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Why is the institution of marriage dying?
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>get married, get kids, get more expenses related to said kids, buy more stuff, buy a bigger car to haul your kids, pay their tuition, spend more money on our family related products and family holidays

Fuck off jewfucks, I'll drive my 26 year old shitbox without a nagging wife and I will like it.
Daily reminder that biological creatures cannot multiply in hazardous and hostile environment.
>the divorce rate is so high because people don't wait long enough to get married
>people are waiting to get married and thats equivalent to killing the institution of marriage
Really spikes my punch bowl

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Please make /r9k/ a blue board.
Thank you for your time.
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we should have been blue /b/ all along
Many people want this, but still we don't have it.

They don't care about us.
That's a nice set of double dubs. Maybe this will attract the mods to your post.

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player1 - Copy.png
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>wearing girls clothes at home
>acting very feminine, messing around with mirror
>notice black car parked outside my house
>bald guy staring straight through window me
wtf do I do? I
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I fucking love sarina valentina
mouth fuck off
Same dude. Just absolutely beautiful. I just wish I knew where to find more scenes.

Why is McDonald's so overpriced? Here a maxi best of menu is like 11.50 euros. At Burger King, you get a bit more for like 8.50 euros, the quality is better overall, and the sandwich actually looks like on the pictures.
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Burger king is absolute shitt though?
Well here in western yurop they're way better than mcdonald's desu
>not eating at 55 Burger or ScanBurger

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ooga booga okie doke!

if if if if if if if if if if if if if
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I was told to let you know the replies are on the way. Please be patient.
i uh if if if

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>just over ate AGAIN on the day I start my "diet"

Should I go puke it all up and start over again
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You can eat whatever you want as long as you burn it off excercising. Considering you post here though you should just stick to bulemia
puke it up, drink a glass of milk then go jogging
I can't walk more than a mile or two. I mean I can easily I used to do it all the time but that was with my friend. Me and him were obsessed with weight loss and would just walk for hours and hours but now I have no one. I walk down the tracks sometimes but it's not enough.

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>hate this fucking board
>no one relates or replys to me here
>also hate the shitty trap/mbti whatever threads
>try to leave it and go on other boards
>everyone on the other boards keep telling me to go back to /r9k/

C'mon, lads
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don't be a phone poster than jew boy
I'm relating and replying to you
hello fellow 4channer I am here to reply to you.

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ITT: Never have i ever. rules below:

1. you start off with 5 fingers
2. If you have done what the statement says, you lose a finger
3. anybody can say a 'never have i ever done x-y-z', but it only counts if they get dubs or higher.
4. each 'never have i ever done blah blah' only counts if poster gets dubs or higher
5. after each dubs (or higher) we say how many fingers we have left. in a reply to the post
6. there is no winner. only for personal gain/bantz/feels

I'll start:
>never have I ever punched somebody in the face
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never have I ever watched a Star Wars movie
never have i ever got an F in a class
never have i ever fuccd a fat bitch

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>be me
>wake up at 5 am
>quietly walk through the house
>on my way through I hallway I grab the Cheeto and soda caked doorknob and open it slightly
>the beast is still sleep.yes
>Close is slowly making sure I make no noise
>the lock clicks at the last second
>put ear to door
>hear a loud moan followed by a loud wet sounding fart
>hear the bed springs breaking and popping under the heavy mass above
>hear the wood creak and squeal under the intense weight
>I take my head away from the door, as soon as I door it opens it
>the smell of grease, cum, shit and piss surrounds me
>"mommy, do I have enough good boy points for tendies?"
>I look at the score board
"Yes, sweety you do." I say as I hold back my gags and tears
"ok, I'll be playing my games be quick slut" it says as it waddles back to it's long broken chair
>I walk to the kitchen
>I push past Mountain dew bottle alley to reach Dorito crust cove
>see a knife
>"time to end my suffering once and for all"
>I grab a empty plate and knife and walk towards the beast
>reach its room and knock
>a tight feeling in my stomach
>he mumbles "come in bitch"
>I push open the door all the way knocking over shit bottles and cum rag towers
>he doesn't look back
>walk past the mountain of discarded dishware and slip on a river of moist piss
>I get up and see the mummified corpse of mittens the cat under years of dirty XXL diapers
>I say "Here's your tendies baby" as I pull the knife from my belt
>he turns around and sees me holding the knife up
>I panic and stab him repeatedly over and over and over
>"my protective layer of fat protects me once again"
>stare awkwardly as he looks down at the scares from the last 58 attempts
>he gets up and pushes me back breaking my arm
>"Oh silly mommy, next time I'll break more then that" he let's out a gargantuan fart as all the air rushes out of the chair straight into my face
>I vomit and rush back to my room
>grab phone and call ambulance
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You are getting good at those . Genuinely entertaining.
>stabbing your own son
reeeee get off our board roastie whore
This is genuinely good OP

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GwenGwiz ASMR.png
1MB, 1920x1080px

>She's a lesbian

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>lesbian Reese
From that screenshot my best guess is that she's as much of a trashcan on the inside as on the outside so why do you care?
Damn... if she weren't a lesbian, she'd be yours for sure...
trash tier ASMR

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>robots are misognyst who hates women rights
>surprised when Stacey dates Tyrone who deals with civil rights issues and therefore have a common struggle

No wonder you bitches can't pull any women
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Where did this post stem from. What did you see or hear that got this anger started
Women don't have any "civil rights" issues. They have all the same rights and legal protections men do, if not more.
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He was saying they share common ground because as they push for equality and rights for women Tyrone pushes for equality and rights in black. Ie it's a white hate post in disguise.

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>tfw this dude in breaking bad is named chad
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fat cunt.png
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Being called "Chad" doesn't make you a Chad. This guy is also called Chad.
What do you mean? That chad in your picture is the chaddest of all chads.
>kids actually think they are not fucking each other in the ass

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>everyone needs to be treated equally because were all human :)))!!

>just not you, youre weird and ugly. Wait like 20 years so I can lie my way into your life and cheat on you and steal all your money and belongings. Thanks for your hard work!
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Conformity is one hell of a drug and unfortunately hard-wired
Theres no point in fightin against it anyway
A nigger could literally murder me on the street and use racism to justify it
I have to work hard while people with pretty faces dont do a thing

Our culture is just a game of eugenics and I lost the moment I was born
yeah, all those niggers getting away with their racism murders, seems like you've got it all figured out my man

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Do noodles make you fat? Its my main meal and i cant seem to lose anything even though i exercise.
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Yes its only carbs, carbs are bad if you eat more than you lose. Usually when you shit its carbs
Not sure if they make you fat but I know the glycemic index is rather high
Yeah refined carbs are easy to over consume. Also if your using the seasoning packets the salt might be making you retain water weight. You can make noodles healthy if you add vegetables, legumes, and tofu this will make them more filling and nutritionally dense. I'd also recommend using herbs and spices for flavoring instead of high salt

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I know r8 threads and the like belong on >>>/soc/, but I figured we could take some time to answer each others questions about appearance honestly (do these glasses work, how should I part my hair)

Self improvement is the first step to leaving this hell hole and getting a gf

pic unrelated
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I'd go first but don't want to be an attention seeking fggt
Shameless self bump, come on I want to help
Go to /fa/ if you want to talk about fashion.

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