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Connie is here to say that bullying is totally wrong.
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connie is a dumb bitch
Umm wow. You're rude. You've been made irrelevant too. So shush.
no one cares connie poster
we all know you're a liar and a canadian boy

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I decided to grow out my beard for the first time just to see how it would look and it's really really itchy. Is this normal, how do I fix this? I'm like scratching constantly.
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Just wash it when it becomes itchy
congratulations on becoming a beardsman
just tough it out, bro. give it a few more days and you'll be fine.

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When did you first realize that you were ugly, robots?
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At the age of 13. Around there.
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Kids were always calling me ugly in school but I was in denial. When I started high school it starting becoming more obvious because all my friends were getting gfs, while I was still single. I didn't think anything of it. It just isn't my time yet. Now I'm 25khv who got friendzoned by a landwhale last year, and it finally hit me. Everyone who called me ugly was right. My entire life was a lie.

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Ok so I have some stories to tell.
>be me
>be 15
>our cousin comes to live with us for a week
>big ,hairy ,smelly guy
>21 and hasn't moved out of his parents
>he chills out for a week and then goes back home
>2 months later
>comes back over
>this time he lives with us for four months
>start wondering why he was living with us
>press him for a month to tell me
>he finaly gives in
>turns out he tried to Fuck his brothers wife
>first time he smacked her on the ass
>that's why he lived with us for a week
>this time he was in the car with her
>he got all testie
>whips his dick out
>she looks over at his dick
>looks away
>looks back
>my cousin blerts out
>"you wanna suck it"
>she runs inside her house
>he said he sat there for 10 minutes with his dick out
>he tries to justify to me what he did by saying
>"she looked at it twice"
>never forgot those fucking words
>I'm 18 now
>he came over live with us again last month
>still haven't figured out what he did this time

I've got some other stories with him and his brother. Btw his brother is an autist
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>I've got some other stories
What are you waiting for nigga, tell them stories
Ok here's a whip it cousin story
>at there house
>both cousins are huge halo fans
>they have halo toys and shit
>they have this one flood figure
>it's arm is long and jagged
>it's on the floor
>dick cousin accidentally steps in it
>goes straight through his foot
>he starts yelling
>falls over on the ground
>autist starts yelling because he's scarred
>he has to go to the hospital
>he still has a scar on his foot to this day

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How original is that ?
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Connie is here to say that she's excited for this week.
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mods please ban this swine already
The subjectivity is marvelous. Why would they? I've broken no rules, dummy.

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>talking with online """""lonely""""" girl who supposedly has no friends/is a loser
>"....my boyfriend"
>"....my friends"
>".... I'm going out tonight"
Definitely in the top 10 list of things that trigger me the most. I guess it doesn't apply to just women but people with a social life who act like they don't have one are the worst.
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Yep. I hear this all the time from people.

>I'm so lonely, oh my plans for tonight? going out with friends gonna be fun.

Also attention whores on social media who are so lonely despite having hundreds or thousands of friends and every post they make has comments and likes.

>Normalfags on /r9k/ who've lost their virginity
Is there anyone more worse?
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Not being a virgin doesn't make life any better. Trust me virginfag.
>Trust me virginfag
at least you can die and say you weren't a virgin faggot

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"Here's your burger, anon. That'll be $6.99, plus tip."

wat do?
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I don't give tips to people that openly request fucking tips, it's pathetic and contrary to the whole point. I would give her nothing but a cold stare and 6.99, then never return to the establishment.
What a stupid thread
Why would I tip at a fast food restaurant
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seriously, has anyone ever said this?

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Why the fuck do I keep coming back to this shitty board? I don't even know you guys anymore. Every other poster moved on but I keep coming back, for what fucking purpose I don't know. I keep telling myself that they're gone, that I'll stop posting here and find other boards, but I just can't stop. I always end up finding myself on this stupid shithole of a board.
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Stop thinking you are unique for not "leaving this shitty board." normalfag
This board is the one full of fucking normalfags. ERP threads, /b/-tier fapthreads, and shitty reposts of reposts of reposts. It's just a bunch of normalfag college faggots and teenbros going through a sad phase. None of you are original anymore, you're nothing like the original board. That's why I want to leave, and I usually do for about 2-3 weeks. But then I come back anyway even though nothing here is relevant to me anymore.
>depressed for 4 years straight, can't see a therapist or try meds because poor family
>never had a gf or gotten close to one
>closest relationship i've had with a girl is one i'd tell shitty jokes to in history and german class because we sat next to each other
Sad phase

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is vanity healthy at moderate doses?

I realize I should probably care about my appearance more but every time I start trying to look better I become obsessed with looking good

it's like an on/ off switch
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how do I start caring about how I look?
it's like this weird thing where I don't care how I look because I think I look fine/good no matter what.
Throwing away your seven desires dodesnt make you any better as a human being. It makes you pretentious. You should by all means treat yourself and look good if it makes you happy.

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goodnight stars are bright
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>Mom uploaded pictures of me I didn't know she took to her facebook
>I look like shit in all of them
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any robots wake up feeling unrefreshed and/or are super tired all throughout the day?

come talk about it.
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Yeah it's like being slowly drained.
oh yeah i definitely do. what i noticed is that i have to get up a few hours earlier. if i have work at 9, if i wake up at 8 and kind of scramble to get ready it sucks. but if ive been up for a couple of hours ill have more of an appetite and stuff. i still definitely get tired throughout the day but i dont really eat right
i stayed in bed for four hours today

i've been reading PKD's ubik lately, maybe jory is getting to me
spray some ubik on me anon

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