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Drop everything you're doing and take a moment to appreciate anime feet please and by that I mean furiously masturbate to them desu.
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thighs > feet
Chocolate-covered feet are the best
>Happy Valentines day anon! I brought you some chocolate!

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Write a letter to someone who may or may not ever read it.

Dear K,

im really trying to be your friend, but you're way too religious. No one likes that about you. You should relax more.

Am i your last friend? I have a lot of patience, but theres a line for everything. Its seriously difficult hanging out when every conversation is interrupted by God. Everything you say is just advertising your church. im pretty sure im your last friend, and i mean this. Chill out dude

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dear OP

you're a faggot

t. anon
Dear OP,

You are a faggot. Please kill yourself as soon as possible.

Dear D,

Im over it, us , the past. Attending college in the fall and doing well for myself. Im ready to move forward and wipe the slate clean. If you want to be freinds , you know how to reach me. I live near pauls mom if you are ever out this way. Im sorry for everything. Sincerily.


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>"anon! Your friend came to visit you, come down!"
>"hey anon. I didnt see you in class lately and was wondering whats up with you. I know we didnt talk much in class, but wanna come join me for a beer in the park?"
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I would be too intimidated to do that with this guy if he did this. I would make an excuse and run upstairs in my room and hold my pillow.

I hate being a fembot desu
id just assume he wants to fuck me, no one fucking does that
>S-s-sure, chad

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why do normies bastardize everything they discover?
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Why do people constantly romanticize old-school 4chan? It had the humor of 9GAG and a user-base comprised of 13 year olds. It's just as shit now, just a different brand of shit.
The vibe was certainly different. Trolling was just jokes, people had fun. Now it's just trying to make people angry. The subtlety is all gone and with it most of the humor.
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spirit cookers nwo.jpg
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This, it's always been a degenerate shit-stain >>36590549
It's really not changed much desu, still a degenerate shit hole

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It's that time again. Show your siblings or parents some love. Give them a hug, perhaps hold their hand for a while, maybe even a kiss. Show them that family love is the purest love.

Post results.
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I love my aniki very much! He means the world to me. I give him hugs and kisses and it makes him happy.
bumpo. maximo.
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>on /r9k/ for novelty
>find thread that fits my current problem

So, my sister has been coming into my over the past week or so. I don't know how to handle it to be honest. I play along but I honestly don't think I should. She's a bit younger than me.
Any advice for a former robot, /r9k/?

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>acquire gf with big cowtits
>she's boring as hell
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Who lied to you and told you women were interesting?
Is she fat or just thiccc
Women will take on your personality, just work with her

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any former/secretly current ledditor have a hard time knowing what stuff is normie shit and what stuff is good for chan
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No, I have the opposite problem. Everyone on reddit thinks I am a bully and bans me constantly.
People are wrong if they think there is one single answer to the normie situation. Yes, there is some consensus what is a normie or not, but otherwise it differs.

I think fastfood and soda are normie tier but many disagree. Heck I even think video games have become normie tier.
Youre so pathetic .
If only you knee how deep the hole goes.

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Why is it sooo amazing?
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Because we are mammals
idk never tried. ask your parents
Validation probably

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How has Brexit affected the lives of you British robots?

Are things getting better, worse or the same?
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It hasn't even happened yet
Oh no fuaouffaodlnfalgfa
Value of pound is estimated to drop. The Nintendo switch and it's accesories for example are way more expensive than their American counterparts I imagine because of this

how do i spent my time on pc productively
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learn coding
get a tablet and start drawing
pirate frooty loops and make music
learn modelling with blender
learn animation with SFM
or just get Sony Vegas and rake in dough from Let's Plays
>learn modelling with blender
sounds interesting, do people actually earn money from it
i don't think it's much compared to programming, but it's a good amount

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Guys I don't know how to meet girls, I've been out of school for some time now and I just don't know how to even find them anymore.

There's a high school in my area and I often see girls walking home in my neighborhood, would I get in trouble if I approached and offered money for one of them to be my pretend gf? Like, not for sex or anything, just attention because I'm a total loser.

I'm 22 btw, am I going to end up arrested?
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This is a terrible idea OP, please abort.

Are there actual laws against this kind of thing though? I mean its not like Im trying to get in their pants, its just a simple contract for meaningless communication
it is illegal to attempt to solicit minors for sex

if they are of age, which is possible depending on your country, go ahead, but why don't you try meeting women a less fucked way if you're confident enough to do this?

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>Meet a girl online who likes you and wants to talk to you over voice
>Anxiety jumps to 100% and your heart feels like you're gonna explode
Fuck what do I do WHAT DO I FUCKING DO?
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Talk with her I guess. Why do you think anime virgins can help you here?
Just talk to her. Look at it as practice. Stop sperging out.
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>was in the same situation as op a few years back
>had a speech impediment
>girl says shit about it and corrects me when i say something wrong

Yeah, have fun.

I was looking at pictures from when I was 17 and looked much better than now.
>Better haircut
>Almost no acne
>Actually going to some parties (now 0)

But I remember that I was soo unhappy back then, I felt very bad about my body and my confidence was low.

Now I wish I could go back.
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There wasn't a single part of my life where I didn't feel miserable. I was an unhappy kid who grew into an unhappy teen who grew into an unhappy adult.
I think 18-19 was the turning point for me. It gradually went downhill with mental problems and alienating people from that point. What sucks is I was so fucking successful socially. I was like a magnet on people, then everything withered I to nothing.
probably before puberty. maybe when i was like 10-11

I cant imagine being happy before than.

I was actually attractive and well liked by peers until 19-20

>tfw too smart for malebots
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Sage originallySage originally
Someone post that wrinkly labia that looks like a brain.
so is this a new pasta about men being insufficient?

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Why is everyone a dick to me? I'm literally so nice it's unreal. For example I found a bottle of vodka with a few shots left in it and I thought of my friend and was like "oh that guy likes vodka I'll just give him this he's seemed stressed lately" then they just yell at me and treat me like shit and make condensending remarks.

Like wtf am I doing wrong. I've literally never met another person who thinks of others and goes out of their way to help people and I'm the one person to do it and everyone treats me like shit and says they hate me behind my back. Why?
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We're only getting your side of the story. I wonder what an impartial observer would say.
It's seen as weakness and you will be mercilessly exploited for being kind.

Also you seem a bit spergy, one does not typically gift another person a random open container of vodka.

Start being selfish OP, you deserve it.
Nah everyone's just a dick head I just give off an aura. Fuck it I give up.

This is the true answer and I live in a small town and this place is prison essentially vodka, weed, cigarettes, and drugs are the currency here

That probably has something to do with it too. I live in an outdoor prison.

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