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Some of you guys are alright.
Don't come to whoville tomorrow
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Nice meme

...in 2016

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>Dad: when are you going to change your childish mentality?
>Me: never, I can't change anymore
>Dad: bullshit, I changed when I was 12 you can change too
>Me: dad, i'm 21.
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Is this the reason /r9k/ has been having an influx of normies?

This video was literally just reccomended to me by youtube and im kind of annoyed.
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Does anyone eIse on here ever get vagina envy?

l don't think l realIy want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... lt just feels Iike biology and my body have betrayed me.
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vibrators also work on cocks too
Why is this thread constantly reposted? Get your fucking cuck shit out of here.


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Would you be a missionary?

Tomorrow morning im leaving overseas for my missionary deployment. Ive chosen to follow my faith and take a volunteer trip to Syria to assist rebuilding the wartorn nation, both physically and in matters of the soul.

I've accepted that I may be hurt, maybe even killed. One year ago today I would never consider this as a possibility for me, but ive made strides in my own personality and can now comprehend compassion and selflessness.

Why aren't you joining a church and going to Syria this summer? Neethood is quickly defeated by real world experiences and the power of God.
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god fuck its always something new with you
i seriously doubt there are any missions to Syria.

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I'm hopeless at everything I really want to fucking die
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So are you continuing to live because of inertia, and the general difficulty and inconvenience of ending it?

that's what I'm doing.
I mean I have a boyfriend but I don't feel good enough for him

You're either a actual fag or a roastie, so you have no right to talk about hopelessness whatsoever.

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>group therapy
>gross people talking about shitty things
fuck, i feel like a normie, those people is subhuman
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I hated group therapy because it was 90% women. The therapists were all women. They just talked about dumb shit and I hated it. Mental health treatment for men is fucking terrible.

I guess we can all take solace in knowing that we arent the only loser out there.
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jokes on you, no one here is khv and it was all a huge ruse

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Is anyone else amazed by the fact that pretty girls can literally live their lives on the kindness of beta males? One of my room mates is currently jobless, no car, no future prospects and currently has more money than I do because of all the "boy friends" she has. I'm not saying they're fucking, I'm just saying they are friends with her. They give her money, driver her places she need to go. I've never seen her buy groceries and she spends most of her time either in her room or in the tub. She has her own gym membership that she gets for free because of one of her beta orbiters. I swear she doesn't even use the days of the weak anymore, she now goes by guys names. Tom is Monday, alex is Tuesday, Jerry is Wednesday, and ect. Thing is I'm not even mad at her for taking advantage of people, I'm just amazed that it actually works. She pays her rent and she doesn't bother me what she does with her life, but I laugh my ass off at the 8 or so guys that come over literally throughout the week just to give her money or gifts. She plays these morons like a fucking fiddle.

>pic kind of related but they're hookers so meh.
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More hookers since they're basically the same thing.

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Whats the point of consciousness in a deterministic universe. Seems superfluous,
like giving consciousness to a set of dominoes.
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I define consciousness by the sense of experience

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>Hilary btfo
>then Le Pen
>now May
is the western world subconsciously saying fuck off roasties?
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>That time of year again
>HSers graduating and moving on to the next part of life and moving onto bigger and better things

TFW you're still stuck in that phase
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I graduated highschool 14 years ago.

I can't even remember much of it.
Not really. Some of those graduates will end up being like us.

Not really, Most will be normal adults

How do you imagine a father would feel to see his son growing up to be a gay coalburner?
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Proud, hopefully.
Why does he have such long nipples?
Ripped grey beard

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>be me
>working at McDingles
>drive thru
>qt 8/10 pulls up, with three other friends
>nearly perfect
>all are hiding smiles
>"can i have your number? your cute"
>maximum autismo
>"uh, yeah, sure"
>laugh and drive off
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You were literally scenery. Nothing you said sounded autistic, so don't worry about it.

>tfw you will never be Chad and ghost some roastie who leaves you messages on craigslist
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It's an okay feeling, I guess

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