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Is there Any place in my hand where i could punch a nail trough and not leave any serious lasting damage. Then i could put that pic online and be like "whoops, clumsy me am i right" and get some Attention
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The soft webbing between the index finger and thumb SPECIFICALLY on your non-dominant hand. Use some form of alcohol, preferably an alcohol pad, on both the impact area and the nail. Place hand on table and use thick books to steady the nail, and use dominant hand to fire the hammer. Tell people it's your dominant hand.
Thank me later.
I once shoved a whole fishing bobber straight through my right hand. It didn't hurt to remove or get infected.
Really weird honestly
do it faggot


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Do you travel? If you have so much free time, and armed with very cheap or free traveling options and lodging, no reason not to.
You have no job or family tying you to where you are, go and enjoy yourself.

And to do so, learn a language. What language is best, you think?
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>tfw went to Japan a few months ago, cute girls everywhere wearing skirts
>gust of wind blows through and see a girls pure white panties

It was just like my animes
>things that never happened

Besides, Japan is actually very expensive to go to, you can't hike or get on a train to Japan, and you can't stay with some hostel or couchsurf.
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But it did anon! Roundtrip tickets were 500 freedom dollars, went with some friends so the Airbnb costs were like $25 a night per person. I didn't spend nearly as much as I thought I would.

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>Hey anon! Look over here!

What do you do?
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This must be some kind of dream.

I'm not talking hypothetically. I mean right now, browsing this board. How did my reality degenerate to this point?
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I would start sucking them off and let them use me however they want
>he goes through all these threads and look at cute dicks but cant admit he loves them
Aren't all actual robots mentally ill anyway?

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Someone will shoot up a movie theater today.

Don't ask how I know.
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is that someone you?
>is that someone you?
There's nothing you can do!
Have fun!

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So it's nearly 5am here, been up all night again with no end in sight.

What's everyone been up to? How's life? Why do you spend all night like this? Let's hang.
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I am the night's time.

Been doing much the same and have been every day for the past couple weeks. I got to pet a stingray two days ago that acted like a dog and I loved the experience, so I've decided to go visit the local aquarium to volunteer and feed the stingrays and give them love and care next Monday.
Feels good man.
OP again.

So, i'm going through this transitional period where I was doing the day night thing "normally" but i've changed my ways yet again.

I don't know why. It's like 3am has become my new 3pm or something. It's been like this my whole life. High school was even like this which made things difficult.

Some people are just really not made for the day time are they?

Ugh, been hitting a dry spell recently. Haven't fucked in about 2 weeks, my balls are barking rn. You can relate, right anon?
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I've known this feel for 27 years. Get on my level Chad.
>not just lifting more
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I refuse to believe anyone would talk like that in any way without wanting to sound like a sweaty gym rat douche

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God fucking damn it, I always think I hit the bottom but it always gets worse
To any one out there, It never fucking gets better, If you're truly in misery, if you're truly depressed, There is fucking NOTHING out there for you, You can be happy but it's temporary because with depression, your base state is an absolute shit pit of misery.
God fucking damn it, Why doesn't any one help me for fuck sake help help help
I can't fucking think, I can't fucking sleep, All I can do is cry and cry and cry and cry and cry

God fucking damn it and I even binged on food and ate a little more than I should, Now I'm going to go to the bathroom and throw it up and nobody will ever know, I don't want to do this anymore god fucking damn it
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At least we know anon.

We all don't care and yet all we're looking for is someone who does care.
I'm here if you want to rant. Just to let off some steam. Doesn't have to be comprehensible, I won't judge you. I've got enough dirt on my plate to know I can't cast any first stone. I can sit here, and listen, and I can't promise I'll do anything and nothing will get better, but at least your story will be heard and someone will care.

oh anon, my sweet little anon... you still cry and have depression? then you dont even come close to the bottom... there will be a day you just dont feel anything anymore being an complete NPC.
I don't think people here know. I now know what severe depression is, I'm mildly bullimic and I'm addicted to finding a vice to escape for own mind
I've been abusing cough syrup/dxm lately and not sure if it's a comedown or what that is fucking my mind but it's been a few days since I used any way.
But I moved cross country with my family almost a year ago and last week for the first time since moving I went out socially. Was actually a tinder hookup with some stoner chick where we just hung out at a park and smoked weed

I haven't smoked all year because I'm NEET and have no money, I just stay in my room and steal alchohol from my parents or use dollar store cough meds.

