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"Young adult meets with manager and doesn't shake his hand firmly -- UNEMPLOYMENT. Many such cases!"
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this is true, originally of couse
not too bad variation on the meme, m8

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It will never go away. Just kill yourself, and take me with you.
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Take us all with you
>know what to do to end autism
>do it

ITT we post movies we watched again and again as kids
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I watched this at least 20 times
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another one from OP
such a funny movie

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I wish I was Stacy. I would be the biggest whore ever and be on hundreds of porn films.
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The most whorish way to do porn is to do it for free and have it uploaded to Latin American amateur pornography websites full of other amateur porn whores, some of questionable age. A professional pornstar is just a really high class prostitute, so classy that she doesn't even fuck her clients, they just pay to watch her fuck other prostitutes.

>one day clean from weed & booze

I'm gonna turn my life around for real this time
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Good luck, anon.

I'm rooting for you.

Do better than us.
Weed and booze aren't the problem. They just help you cope with your real problems.

Without them get ready to deal.
>drank myself to sleep yesterday again

I-I-I'll try to not have a drink today.

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If you're not a Mexican, you cannot be a robot. Literally the worst genetics of any group. Full of downies, Manlets with Napoleon Complex, and women who go downhill from 12. Not to mention, you're associated with shitty jobs
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Doesn't contribute to anything

Sage on all fields

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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This is my favourite new hobby, looking up videos of failed normie youtubers that can't hack living in Japan

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So I went to Kekistain a week ago the capital of Feepepeia I had a nice time hangin out with trolls and people with different opinions from it was one of the best times I've ever had
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Did you remember to wear a kek suit?

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"Watcha up to?"
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I would not respond to that. Make your opener relate to a common interest or something talked about in their profile.
Just be chill, and say Hello. It'll get the convo going
Literally just ask them out, works every time.

"Hey you wanna see a midnight movie and get some sushi?"

Never fails unless they aren't interested in the first place

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>dude, just stop giving a shit about what other people think, bro

Is this the most useless piece of normie advice ever? It's basically saying, "Just be okay with being an autistic friendless loser, bro. Just try not to care when we make fun of you to your fucking face every day, bro."
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That's not what the advice really means.

It's more like; the constant and exaggerated fear of judgement/rejection/failure is what's made you into the autistic friendless loser in the first place.
That's unironically what I ended up doing and now id consider myself at least a failed normie
While I believe that you can stop caring about people's opinions to a certain degree I think only a small percent of people can completely stop caring. I mean we are social animals after all and our personalities and behavior are mostly hardwired into our brains by genetics. It makes sense that we instinctively care about how other people see us.

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None of you matter to me.
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please fucking neck yourself

Never, EVER post on my board again.
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Seriously I value you no more than the roaches that fester in the dumpster behind my house. None of you are important to me. None of your lives have any real meaning to me.

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How do you go from matching with a girl on tinder to fucking her?
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Look, this is what you fuckin do. You tell her to go out with you. Don't ask, tell. You pick the slut up, and you take her to a goddamn bar & grill. Hooters, Twin Peaks, Pluckers, whatever the fuck they have in your city. You take the cunt out there and you order some wings, they're not expensive, pay for yours and hers, you'll be spending under $40. You have to remember to run your game the whole time though. It'll be a good idea to try to get a kiss at least once here. If she isn't ready, don't push it, just back up, say something like "oh sorry, I had a big bowl of chili for lunch today" and carry on with the date. Turn her on verbally, eat your meal, get her back to your car, start touching on her. Touch on her thigh as you talk to her and whatnot, see her response. If she doesn't flinch from your hand or anything negative, it's a go. Pull up to her place, move in for the kiss. If she kisses you, ask if you can see the inside of her house.
What I I don't have a car, I'm just a uni student desu. Honestly I'd rather have her come over, fuck, then cuddle and watch a movie or something.
origanl bump

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its happening.jpg
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aliens pulse rifle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4xIaLchJ9k
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pulse rifle from HL2 comes to mind as a favorite

Railway Rifle's sound is cool
I was about to post that too!

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>i used to suck my brothers dick all the time
>we were kids for god's sake
>i once sucked him off under the table as mom cooked breakfast
>it was a funny thing to do and our seacret
>then he had to mention it to his friends
>suddenly everybody knew
>i got bullied bad
>never sucked dick again
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jesus fucking christ what is wrong with you
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>When I was a kid, like probably 5 or 6. I met this kid in Kindergarten
>Him and I become playfriends all through kindergarten.
>His mom and mine arrange a playdate at his house.
>At his house playing with legos, when he turns to me and says "Anon, let me see your peter. I'll show you mine if you do."
>Show him my broadslayer, he shows me his.
>He grabs mine, "Yours is different from mine, Anon!"
>Grab his, "No there not!" I yell
>Dont remember much after that
>After kindergarten I go to a different school, never saw him again until we both went to the same high school.
>I became a shy quiet kid, who had a decent ammount of friends, a couple of them being chads and Stacy's. While he became THE Chad Thundercock of the school friends with literally every Chad and stacy I knew.
>He enjoyed picking on anxious quiet kids like me for the fuck of it, yet he never picked on me once.
> I never spoke to him since Kindergarten and mutually he never fucked with me. Maybe he remembered playing with me way back when, yet I think he never fucked with me because we both knew something about the other that absolutely neither of us could risk anyone knowing.
>Maybe i'm overthinking things.
You're not overthinking things, he remembers you anon. Not all Chads are bad deep down inside - all that social power gets to their head. But your Chad remembers his roots and respects you still. It's honorable. Chads are great, it's Staceys that are shit

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