded by one of the same kinds of jocks that was a dick to you in high school? Holy fuck. This is Japanese NTR douijin levels of cuckery.

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Could a /robot/ one day became President?
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He'll probably off himself before he hits 25
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No because the dems rigged the convention against him.
you just know

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We all know /r9k/ is full of shortfags- but, anons, what are your preferences for girl's heights?

Would you accept a "womanlet" for a qt waifu?
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No. 6'1 girls and up only. Short girls literally disgust me.
nope, dont want girls more than a couple inches shorter than me.
6'2 here. I prefer really short girls, they make me feel big and manly.

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So I just bought 100 dollars worth of weed, what should I tell my Dad if he asks me what I spent it on?
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Steam wallet funds?
just say you're saving up and keeping the money.
if you are in college, say its club dues

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So were you circumcised?
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This needs to be orihinal
Yes, when i was 15, it wasnt really that bad infact i had 4 weeks to spend playing vidyas and watching anime.
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>tfw the kikes stole your penis sock

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>when you haven't had sex in a week
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Ugh guys i got drunk twice this week i'm such an alcoholic :/
Lmao this ugly girl is totally wanting my dick right now, she's pathetic.
pump and dump bruh

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make it stop.png
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Post characters who happen to LITERALLY be you
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For me it's Pickle Rick - intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of -*buuuuuuuurp* God's not real Morty- humor
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Posting the original thot slayer
My inside.


No credit card means no porn, never ending frustration for NEETs
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>implying the unemployable didn't screw themselves.
Can't you britfags just save all of your porn now?

also how is anyone comfortable in that country when the government is regulating more and more things?
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>also how is anyone comfortable in that country when the government is regulating more and more things?

British people are the most cucked populace in the world. They eagerly enjoy being regulated and dictated to by the government.

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>tfw you look like a young Eminem
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young eminem looked like a lesbian
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>tfw told on 2 separate occasions that I look like the amazing atheist
>tfw been told multiple times that I look like Andrew Luck
a-at least he's a good player

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How do you like your steak /r9k/?
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I don't eat steak because I'm not a shit cunt with fragile masculinity.
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If you eat medium rare you're a normie fuck
Look at this fucking millionaire over here, rubbing it in our faces that he can afford to eat steak.

Ask an ex robot who's been in a relationship with a rich Chinese girl for the past 9 months anything.
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Why are you still here? oRegan-o
Do you thank your lucky stars?

no pics, no proof, another pol LARPer

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>lives in parents basement
>virginity rocks t shirt
>desperately wants to kiss someone
>belly button lint collection
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Literally just finished watching that ,and I see this thread
He is every one of us.
This is the worst thing I've seen. I really hope the lint collection is a joke and not real

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What does /r9k/ think about white people?
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they're at the top of the food chain what the fuck did you expect us to say? blacks are superior and we hate ourselves? lol
There's white people, and then there's (((fellow white people))).
I mean,im mixed as hell ( not race mixed) , but im kinda proud being white.
I don't know if some people even see me as''white'' because I have brown hair and brown eyes.Not a shitskin or spic tho

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