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>be me
>Turned 19 today
>No job
>Bank account blocked (fraud)
>5k debt
>Kicked out of school
>IT degree, but no jobs in my field
>Haven't paid rent for 2 months
>Every fucking fast food restaurants are full of teens
>Supermarkets are also full of fucking teens

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>kicked out of school
>it degree

You're a terrible liar, anon.
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I completed highschool when I was 16 and it only took me 2 years to get this IT degree. Fucking cuck.
I was kicked out of school but still allowed to take exams
It happens fairly often

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>mfw I recovered my bitcoin wallet with 500btc I thought I lost in 2015.
>mfw I'll never have to work a day in my life.
>mfw I am going to leave the US and live in Japan
I want to help some of my fellow robots out before I go. Post your bitcoin wallet and I'll help you out but ONLY if you are a neet, a virgin, and older than 25.
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>neet and virgin but only 24

maybe next year
Make sure you cash out before you leave, you can't actually spend bitcoins.

Try exchanging them at the bank.
I guess I fit the script.

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john oliver wife.jpg
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How much rich you need to be to have a 10/10 wife even though you are ugly and dumb as hell?
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Are you from Russia?

File: 1471104677105.png (133KB, 631x568px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You think he's ugly and dumb?
Come on, it's current year
Look at how the bleach bled out from her foils along her hairline when she was getting highlights. She looks like she's balding. She should go to the salon and ask for her money back.

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can we all agree that everyone who makes a discord thread and posts on them should be permabanned?
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yes pls mods

I just want some friends to make this suffering durable, is there something wrong with that?

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Alright, the asexual shills got to me. How the fuck do I make myself asexual?
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If you're a man , get a short haircut.

sounds more like these people are so afraid of rejections they cuck their own brains into thinking that they are superior for not being interested in other people.
Start taking Anti-Depressants.

I haven't felt the urge to have sex or get a partner since I started taking Mirtrazapine.

It's fucking great

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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I guess you wouldn't mind if your girl wanted to love and fuck a chad when you're not around, right? It only goes both ways.
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OP here, I wouldn't care if turns me on thinking about my gf fucking other guys
It's just cycling through lovelies. Your gf gets mad because that's cheating.

The gf is the woman that lives in the heart

Listen to your heart and see you don't ever want to cheat from her.
Is what I meant

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1MB, 1334x750px
I can't do this anymore

Why do I have to live this cursed existence? I was born a robot and it looks like I'll die a fucking robot, I'm doing everything in my power to escape but nothing is working. I've only got one shot at life and this is what I am. I'm stuck being me, there's no escape. And I fucking despise being me

It's not fair, why do I have to live like this? I don't want this life, why did I get stuck with it?

I want off this ride
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Well fuck, the only reason im not killing myself is bc my well not really a friend told me not to. Find someone who will hopefully save you.
I'm there with you

I desperatley want to kill myself but it would destroy my mother so I just can't do it.
It irritates me that I can't just make her be okay with it, or ship a philosophical zombie version of myself to the house to keep her company, but if she ends up going through anything like what I feel because of it it isn't worth it

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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take any drug that brings you up. Speed, moda, racetams, caffeine, nicotine, etc.
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Play with your penis a few times a day
I have the same problem just go out and take a walk everyday especially when the sun is out it really helps add to that a minimized exposition to the internet (especially 4chan and social media and porn) wich reduces motivation in the long term because of instant gratification this helped me get me over this problem after about a month but since i am just a lazy fuck i gave up
Welcome to the wonderful world of clinical depression.

Be me
>sneak her in
>lock the door
>ask if she's ready
>she just smiles
>smile back
>get naked
>Dick is diamonds
>Go straight in
>we fuck for half an hour
>we lay there
>tell her it was fun
>she just keeps smiling
>start tearing up
>throw her off the bed
>realize you're so lonely you put your mom's wig on a fucking Amazon box and started fucking it
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Also pic related

Originalio famalam
My does ur mom wear the wig
It was an old wig I found when she had short hair she was "trying a new look".

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When does it hurt you the most?
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When it's right in the testicles
When it's right in the feels
When I wake up in the morning and think about how I'm alone again for another fucking day of my prime

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I went to a strip club a few nights ago and spilled my spaghetti

>Sitting somewhere visibly open
>Stripper comes to me and asks to sit on my lap
>Compliments me on my hair and being well dressed
>I can't make small talk, no idea what to say
>Few seconds of akward silence as she's sitting on my lap
>"So uh, as you can tell, I'm shy with women"
>Asks me why
>I shrug
>Tells me I shouldn't be and I'm too good looking
>Thank her
>Asks me if I want a lap dance
>Tell her I'm tapped out
>"Well, I gotta make some money, so... enjoy the rest of your night"

At least I only spent $10 to get in. Can't believe people spend hundreds of dollars at strip clubs, you can get an escort for that money.
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Maybe losing your virginity to an escort could be the cure for your virgin shyness.
>asks not to get her services
>gets angry when he didn't get much
Stupid thread.
That was actually pretty good, anon.
I mean yeah you didn't chad it, but its not like a full slick womanizer was going to get anything but a paid lapdance anyway.

Eid Mubarak fellow robots :)
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Sorry, I'm not a Hindu
Eid Mubarak to you too brobot :^)
This better be a bait

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Even if a girl is objectively less attractive without makeup, do you still prefer no makeup even with the roastie status it may grant her?
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Left is more cute. Girls are stupid. Who sane enough would put shit on face? Suck my dick op
Left is just a poor photo. Look at the difference between both sets of eyes and her black shirt. The one on the right is brighter.
one or both of the pics is shooped to appear less and/or more appealing.
putting on make up doesn't make your eyes more vibrant and the color of your shirt change.

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i have an idea why dont we all make fake tinder accounts with chad pics and get roasties to talk to us and then when we get matches we treat them like shit ! thats what im going to do today anons who's with me ?
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Your life sounds stellar virgo :^). Maybe spend that wasted energy on something productive
im just angry anon lets do it lets give those picky women what they deserve anon
get in here anons reeeeee lets give these roastie bitches the same sadness that we get all the time

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ITT: We all live in the same home.
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Just don't lag my internet connection with all your hentai and we'll be fine.
I shat in the sink.
Can anyone order a pizza? I'm too anxious about it.

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