I'm a virgin as well and I'd only been talking to this girl since the morning of the day we hooked up

But we just talked for an hour until I bluntly asked if she wanted to fuck around, I tried to bullshit my way into saying I wasn't a virgin and even though I was a little high, It was the first time I ever kissed a girl when not drunk (I am 19, almost fucked a girl while drunk on my 18th birthday but she thought I was a player and stopped me before I put dick in, few months later I was almost raped by the town slut while I was drunk at noon at a friends house but my dick was soft)

But basically I just hang out and finger/ kiss with this chick and she's pretty cool.
My dick went soft when it came time to fuck though because we honestly made out way too long

It was a great night though, we talked, kissed, I played with her entire body, made her orgasm, got to be rough with her a bit.kissed her goodbye but then she ghosted me

It sounds pathetic but it doesn't hurt because I miss her or anything, she was cool but she's just some cute hoe who was ready to fuck me after one day of texting. It hurts because I feel she ghosted me because of something I did and I don't know and it really hurts because I was so happy for a few hours after so long of loneliness and now I'm back in my hole

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christ chan.png
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>be me
>20 y/o neet, used to work for dad
>thought I was gay
>become christian (i'm like conservative but not really quite /pol/ tier)
>stop reading gay fanfics and watching gay porn
>fap less
>pray for guidance
>meet awesome christian /pol/ girl on discord who lives locally
>I get a crush on her
I've always been romantically interested in women, but I hadn't been sexually into them in years. Anyone else have similar a experience?
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There's nothing i regret more than having had a boyfriend, never again, i've always liked girls and the bf was just experimenting and i hated it, i even hate admitting i'm bi but i still fap to traps alongside fapping to women, i wish i never discovered traps, fucking internet
Maybe you're just bi and never explored the female side as much? It's kinda common with bi people when they don't have as much experience or they don't put as much effort into one sex, they can live practically straight or practically gay because they only bother to go after one gender.
What if you just think you're straight now?

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Today's the day boys!
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day of retribution.jpg
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some of you are ok dont go emoji movie today
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It never ceases to amaze me how are normie are. They run around getting fucking one another and partying until it literally erodes their brains to the point where they think that shit like this will be an interesting mob.
I bet any money that because normies are retards and are on the intellectual decline this film will be regarded a classic, on the same level as Shaw shank redemption. Which was itself a terrible mess of a movie liked only be the retarded normies whomst make up the majority of the population of this spinning blue rock of ours.
For the glory of kek what the fuck is inside those things?

Is there anything more soul killing then feeling like not having a purpose?
Or being so weak you can't put yourself there when things matter?
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I feel you man, I'm hurtin real bad right now, on the inside, tho k I'm just gonna join the infantry so if I die my family will benefits. No future no hope
>wife who always wants sex
>married with children
>tfw al bundy is still much more of a winner than you'll ever be
I know people say it's stupid but do you have any dreams? Even if unachivable. It really tells many thing about someone.

>minimal wage bottom of the barrel job
>own your own house
>own a car

The 90's were different.

>"We'll show the world how us white "people" are better than most of them by doing stupid retarded shit like killing and shitting on things we don't like! IT'S DA JOOS!!!, IT'S DA JOOS FAULT!!!"

