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>progressively find 3d sex and genitals more repulsive
Am I ascending?
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You're descending, OP. Despite what people will tell you, it's awful if you find yourself getting more attracted to 2D than 3D. Remind yourself that you can not have sex with 2D
The 3Dfag only being able to point to the animal act of fucking to support his team is about as profound an argument for 2D as you'll ever see
indeed my friend
soon you will enter the land of 4D eroticism

>Need picture of myself for dating profile
>Look in mirror, look like a decent 6/10
>take selfie, look like subhuman mongrel

How am I supposed to continue to improve myself if I'm truly ugly?
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the real trick is lighting and image resolution, you want to use yellow or orange lighting in a way that it illuminates your skin and gives it a glow. the glow hides blemishes in the same way meme filters do, but without all the obvious editing. also taking a pic with a lower megapixel camera is a good idea, drop your camera down to 4 or 8mps and it will look even better. gl anon
Unless you fit the average womans standards there is no hope. In 6 seconds she says what they all want.

you see a 3d image in the mirror
you see a 2d image in a photo
therefore the mirror is more accurate

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I heard that for the chronic depression(bipolar) taking antidepressants is a big mistake and doctors should give mood stabilizers instead.

What do you think?
I get a small dose of Cymbalta.
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Will bump. Can't see the page number and not sure how far this is.

What happened to all the mental unhealthy people in here? It used to be the mental health board.
Now it's just normies doing normie things.
mood stabilizers make you fat
Im a resident bipolar fag and at work but I'll reply anyways

Ymmv but SSRIs can make manic episodes way worse and/or trigger them. I have been on at least 3 different ones and they landed me in a mental institution. No exaggeration. I'm currently taking a mood stabilizer (lithium) along with a stimulant (wellbutrin) and an antipsychotic (abilify to help with the psychosis and OCD.)

This cocktail has kept me from full blown mania for nearly five years now. Saved my fucking life. The right meds can help but don't fuck around with them. Get a good psychiatrist and do your research.

And for the record I'm extremely thin thanks to a modest, healthy diet and portion control (like any reasonable person should have)

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>not raising the ultimate robot pet
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The fuck is that shit
Are they toys?
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slikie chicken.jpg
284KB, 1200x742px

Silkie chicken

They have black skin
Silkie chickens

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>only women who show interest in me are asian/latina
>fellow white women elude me
Anybody else a degenerate racemixer? I keep them pretty detached because I will never be in a relationship with them, but I don't understand why I can't get an actual girlfriend instead of some random darkie hookup.
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you got pics of the kind of asian and latina girls you are pulling? is this happening on okc or tinder or whatever? what's wrong with going on a few dates. you don't have to marry these girls.

Same desu. What causes this?
What does a girl look like if her mom is Japanese and her dad is spanish(Not mestizo)

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>tfw the amount of gfs i have adquired throgout my life is still 0 which coincides with the number of vaginas i have penetrated

I'm 20 btw, when will this end?

Post your gf accomplishments if you have any itt.
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For me, it ended at 22.
Once I was in lesbians with a girl but she left me for a Chad who went to my highschool
She kissed me once really quick
That's the most I've ever accomplished and I'm almost 30
Im still a virgin but in this 6 second vocarroo from a fembot sums up why I am fucked.


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smug anime 47.png
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>he doesn't have 4chan set to photon style
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But anon, I do have it set to Photon.
>not Tomorrow
how BAKA can you get
good, most underrated and best style

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day 10 of wagecuck life... idk how long i can take this how do you robots put up with this misery
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Day 400-something here.

It gets (marginally) easier the more you learn on the job. For me at least a lot of the worry and misery was from not knowing anything and constantly having to ask questions. Over time you gain experience and also start to feel more comfortable in the role when you know what is and isn't expected of you.

Obviously there are days which are complete shit and you think "fuck this I want to walk out" but each day is a new day and chances are that whatever is bothering you today at work will be long forgotten in a week/month's time.

Also it is worth remembering that you're getting paid to be miserable. Back when you were a miserable NEET there was no reward for mindlessly browsing all day. Now, once a month you will be paid what will seem like a comically large amount of money purely for attending work each day. If you are at all materialistic you will be able to spend to your heart's content.
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feel meme.png
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i just feel so tired after work, like no energy to cook or play vidya or anything.. days are getting wasted i feel like
True, every morning i pray the day passes quick. After work im exhaust at home, eating, browsing, sleep, repeat

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Prescription refill day boyos, best day of the month. I just got my Xanax and couldn't be happier.
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Question about xanax.
I read xanxax removes fear and anxiety. I feel fear and anxiety when i think about doing things to address areas of my life i need to improve e.g. Going to the gym.

Will xanax help with this? Without abusing the drug.
Yes, it's fucking incredible for actually allowing you to do stuff. However, when you first start taking it, it may make you very sleepy, and possibly even intoxicated, as if you were drunk. You'll be much more uninhibited, as well. You may also not remember the entire first two weeks of taking it (like me lmao), but if you can survive through that, it's a godsend for anxiety.
> xanax
> happy
pick one

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>haven't visited /r9k/ in over a month
>it's still nothing but dick pics, trannies, and "boipussi" brainwashing

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I think the same thing every time I venture back here after a break. Place is a cess pool desu
porn turns these huge wankers gay
same, I just came back after a long pause from /r9k/ (I'm talking several months) and it's always the same shit, fuck this, going back to /bant/, /s4s/ and /qa/, the better random boards

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If it's any consolation I enjoyed both of those poems
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when i first opened youtube on my pc i caught some sort if microaggression i have a shit iphone4 so i didnt know it changed it but the thing that triggers me the most is how i cant change it to be darker cause i have sensitive eyes and my glasses dont make it better
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What's your dream car keeping you alive to this day? You can already have it or want it, just entertain the thread.
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Weeb reporting in
File: 2017-subaru-brz.jpg (243KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this little thing right here.
I read that it's probably the best handling car that money can buy, and I really like how it looks.
Then again something much nicer will come out when I can afford a car

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Post your abstract feels
>see a piece of paper flapping in the wind
>it reminds me of how her hair moved in the wind
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Feel lonely laugh at people on r9k.
Did I do it right?
only if you were aiming to be a faggot
No Matter what the fuck I see I think about her. Shits not even fucking funny I just want to forget ffs

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Why aren't you masturbating right now?
Do you have anything better to do? No? Then pull your dick and see where it goes.
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i am mentally preparing for my first uni class and i need my sperm inside me to conserve energy.
Nice try kike. Not falling for it
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you're a virgin. why does it matter?

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>tfw fapped 3 times in the last 4 hours
>tfw 160GB of porn on my harddrive
Is this an addiction? I feel so fucking disgusting lads
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Your trips are speaking out to you. They say "yes" you hAve an addiction. Clean up your act, buddy
>>tfw 160GB of porn on my harddrive

That's not allot imo but your jerking off to much
Sounds like you got a problem my friend

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