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there are people with yellow fever who unironically think this is attractive behavior
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>doesn't even end with him being cuffed and tenderly raped by her, just inane screeching
This is why 3D is shit tier.

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Why do normalfags have such a problem with cheating in relationships?

Just the concept of more than one human female liking me is so unreal.
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Usually it's the dude who gets cucked, and his girl fucks another dude.

I have a Chad cousin who cheated on a gf of his with some other chick, then he turned around and dumped his gf because he felt too guilty. Now he fucks dumb 22 year old bimbos he meets at his gym, but he complains about never finding true love. Idk, everyone's got a story to tell.
It's religious ethics. You used to be a shit person if you had premarital sex, then the hippies happened, but the ethics were not entirely erased. Ethics evolve like language does into slang, then into another language entirely.

Marriage was invented to make sure there were no bastards running around, and to prevent the spread of disease, primarily. Also, to make sure every man had somebody, because females are too picky and would only the top men. They wear a ring to let people know they're off limits and such. Then there's men giving away their daughters, it was to make sure that she wasn't getting with a man that was going to pump and dump her with a bastard, and if the father finds her no longer cute then she probably won't die during childbirth.

It's all very dated, chronologically.

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Robots, don't you hate it when you accidentally post pics on IG?
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Lmao what an asshole. Do you know this person OP?
he must of "accidentally" added the filter in it to
What a complete douchenozzle.

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>"traps aren't gay!"

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Is making out with a guy gay? I made out with my friend last night after we smoked weed

If i were rich i would buy a beautiful tropical island and build a typical Japanese island town on it and together we could make animu real
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I'm going to a guy's house soon, he's pretty into vidya and anime. There's gonna be 4-5 other people there too, no girls.
How the fuck do I interact? What do I talk about, and how do I make jokes?
Thinking about not going because I'm too far gone to do anything but drink alone... Plus I can't even remember anything in order to have a conversation about video games or anything like that.
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Pleasepleasepleasse anyone
I'm gonna feel like shit whether I go or not, is it wort it
It's worth it, jut join the conversations that the guys will make introducing your opinion or some comments, good luck and have fun
It's easy anon. Read what I'm about to post and you'll become a normal person. Ok, so what you have to d-, shit sorry I have to go.

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>havent fapped for around 3 weeks
>keep seeing all these lewd anime pictures on the boards
Holy fuck am I really gonna do it
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Don't hold it anon. It feels really great!
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you know the time now anon
greentext results pls

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post music that really brings out the feels

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love music link threads.
everyone posts their own shit and nobody listens to anyone elses. they just want other posters to admire their music taste and tell them how cultured or deep they are for the shitty songs that make them cry
I actually collect feels music anon, I have a habit of listening to the same 3-4 songs on loops and it gets old so need to restock on some feels.
I don't know why.

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Pick one:
>8 inch dick
>6'3" height
>Fit/muscular body
>$10,000 dollars
>Perfect thick hair
>Restored foreskin
>Charm/social increasse
>Flawless skin
>Perfect teeth
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6'3 and it's not even a contest, although 8 inch dick would be nice. It must feel like you're superman, being secretly super hung but looking plain when clothed.
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I can never get my foreskin back, so you know which one I'd pick
>$10,000 dollars
Is this a daily amount? Because I don't see how such a small amount is meant to be equivalent to the miraculous things you are offering.

Hi chaps, it's me again
Let's post some cute girls
Bonus points for real people
I'll start
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Meine fraufu
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Wtf i love asians now
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>tfw no googly eyes gf

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You guys were right. I used to browse this place a few years ago just for the laughs but god damn it some of you were actually totally right about some women. Most of the stuff posted here is bullshit but some of it speaks the truth.

Loneliness that guys face is totally different than what girls call "being lonely and abandoned". I've literally had periods in the last two years of my life where I wouldn't have anybody to speak with for weeks and weeks on end. I would try to stay after class but since all of my class is females they would all leave as soon as possible and I would be left with the teacher discussing studies. When I finally got to meet a girl who is "depressed" and "lonely" turns out she has a circle of friends, leading a successful life and has no troubles at all finding someone. She would often complain about how lonely she is and I would just laugh on the inside of what I was hearing.

It's way easier to find your place in society as a female than as a guy. As a guy you are expected to be competitive and have skills, hobbies and income sources that are better than the next guy, but as a female the requirements that society places on you are much much lower and more forgiving. Being the only guy in class I would often see girls around me get praised for making the right choice of getting educated, and making the effort. A lot more to say but getting lazy and you get the idea.
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>a normie finally gets his first enlightement

Can't unknow the truth now. Give it a while longer and you'll see we were right about most things, even if you think they're "mean". Life as a woman is life on tutorial mode.

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> be me
> now working IT call center
> have the night shift
> very few calls
> building is entirly to myself
> just do the back work nobody gets to during the day
> feel like im going a horrible job
> agent in mississipi says i am doing good when she messaged me on skype
> getting to know my ticket system sorta
> working from 9pm to 6am everyday
> quiet and whole building to myself
> 3rd day going to try and actually take calls
> most people are from different countries
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toppity jejjeroony

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I cant just sit around the house on the internet and playing videogames all day leeching off my mother
What should I do with my life?
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Start an ecommerce business

t. 28yo NEET kissless virgin doing exactly that rn
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Planning a way to commit suicide succesfully, like i do

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>tfw developing oneitis
fuckfuckfuck robots help me
i'm convicing myself she doesn't like me
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