Literally every "redpilled" /pol/niggers
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everyone who hasn't been jood thinks their race is best.
why have the jews been kicked outta every country they've ever been in tho
File: 1464303527948.png (44KB, 540x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a few white people a representative of all white people
>most black people aren't representative of any black people

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>be travelling around as a vagabond
>working on farms and inns that I get in contact with on the internet
>I do labor for 6-ish hours a day for food and a room
>hosts have experience with this so it's always systematic and works out well
>meet a guy who's not a host who needs help renovating the house he just bought
>asks me
>sure man I can help out
>days are loosely scheduled and he's stressing out over it
>tells me to "just do jobs that you find" even though I've never done carpentry before
>work goes on anyway
>after a while it becomes clear that it would be difficult to find me tasks worthy of 6 hours of work a day
>guy doesn't say anything about it
>we get the house fixed up enough so that I move in there
>we make a list of shit that needs doing, which is very short
>guy leaves for his job
>I go to take a bath because I'm fucking dirty from tearing down walls and mixing plaster
>guy comes back for something
>sees I'm in the bath and just says bye
>get out of bath
>check phone
>see this

So who's the cunt here? I've been doing work to the best of my knowledge, and it's pretty clear that he's kicking me out not because I took a fucking bath but because there's not enough work for me. He claims it's because of "stress" that comes from having me around, but I've been keeping to myself most of the time when we're not working.

I'm mostly angry that he claims this is because of me, and that he's calling me a fraud with the whole trust thing. I'm 110% certain it's because that the work is slowing down, and it pisses me off that he doesn't just admit to that.
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hes kind of a dick but whatever man just move along its his house and stuff. no point stressing over it more than you have to.
The stressing out part is that I have to find another place to stay.

I've booked an Airbnb in a big city nearby for a week starting Monday, but I'll have to find a new host within that timeframe which might be really difficult.
That's a very comfy lifestyle. Comparable with living in a polar research base.

What made you go for that?

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Reuben Sandwich.jpg
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>Be me
>Work at multiple minecraft camps over the summer
>Last camp I work at is more Tech than minecraft
>Mostly hang out with my friends who were at the camp
>Old fart who's a computer expert works at camp asks for a reuben sandwich
>Go to safeway next to camp
>Wait in line for 30-40 minutes
>Look at sandwich menu for the entire time, no reuben sandwich on there
>Ask for reuben sandwich
>woman says they don't make that
>Reuben sandwiches had sort of died off and weren't really popular so they didn't know what I was talking about
>Panicking because of little social skills and haven't really bot anything from stores at that age so I was scared
>Nice big women behind me helped me by describing the ingredients
>I thank the woman

I have never had a nicer experience ever in my life, there is still hope left in humanity.
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you sound painfully underage
>there is still hope left in humanity.
>he can't even order a sandwich without being a spastic
Yeah, not with people like you in it desu
are you autistic?


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Can't get a gf? Then become someone elses gf. It's what I did.

>Never had any luck with girls, some showed interest in school but I was always too submissive and shy to ask them out
>Always liked doing "women's things" like cooking, cleaning, sewing etc.
>Liked being told what to do than being a leader
>Decide to try dating a boy
>It's great, he gives me the love and affection I longed for and I don't get judged for being the submissive one in the relationship

You don't even have to be a cute femboi, there's guys out there who'd love to have someone to be with who isn't a vapid whore with absurd standards and no loyalty. It's like having a best friend you live with and do lewd things with.
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>cant get a gf
>too dominant to be a sub bf
End my suffering I hate being a faggot

You've picked the path of least resistance, satisfying your neuroses rather than overcoming them. I mean, that's fine. You seem to be at peace with yourself, but not everyone has to follow that path.
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>Can't get a gf?
>Then become someone elses gf

Yea no this makes no sense.

>want a girl
>act like one for some dude who's gonna rape my ass every night

fuck you faggot

File: ifI4445.png (732KB, 640x920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The "beta uprisings" where some lone faggot on a rampage will be NOTHING compared to the real beta uprising.

The real beta uprising will be when the men that women expect to become husbands and cucks turn out to be less attractive versions of the same fuckboys that pumped and dumped them.

It will be silent, and it will be glorious.
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Yeah I'm one of those guys. I don't even give attention to women anymore, I just like looking at tits and associated and I don't even want a girlfriend even though I'm a virgin.
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heil drumpf! orgnellijfes

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