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If you haven't had sex at all, no bjs, hot makeouts many times if nothing hawt, by age 15 as a male, then you will not make it. If you have anything past kissing as a female before 15, you will not make it, as a female.
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I lost my virginity at 20. First kiss at 18. You're a liar. You can probably make it at any age. All you need is a lack of shame.
I lost my virginity at 22 and suddenly started having sex and dating pretty successfully after a decade of being a loser. Stop fucking with people, back when I didn't know any better posts like these made me wanna give up on life.
You are here so I am right.

what is going through your head when you look at this photo?
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Aryan space magnets
her mouth
looka lika
Drink your milk like a normal person and finish your breakfast.

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Daily reminder it's easter sunday.
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Are you guys celebrating?

>mom cooked a bunch of food yesterday
>the house is spotless
>aroma of delicious food is in the air
>It's so quiet and cozy rn
>waiting for parents to come home from church so we can all eat
>later I'll retreat into my room and watch anime
Having a ham dinner, I am building a work bench in the garage, Jesus was a carpenter allegedly.
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Comfy trips for a comfy day.

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>tfw had to get Chad to beat up my ugly guy friend because he revealed he has feelings for me

Any~ fembot know this feel? ;_;
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Yes iktf. Feels even better than baiting for (You)s on an italian bruschetta drying forum.
>having ugly guy friends

You're not a real fembot. All my guy friends are at minimum 6/10's and 6 feet tall.
This is why i hate women. Why do you dislike people who love you. If there was one woman on planet earth that had feelings for me i'd jump in the air out of joy.

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The whole idea doesn't make any sense and it just seems like some stupid BS shoehorned into peoples' worldview for religious/political reasons.

Free will doesn't explain anything, doesn't simplify how things work, and honestly? Speaking for myself here, I don't "experience" it, so to me, it isn't even an illusion.

I don't even feel like I choose my thoughts. They literally just come. I don't sit there "pre-thinking" my thoughts, evaluating them on their perceived merit, and then choosing to think one of those thoughts as opposed to the next one.
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going to give this thread the old bumparoonie
Get mental help, you sound insane

I don't think there's anything much more insane than believing in free will.

It is completely illogical. Either your thoughts and actions are the causal products of prior events (so they're not free), or they're up to "randomness" (still not free, by definition uncontrollable).

Neither of those is compatible with free will.

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why are these brainwashed kids so hyped for a war and basicly fighting a war for another country and the only thing that they gonna get is a honorable mention and a bag for the body
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They finally get an opportunity to fight. The media and education system have prevented young men from partaking in the most primal activity. I'd love to fight someone
They'll think it'll just be like their vidya gaymes and doing 360s on towel heads.
men need a primal need to kill and battle, the jews have been restricting that basic need so men are breaking, ie: trannies, homosexuals, mgtow, shut ins.

How do I meet people and start a friendly relationship with them ? I tried hanging out at a bookstore since I like reading but people don't go there for a talk usually and I don't know how to approach them.

I also tried to go to a bar but all I achieved was sipping on a beer alone at a table feeling sad about myself.

How do i meet people and how do I approach them ?
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You have to try to just b yourself
Robots don't meddle in the affairs of others, they merely observe. Deprogram yourself or go.
Fuck off with that tired ass meme

You can't feel sorry for yourself if you didn't try everything in your power to get out of your current situation.

I'm 24, I have no friends, never had, and I'm sick and tired of it. I will do everything I can to get better. Only then I will give up if I fail, and probably off myself in the process.

When you have a daughter what will you name her?

Elizabeth or for Dierdre me.
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Never have kids
Megan or Ellen if my fantasy wife can't think of anything better.
>When you have a daughter what will you name her?

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>preggo Mal will never sit on your face and smother you to death between her thighs before devouring your tiny, pathetic male body to provide nutrients for her spawn like a she-mantis

why is the world we live in so cruel and absurd, robots?
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>vein on tits
never knew I had this fetish
Fuck those are some huge nipples. Can she even feed kids with those?
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veiny tits are great and so are giant areolae. They make the difference between a busty woman and a true titcow.

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I just didn't want to go to church today w my mom and sister, and I don't really want to go to the ballet with them either. I wish I wanted to, should I feel bad?
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literally all you had to do was go to church, sit there and pretend you cared. how fucking hard can that possibly be?
Remember to tell your sister and mother you love them

Hey fuck you buddy
I am with my family but I never got to know them. So here I am sitting here alone while everyone is around me talking. My mom actually interrupted the big table of people and said "My son Anon here is a Genetic Engineer! What do you guys think? Anon tell them what you want to do." They mumbled and then went back to talking. Just cuck my shit up.

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>tfw you wiII never suck a dick
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>tfw I can't find a qt switch boy to be in a relationship with

I can only find either prison gay tops or beta pure bottoms.
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>tfw you will never lick a butthole
That means you are picky, but maybe I'm wrong and all of us are just that ugly.

> that feel when no girl-friend.
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>that feel when
It's that face when you autist, stop posting.
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>It's that face when
>tfw you fucked it up
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Well buddy I hate to break it to ya...

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what do u robots wear, when u go out that is?
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here is the template i used
>not gun
yuropor detected
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I usually wear clothes n stuff haha

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one word. don't trigger the bot.
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Why must nasa lie to us like this.......

Why must normies be so braindead they can't question blatent in considntancys. Look at this shit its ridiculous.
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shut the fuck up. earth is round

when it's night somewhere it's day somewhere else

all planets are spherical. occam's razor

fuk off
It's not that the Earth isn't round it's that nice and won't release a real photo of the Earth. In every new photo they released keeps changing
I know it's weird, but listen to me I have this theory

ISS is 400 km form earth. You CAN'T take a photo of Earth form there because it's just too near here

hence almost all full earth photos from ISS are shopped-cut-cropped shit they are eager to sell

legit ISS earth photos are these:

we have a photo of the full earth which is absolutely legit, which is the photo from the moon

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