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>mom says today is haircut day
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Why don't you like having sensible hair? Are you special or something?
did mine by myself with a haircutter. It's easy as fuck except the back but you will get used to it
Because it involves taking me to a very busy hairdressers with lots of Chads sitting down reading men's magazines. Then the worst bit - someone has to endure touching my face and hair.

What happend to Eggy?
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Who cares he is boring now.

Unless I missed something. What's he up to?
He streamed last night originally.
anything happen on the stream?

>niece of 6 years wants to watch video
>sister says I should give her my phone
>she types in you and clicks on the auto fulfillment
>it's some trap gayporn on youporn
>shows it to my sis and her husband
>am fucked and they say they tolerate it
>now everyone thinks I'm gay
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Maybe you should just admit your gay anon.
Stop watchingtrap shit, traps are 100% gay.
You faggot.
>giving your phone to your niece
>watching porn on your phone
>not deleting your browse history
You could've prevented this, this is all your fault.

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i have hope.jpg
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guys my dad out of nowhere just gave me 1000 pounds he says i can use it how every i want but i think it's a test to prove i can used my Inheritance and to get my self sorted out to stop being a neet robot what should i do

dont even get along with him havent seen him in a while
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It is obviously a test. Just tell him that you are going to put it away for savings
Savings is the only reasonable and responsible answer.
Use it to better yourself. Get a suit for a job interview or stuff like that.
This does actually require you to come out of your NEET gave and better yourself.
Or put it in a savings account.

Don't blow it on games or amiibos.

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Med student (inb4 normie get out) feeling like horseshit

>leeching from parents, they don't mind but it kills me
>faggot obese depressive roommate is literally my only human interaction outside of rude patients and peers
>have to study 8 hours a day to pass biweekly exams
>sleep 4 hours a day
>live on caffeine, cigs and alcohol
>no gf obviously
>whatever hobbies i had are gone
>can't even remember how life was before it went to shit

Give me a reason to not kms robots, I don't want to save lives if i cant live my own.
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Just do it OP. It never gets better. If I wasnt such a coward I'd end myself.
>med student

never understood this

Also sleeping 4 hours a day is probably hurting your studying. You cannot retain as much if you don't get enough sleep.
You'd be surprised how many of us smoke, just because we see the harm in it doesn't change the fact that it helps us cope with our daily bullshit

Some of my group are even hooked on one kind of synthetic drug or another

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>don't want to go out today and then go to a party afterwards
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then don't go out today and then go to a party afterwards
>don't want to go out today and then go to a party afterwards
>Not wanting to drink
>tfw going out today but no party afterwards
I'll probably get drunk and party on /r9k/!

And the pic is tiny as fuck god damn it
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That's not a crush. That's lust.
<This is a crush.
pedo origigi
I'm bad with ages.

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do you think girlfriend lick their boyfriends ?
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Mine doesn't.

I'll reeeee myself out now.

but it is original

your mom circa the 1980s

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>tfw British
Oi mum the gubment gonna discover our illegal BBC iPlayer racket wots we gonna do guv?
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You need a license for your tv? That is fucking retarded.
OP can you explain what this letter is about? I am genially interested in the topic you started but I am not from the UK and thus I don't understand what this letter refers to.

did you not pay the cable bill or something? what's the issue here?
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Fellow non-licence paying britbong!

I got this one a couple of days ago, they've started using new phrases.

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Be a good normie and race mix, I promise that your kids won't act like robots.
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Fuck off back to your containment board.

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Who can't resist the big black cock?
fucking white men robots who race mix with asian women should stop.


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So is anyone else concerned that they are going to be on r9k forever?

Are we seriously doomed to be here for life?
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>beastman was a year ago
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>Just another thread then I'll sleep
>Just one more post then I'll do my work
>Just another year then I won't go back on that website
>8 years later

Fuck me man
There will come a day when /r9k/ wont be around but you might.
Those that die before /r9k/ disappears will have been here "forever" but those who don't wont.

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>want to hear good stories
>no one here has lives and never has any humourous interactions
>it's all just whining over internet comments
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What made you think this was a good place to look for that?
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>be me
>be french
>going to vote for macron
>have a friend that votes for melenchon and gives tracts for melenchon each weeks
>she knows for whom I'm going to vote for
>meet her one day at uni while going out of uni, she's giving tracts
>greet her, talk with her pals, end up eating outside
>both talk about some people giving tracts for macron (literally a rare kind in my city that is more left wing)
>decide we'll talk to them
>I take the phone of friend, which has the Melenchon logo glued on it
>place it in pocket, visible
>do most of the talking as if I went back from giving tracts for melenchon
>manage to talk more than the two melenchon fan, criticize macron and genuinely appear as someone that votes for melenchon
>tfw the mindgame was real, fucking loved it

I wish I understood that story you sounded clever.

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spider bro.jpg
2MB, 2000x1743px
a daddy longlegs is crawling on my wall again
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>be me
>see something out of the corner of my eye
>there is a spider hanging right next to my face
do you kill the spiders you see or let them live? I let them live because I heard they kill off other unwanted insects
I killed that one because it flew too close to the sun and that can't be tolerated. There's a girl next door who always knocks and asks me to come over and get rid of spiders without killing them. Her boyfriend used to do it but he strangled her and then fled the country to avoid jail.

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>Go to literally any porn board
>Try and find most popular threads
>Replies: 229 Images: 12

Every fucking time, why do so many people use porn boards as a chatbox?
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/gif/ is fucking terrible when it comes to this
The replies are also cringe
The fucking pooinloos make the 3D porn boards unusable
Not only that, they come to these boards to post tranny and faggot porn. Those types of people aught to be burned alive.

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Who else here 18 and hopeless alcoholic?
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>tfw grew out of drinking
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Come back to me when you have been on a almost 2 year straight bender slamming plastic bottle liquors out of the bottle bud.
>woke up from my liquor coma feeling a shitsturbance in the shit force
Eggcellent. I'm proud of you.

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