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>over half way through 2017
>he isn't bisexual
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>not trisexual
>in the year of our lord

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>tfw have a chronic rhinitis
>tfw 170cm manlet
>tfw have a heavy hyperhidrosis
>tfw have a M hairline

Why is life so tough?
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So how did reducing time browsing on this board work out for you so far?
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He looks better before, anon
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>eyes were full of life
>now look soulless
Yeah fuck becoming a normie.
>have a job
>have my own flat
>live with my girlfriend
>going to college part time
>money to spend on what I want
>planning to get married in a couple of years
>browsed /r9k/ daily for years
You robots are sadly mistaken if you think leaving this site will fix you, you people are not mean to be like me and other normies stop trying to convince yourself otherwise and just accept your fate.

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Fuck you dad, I'm staying NEET.

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>ask oneitis to meet up with me
>*message read
>no response
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>he has read receipts on
Stop being so insecure and you might get laid some day
I didn't know you could turn them off.
Also I ain't a virgin.
What are you talking about you shut in retard? The person who receives the message can turn read receipts on or off for the person who sent the message, not the other way around.

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>be me
>be in second or third grade
>find one of my moms magazines laying around, the ones where the ladies are half naked and shit modeling bras and panties
>have a brilliant idea (or so I thought so at the time)
>think that maybe if I put this magazine under my pillow before I go to sleep, I'll dream of them
>secure the magazine under my pillow
>go to sleep
>didn't dream of them
>check under my pillow
>no magazine
>it's in the trash
>my brother put it in the trash

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>tfw huge dick
>girls will literally never see it because Fleshlights feel too good

Artificial wombs when? Fleshing while stoned feels too good to give up for someone who's essentially a gay retarded manlet. The only thing I need are kids.
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>The only thing I need are kids.

Why? Kids are little shits that cost lots of money.
Post pic please I want to jerk off thinking of it
How big is your dick OP? Apparently i'm top 1% on dick size statistically at 7 inches.
Source: https://calcsd.bitballoon.com/

I think that's bullshit tho, all these averages and statistics are just made to make men feel better about themselves.
Porn, dick rate threads, etc lead me to believe i'm pretty average.

>After enjoying the playboy lifestyle for more than 10 years and having had sex with more than 250 women, I recently got engaged to my girlfriend of over 2 years.

Friendly reminder that if you are a white male you can't be a robot.
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Tfw no brum gf to go to town with
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kevin cagle.png
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Gone but still not forgotten. RIP
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lmao what a whiny little bitch
i bet he would have killed himself if he had phimosis as well lol
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At least he went out with a clean dick!
Hey, at least his dick is huge.

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Why the fuck can I not stop masturbatimg to this girl
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Who is she? Maybe we can masturbate to her together ;)
Some hapa slut by the looks of it
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apparently she's columbian. https://www.xvideos.com/profiles/karlasolis18

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Why are you worrying about women when you could be focusing on your training?
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I'm going for a week of nofap...after I fap 4 more times.

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> I am yet to find a conservative girl
> yes i have left my moms basement
> am in multiple clubs at uni, clubs for my hobbies, go to random meetups, go out alot etc
> even the ugly ones are up themselves and are sluts
> maybe i need to get out of this shithole called australia

> if there any good girls reading this, i give you this song
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Get the best looking one you can get and slowly turn her into what you want her to be. if you make a good emotional connection then it's not hard, just takes time.
You have to join a church, dipshit.
why do you want a conservative girl? they are all salty whores

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Hey anons! Need some friends? Or maybe need someone to talk to in general? Come join /Light~Criminals/ and become part of the family ^_^ yqK3aPB

"we'd love you here"
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My mom says i can't hang out with criminals, even "light" ones
you're not a real robot if you're not a Light~Criminal, sorry.
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But I don't want friends.

I want a gf

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>shave my dick
>cut my dick with razor and it bleeds

how the fuck do i remove my dick hair so it looks fem without bleeding
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Get a brazilian wax no homo
Im sorry that you never had a father to show you the very simple technique of dick shaving OP
let me help you with that anon. i'll make sure your balls are nice and smooth too

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