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You can't be a robot if you don't listen to xxxtentacion.
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He is meme music like death grips and linkin park,faggot. Get better hip hop taste.
xxx makes music for angsty suburban white normies.
>listening to music
>not just listening to the silence of being alone daily
If anything the sound of nothing entertains me the most, I can think better this way and I implore most robots to sit in a room with no noise for a few hours at least.

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>tfw loser of losers
>outcast of outcasts
>reject of rejects
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Well, at least you excel at something. There's always that.
thanks for making me look at the bright side, brother.
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>frogposter of frogposters

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This should weed out those pesky Normie's. GO!
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she deleted me but she asked for my height I said
5'7 She then said "aw cute" then deleted me.
>good to see you too. i'll talk to you tomorrow. good night [smiley face emoji]

this is a girl that i fucked a few days ago, and will spend the night tomorrow
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>i fucked a girl
leave now please

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ITT: We brainstorm ideas for OC of this

>the virgin/chad smoke
>the virgin/drink drink
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virgin/chad drink*
>all that jpg compression
You back to whatever shitty aggregation site you came from
The virgin engineer,
The Chad Hephestos

>could be interesting

>You're not seeing the new Death Wish movie are you anon? You know how I feel about right wing propaganda
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>I'm not a conservative, I conserve-socialists
>Of course not, it was made by a kike.
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i find this face more interesting than your post

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I'm bored anons, wanna make a random shitty comic with me? Just tell me what should happen next and I'll pick a post. We'll keep going from there and continue the story. Nothing too lewd pls.
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Walk in the kitchen with a massive erection
Throw up a little bit
choke the mom

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bird poop girl.jpg
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I cropped a JAV boxart and smug pepe's hand, combined them together, then recolored every pixel in the hand one by one to create this meme. It took me over 9000 hours in paint. I title it "bird poop girl." I hope you like it. I love you.
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i was gonna save this from the other thread and use it eventually, but now that you felt the need to make a thread for this, i'm never going to.
i still love you, i'm just disappointed.

Tip recoloring memes

>use GIMP or Photoshop
>create new layer
>color on new layer
>merge layers
You're not an artist, you're an art-terrorist

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>tfw only motivation to get a job is to have enough money to buy a gun to shoot myself with
so far no luck
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Just jump off a bridge you fucking retard.
Buy a can of starter fluid, separate the diethyl ether from the rest of it by spraying it in a water bottle half filled with water, shake it for 5 minutes, let it settle upside down, drain the cloudy half, then pour the clear half on a rag and cover your face with it and go to sleep forever in the coziest, comfiest sleep you've ever slept.
Try being black.
That way you get shot for free.

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>Slowly but surely transitioning from skinnyfat to straight up fat

>Can't even hide belly under shirt anymore

>Appetite only gets worse as I get fatter, including carb cravings

I used to be skeletor why god why
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Just top eating? How hard can it be? Why are people so retarded? Just ignore hunger, you are in control of your body, it isn't in control of you

I can stop eating. Sometimes for days. But once I start again I inhale everything and anything because I'm pathetic and have no restraint.
Thank God it's this easy to suppress a biological instinct

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How did trap posting start?
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It's a fish head star wars joke that started on /b/.
How did brap posting start?
How did blacked posting start is the better question?

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So how exsactly can a Hikikomori like me work from home? There is no way in hell I'm going outside anytime soon so got any suggestions fellow robots?.
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become an original twitch partner or youtuber

How do I do that exsactly?.
sell your old sneakers to gay foot fetishists

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How do i find a cute asian/aesthetic gf?
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by being who you really are.
Learn Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, as well as East Asain philosophies such as Confucianism and Daoism. Study the blade and familiarize yourself with Karate, Kung Fu, and a third style of your choice. Understanding the moral lessons of Journey to the West and having an understanding of the basics of the History of East Asian Architecture and Art would also be beneficial. Be able to explain how the contact with the West and it's philosophies shaped new and influenced old philosophies from both cultures and how this culminated in Mao's cultural revolution, communism in the East, and the evolving power struggle of the Chinese Communist Party. Follow this guide, and your sure to Wu her.
be white 6'2 with decent face

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How do I introduce myself If I'm a 22 year old NEET?
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Hello my name is retard. Nice to meet you.
Just say you were working a dead end job.
Literally just say you were taking care of your grandparent(s) who recently passed away and now you're able to attend college, or what >>38862925 said.

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Perhaps the manager's wondering why he should hire you, before you've spoken with him and given him a firm handshake.
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You`re a big motivator
So dad, when was the last time YOU actually applied for a job? 1976 huh. and i am sure that absolutely nothing has changed with Corporate America since you last worked? Right Dad?

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Any fembot who is bad at keeping up with people/tends to ghost want to be friends?

I too do these things and want a friend that doesn't feel pressure to answer quickly/wouldn't feel bad if we accidentally ghost each other
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Meeeeee! What can I add You on? I'm tired and I'm about 2 go to sleep but I'll keep this thread open and download whatever app I need so we can talk tomorrow.
I'm currently talking to a girl like this. I don't believe she'll ghost me.

I have 4 questions first, what race are you, how old are you, do you do drugs, and what state do you live in, if you live in the states?
Add me on a throwaway discord for now?


anyone else feel free to as well if you resonate with my original post

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