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alright /r9k/ where do I find a cute white twink to flirt with?
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It depends, are you a girl(male) or just a faggot?
>implying white twinks want girls(male)
>implying they dont want to be the girl(male)
Here OP
Also >>37961212 is correct

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My inner rage has awoken again, not good.
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>162 cm height
>89 kg weight
>85 iq
>5 cm penis
>3/10 face
>shit mongrel genes
>social autist
>needless to say: kissless virgin
Come on, is there anyone more pathetic than me? I want to feel better about myself.
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A-re you me?
>2 inch peener
How is that even possible?
Well, I'm gonna be toothless in a couple of years.

I need a bandana to wear in case someone I know stumbles upon me playing guitar outside. Any suggestions?
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Well if you don't want to be noticed then go with the least conspicuous option.

Then again if you're trying to perform on the street I think not wanting to get noticed is bad.
Get a blue one.
You can make a lot of money busking. Just look up green day songs and other pop shit people like and people will literally give you money for playing dumb easy shit. That is, if you've got the balls for it.

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Say something ANON, your quietness is scaring me
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Do they really sell a bottle of water with a stick of mint inside?
That's so silly. I wonderh ow much all this shit costs.

Also lol at that jelly bottle.
born in the 90s but grew up in the 70s
>Do they really sell a bottle of water with a stick of mint inside?
Water is typically free at restaurants.

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>be me
>wealthy landowner in English countryside
> married oneitis who was the daughter of nearby farmer at 18
>about 5 months into the marriage
>chad gypsy former-farmhand of oneitis arrives at the Grange
>he ran off years ago and has returned, now looks well off.
>kew she had the biggest crush on him but knew she couldn't marry below her.
>oneitis looks thrilled to see him again
>insists I invite him in for tea. I sperg out and allow it

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go ahead anon please do a continue yes
>over dinner they talk oneitis smiles gleefully at him, but the gypsy remains aloof, almost mad.
>tells her that he has not forgotten her for turning him down due to his status and will have revenge.
>he leaves.
>couple days later housekeeper informs me that she had seen gypsy chad sneak into the garden and flirt with my sister.
> I tell her to not keep correspondence with the brute
>she wails and runs up to her room
wuthering heights?

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I made a real friend. This is one of the best feelings in the world.
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By becoming a wagecuck and trying to be more sociable.
>becoming a wagecuck
yep that'll do it. 3 coworkers asked for my number my second week into new job

theyre all normie guys that have gfs, one was a athlete chad in college. i guess i tricked them pretty well into thinking im a norman too

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So um my parents set up this alarm thing that's loud as fuck. Is there a way to block out the sound and sensors when I open the window/garage door or the front door?
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You know I would go out of my way to help you out here, but you didn't even bother to post any information about the fucking alarm system what so ever. So even now if you came back to correct your stupid fucking mistake and give people some reference on what you're dealing with, I still wouldn't help you. I hope you eat shit and get hit by a truck.
>You know I would go out of my way to help you out here, but you didn't even bother to post any information about the fucking alarm system what so ever. So even now if you came back to correct your stupid fucking mistake and give people some reference on what you're dealing with, I still wouldn't help you. I hope you eat shit and get hit by a truck.
Tell us how the alarm works. Is it tripped by a magnet in the door, is it triggered by loud sounds, or is there a motion detection camera, or what?

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>match qt on Tinder
>have great conversation
>set up a date
>see this

What do you do?
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She almost looks dwarf.
Go along with it and see if she comes with a dowery from her parents if you marry her

Def a qt 7/10
Can't tell if you're meming or not. Look at those arms, bruh. She IS dwarf

>"Be honest, anon. Do you like what you see?"
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Yeah. That's some cool art on the wall.
Nice biceps. Can I kiss them?
No, you look like you smell.

I wish I was a little more fit, but I'm thinking more ottermode, not unshaven lumberjack who eats too many pancakes.

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>there are women who have fucked more women than you
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>there are traps that have fucked women
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee even men in drag get more women than I do
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>there are rocks that have fucked more women than you
haha that is sooo me!

After making a fake Chad profile on Tinder I've come to realize how important a highly musuclar yet lean body is to women.

