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Give me your best shot
>inb4 taco nigger beer
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>taco nigger beer

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>tfw no daydreamer bf
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>tfw no dead reamer gf
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>tfw no gf who'll ramble to me about the vidya and listen to me do the same

Does anyone eIse on here ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... lt just feels Iike both biology and my body have betrayed me.
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no, I think they're gross. Dicks are much more attractive.
i honestly don't know who's worse between you and the oogaposter
at least I make fapable webms

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have you ever felt like the child of a fictional couple?
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Classic big squares, or the little half sheets?
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big squares
just use a rag holy shit
paper towels = unwoke


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I had to smoke so much weed to realize I'm a fucking autistic sociopathic psychopath

do you ever have the suspicion that you are way worse off mentally than you can conceivably imagine?

rather than feeling like your the only person that gets it, what if your actually one of the few that dont. were on 4chan after-all
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>autistic sociopathic psychopath
List the DSM criteria for each ot these diagnoses and point out which ones you experience
That's the weed talking bro, i've been there, felt that. You gotta take a smoke break for a while to feel better. That's the only way out from where you're at.
good news
>you probably aren't autistic
>you probably aren't a sociopath
>you probably aren't a psychopath
bad news
>you probably need to quit smoking weed for a few weeks and get yourself back to baseline, like that other dude said

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>Essay is 2 days late now
>8 at night and still haven't started
>Looking at a blank page
>Have 0 idea of what I'm supposed to be doing
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What's it on?

Just write "BLACK LIVES MATTER" over and over. You're guaranteed an A
What is the assignment and how long is it supposed to be?

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>be me
>try to find a bf on tinder
>all profiles have stuff like "I like to hangout with my friends" or other normiebullshit
>tfw social autist with zero(0) friends
>mfw no chance before i even got to swipe right
i dont have a future, i have no idea how i can live with myself
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pls rspnd my future (first-ever) boyfriend
this is an ad
i can pay you
Tinder is not meant for the likes of us, straight or gay.
If you really wanna get into a relationship then leave this board forever and start leaving the house to do thing. For example go to a gym or visit a museum or an art exhibition or go to a concert. Do that enough times as often as you can and you may meet someone. It isn't likely considering if you are on this board then you are hopeless around other people but its the only chance of getting anything real.
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why cant i get a robot bf from /r9k/ instead
i dont wanna go outside

>sex isn't even that great
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It's not bad, but not great as heroin.
>he fell for the sex meme
>he doesn't know that the ultimate feels are from orbiting

Laughing betas.
>Consummating your love with the woman you love more than anything on the night of your wedding.

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Were you like this in High School?

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I wonder how these girl will act when they turn 50
lonely with a shitty job and a blog.
Would bang the SHIT out of the one with glasses

>anon quick get her off me
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Lesbian blacked?!

If only one of them had a dick

Preferably the bottom one
bumping all blacked threads to piss off /pol/
what the fuck is that on the night table

Post the one that got away ...
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I hope you're talking about the food.

Food doesn't look good. It's rice and broccoli
Rice is good

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What is the youngest you would fuck if you knew with absolute certainty you could get away with it?
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18 years old of course
ten years older than the legal age of consent in my area of residence
What the fuck is with the FBI agents tonight? There's four or five pedo threads up

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If you could look like anyone you wanted, who would you want to look like? Asap Rocky for me.
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I haven't been on this board in months. I come back today and you're STILL making this thread? Why?
As a black guy, Tupac. As a white guy, Bruce Willis. As an asian guy, the Korean guy from LOST.
Based j mac

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