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ITT: what was the "event" at your school part 2

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first brobots
Somebody had a battery pack in their pocket and it exploded.
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Weird how a lot of these stories were teachers getting done for showing porn on the projector. I used to Google shit with the projector on and once or twice porn came up, the kids just laughed at it, to my knowledge nobody ever said anything. This was before I retired in 2014 too.

To answer the question we had a string of bomb threats, blamed on the autistic kid who I know didn't do it but I couldn't say anything because new teacher and nobody cared. Then one kid rolled down the toilet paper and wrote "I just dropped a bomb in this toilet" and rolled it back up. This was after the first two bomb threats so we had hall monitors checking the bathrooms after every time someone went in there.

When I was an intern in '99 another intern called in a bomb threat to his host school and had to repeat his internship, he may have gotten kicked out of the program.

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The expression "paper-thin personality" is used rather often.
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Friendly reminder that Connie is a boy and has a penis.

not even pinoy too
what a pathetic fag to LARP as a brown girl
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Aaaaah I see what happened here, it was just a miss click, here's where you should be friend www.Redit.com

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Now that the pizza crust has settled, what does /r9k/ think of TheReportOfTheWeek?

>he is my roll model
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I've never watched ReviewBrah. Can someone recommend a good video so I can bust my RB cherry?
Same, only video I've watched was him confirming he wasn't at the Ariana Grenade concert.
You're not supposed to post on this board until you have watched at least 20 hours of reviewbrah's videos..

extremely early sexual experiences thread
i wanna die
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I lost my virginity at 13. Does that count?
Got sexually exploited at an early-ish age.
My uncle went down on me when I was a kid. He thought I was asleep. It's the most action I've ever had.

I can't post the topic of the poll here as to not bias the results. Please it is just one question. http://www.strawpoll.me/13365366

P.S. All bumps are appreciated.
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You forgot to add: I am into femdom and I want to control someone with a chastity device.

Never thought a girl would visit these parts of the internet. :D

P.S. Contact?

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memes aside, what would happen if an actual beta uprising took place? How much could an entire army of robot tier people actually do?
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Get rekt by chads
Give us the VR version of Anarchy Reigns. Except less V and more R.
that's what i just was going to post

>Hey! I'm new in town,care to show me around? :)
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I care not

>"sorry, I'm busy"
>goes home to refresh 4chan 10000 times before falling asleep
>"Yeah, sure"
>bring her to /that/ part of the town
>run away

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>tfw I'm becoming happier just playing vidya and watching anime all day
>have lost all interest in having a gf or friends
feels good my dudes
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>having a 10 year old PC
>only if I had a decent PC to play vidya on
feels bad to be poor
that's a temporary happiness dude.. sooner or later, loneliness will haunt you.
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>You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was too low in content (0.00% content).
I know that feel

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YWN have this view
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>black nails
>leather jacket

Thanks to the sky fairies for not giving me this view.
>big forhead
>weak chin
d r o p p e d
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>Wishes for gf
>Has bullshit standards
You're all idiots.

>stacy asks me out to homecoming junior year in front of half the cafeteria
>say no because I think it's a prank
>find out same day that it was definitely a prank
>different girl asks me out to that year's winter formal, including a really heartfelt bit about how she thought the prank stacy tried to pull was rude and uncalled for
>this couldn't possibly be a prank
>say yes
>get stood up night of winter formal
>she sends me one text after 2 hours of trying to get ahold of her
>literally reads "lol gotchu"
>mwf it was a prank
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I know you faggots have stories you want to tell. Spill them.
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>In high school
>Tell a joke that everyone clearly hears
>No one laughs, all stare at me awkwardly
>A few seconds later, popular kid tells the same joke
>It's word for word
>Everyone is hysterical
>Teacher is holding his gut
>Girl winks at him

>talking to close friend
>Drinking ~5 bottle of tea
>Decided to burp in friends ear
>Turns to right and tries to burp
>Starts throwing up
>Whips around and throws up on lap
>Nobody saw
>Stand up to go to bathroom to wash of shorts
>Little bit of puke falls on ground
>Nobody ever finds out
>Still smells acidic next day
>Friend asks me smell next day, never realises I almost threw up in ear
That is the best I got.

>spare change
>*rattles cup*
>hey you, can you spare some change?

how do you respond?
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*Whips out micro penis*
"How badly do you need money?"
>pull out a $100 bill
>right as she's about to take it I pull it back and out it into pocket
>*unzip dick*
>"you know what you need to do. Call me daddy for an extra $10"
dang i bet she smells bad

What are we in the golden age of right now without realizing it? Seems like nothing but I hope I'm wrong. Don't say television
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terror attacks
Internet freedom.
bronze age of crypto.

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I just found $100 in my old jeans.
Dubs decides what I do with them.
Quads gets the money.
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Flush it down the toilet literally to be symbolic
Get an onahole ny dude
Spend it all on eggs and drink the eggs for us.

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>tfw been out of school for 6 years as a NEET
>tfw placed into precalculus at community college
>tfw don't want to feel shame of being a brainlet in a remedial class
>tfw can take it online or in person

What would you guys do?
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Look up precalculus curriculum. Study topics listed there before you start the class.
there are a lot of adults at community college, it's not that big of a deal to be 'older'

also I think this is a school policy thing but at mine the online classes make you socialize a lot more than in-person classes. In-person you just show up, pay attention, then leave. The online classes have a lot of group work, discussion threads, etc. It sucks, never doing online classes again personally.

That's the plan for the summer, along with my other classes. Sh-should I just take it online then?

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any of you robots live in South Carolina? specifically the low country? i need some friends and most of the people here are fucking awful rednecks
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Lived in Columbia, SC for a few months. It was okay, but I'd rather watch paint dry. Greenville wasn't bad, tho.
Charlotte NC here
my grandma lives there. she lives in south park though so her neighborhood is pretty nice compared to the majority of the city.

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