I've done some research, and it seems these are the options:
>1) Try to achieve it naturally. 5 years of micromanaged food habits, workouts and sleep patterns. Will still not have the hollywood superhero physique because you can't achieve those shoulder/back/pec proportions without roiding. Would be a oldfag by the time I'm done anyway.
>2) Roid (cycles). Do constant on/off roiding cycles. The most common way to get ripped. Will achieve the results of (1) in a year or less, and look better, and have potential to grow larger. Supposedly it doesn't fuck your endocrine system, at least it doesn't to Hollywood stars.
>3) Roid (cruise). Say fuck it and just don't get off roids. Shuts down natural testosterone production for good. Don't have to care about cycles.
>4) Disregard women. That and being disregarded by them is what I've been doing all my life, would rather not continue that path.

So te only real options seem to be roid (cycle) and roid (cruise). Is getting on and off really the best option, given you do the proper pre and post cycle, or is it a meme? Will continuous (for life) roiding fuck up my hormonal system just like cruising does?
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you can't get and stay above your natural limit (the muscle mass you can maintain without supra-endogenous testosterone levels) with cycling. also, cycling fucks with your emotions, or so ive heard. so if you want to be a shredded beast, you're going to have to blast and cruise which comes with its own set of health problems -- increased propensity for cardiovascular disease, shrunken testicles, shutdown of your PTH axis, etc.

if you just want to get bigger then lift naturally for a year with good diet, a good workout program, and consistency and effort in everything you do. you'll look much better and you'll have some knowledge and discipline. then hop on a few testosterone cycles and maybe you will hit your natural limit, which you should maintain with appropriate post-cycle therapy.
If you just integrate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle you'll be a happier, more productive person, and altogether more useful.

It's an objective step you can take towards improving your life.

You don't have to have hollywood proportions to be decently attractive to women. If you're obese, a decent transformation will take about 3 years naturally if you are literate in health and fitness. if you are a skeleton, within 2 years you should be able to have incredible gains that will increase your attractiveness.

All you gotta do is be a bit smarter than boogie.

Don't do steroids unless you are prepared to commit to the lifestyle that comes with it. Prove it to yourself first.
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Should the muscle level you reach through be within your natural limit, can you really maintain it just through diet and exercise?

I mean, even if you kept the muscle you'd gain fat, wouldn't you? So the aesthetics would be compromised. There doesn't seem to be a solution unless you keep roiding.

About a decade ago, I used to be a skeleton and lifted for about a year and reached semi-otter mode. I looked semi decent with no clothes and hard lighting and proper angles. Under most circumstances, while athletic, I looked severely unimpressive.

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Hey idiots I just thought to myself today who the heck needs girls? We got Mtn Dew, we got Mcdonalds, we got Xboxes and PCs, we got skateboards and the Bible who the heck needs girls?

PS: Im not even trolling Im 100% serious. Also Im 20yo
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Because, unless we have a community where this is accepted we will be outcasts.
Children are tickets to social events.
Well screw that. Screw what the society thinks. I have my bottle of Mtn Dew, slice of pizza and the Bible. If there's an event that won't accept me even though I have these things then that event is not worth visiting.

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please leave an original post in my thread
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I would very much like a glass of milk.
I hate duck pussy.
I love duck pussy.

I basically ended stuff with a girl I've been seeing for a month. I really think I was falling in love with her, but I know that we just would never be compatible in the end (religion, values, backgrounds, education, lifestyle, etc.). It was like I had to put down Ole Yeller. So I've been really depressed for the past few days.
I'm in my mid 20's and my friends are all dating seriously or getting married. I just feel really alone, like i'll never find anyone up to the standards I'm holding myself to. I'm losing hope in finding who will be the best wife to me later down the road, a great mother to my children, and a supportive daughter in-law to my parents who I am very close with.

I guess I miss her because I'm in a new city and I rarely get to see my friends because of work/ their relationships, and I'm just tired of being alone. Did I fuck up?
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no you didn't. honestly, start doing community things. Attend a church, get into clubs, just see what everyone has to offer and you may meet a new girl
Thanks anon, i just started going to a tuesday young adults church. I wonder what other clubs i could join
Are you in at uni currently?

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