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would you fuck these asians?? dubs gets a tiddy
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fucking giraffe neck
Yeah I would totally fuck his erotic fucking neck and shirt pocket. Good thread op.
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I'm not gay and you shouldn't be either if you browse this board, cancerous faggots. I'd fuck your mothers though.

Who else /stuffedanimals/ here? I've had two I've had for my entire life. I always feel comfy whenever they're around, like they're watching over me.
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I've had a stuffed monkey for about 7 years now and it make me comfy. What stuffies do you have anon?
A stuffed penguin, and white bear
Did you give them names? If so what are their names?

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Ever feel like the cards were stacked against you from the beginning?
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Nah I fucked it all up
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not really; could have been dealt an easier hand but boy, i had a pretty good one

haven't fucked it all to hell but sure have taken my sweet time getting anywhere

I was a robot from day 1. The signs were all there. Never stood a chance

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>tfw can't stop getting high

i only like myself when i'm high. i just feel so good, on top of the world..why stop? why bother staying sober when i can feel good? i'm not addicted, but i'm sure i will be soon physically. im already there mentally.

any other /drugbots/?
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same here, only weed tho
Hey if you can manage it without stealing from your friends and family then by all means do your trashy thing
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ooooooo that looks nice im jealous of your anon. i only have booze and weed and am currently shitfaced.

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Poll Options:
>Bee Movie
>District 9
>princess mononoke
>american psycho

Chat available and no gay sign up required either

come join and get cozy with us robots
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What is bump and how do I do it?
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download (1).gif
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we're watching district 9, come join

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>mfw I make a discord accnt and there is no discord threads .....males, females, singles, lonely bots all post em.
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Bumping this thread

thanks anon. you are alright. bumpity bump bump


You cannot be a robot if you are not a Net Cafe Refugee in japan.

This Video Shows what i mean.

(Pretty interesting desu, could you live like that r9k?)
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>only available in japan
It's not fair reeee
its not only available in japan, you can do that anywhere in any internet cafe.

i lived in one for about 4 years.
Yea but American net cafes dont have sleeping quarters, right?

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I'm at a golf course. I didn'tknow Id be playing 18 and thought i was going to range and im shooophingru eating a blueberry muffin but I'm starving

Now entertain me you dumb virgins =)))

Entertainme lads
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Are you alone?

post never done before
Fuck off pisshead.
Who the fuck eats a muffin with a fork?

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brapb brap
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The fart at 3:30 is really nice. I would sniff that.
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>tfw her asshole is a better actor than she is

really makes you think

>tfw no harem of shemales
Kill me NOW
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>>tfw no harem of shemales
>Kill me NOW

>ywn be gangbanged by ur harem of shemales
End this life pls
What the fuck is that thing in the middle

I've never seen a body so straight and square. How do their cocks barely attach to their bodies that's not normal

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I think the reason so many people are depressed today is because of the secularization and centralization of society. It's suffocating. There's no moral foundation, right and wrong don't exist, having strong opinions is wrong, the idea of anything beyond what you can see with your eyes is a joke. It all feels cold and heartless and empty. Go to school so you can go to more school so you can go to work so you can escape through video games and television so it doesn't feel as bad and you can pretend things that actually mean anything is happening in your life before you die. It feels hopeless.
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Read The Open Conspiracy, then read Human Society in Ethics and Politics.

The old ways aren't the answer, but yes the present way is definitely shit. Don't fall for the primitivism meme.
Yes. I am unhappy with emptiness and nihilism. But I see no escape.
welcome to a post modern society

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OK let me get this straight, is eating pussy considered normal?
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I would gladly eat that if it were my gf/wife.
that cunt looks like a exit would from a shotgun m8
the Romans considered it to be gayer than sucking dick

take that as you will

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>straight friend ironically calls me his bf
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next time you're alone with him cuddle up on him and touch his thigh
I think he means best friend you fucking faggot

I have 2 gay friends and neither of them are as much of a faggot as you. Fuck off
i do that sometimes.

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>sitting in library minding my own stuff
>oneitis walks up to me
>touches my hand
>i looked up
>she smiles
>she proceeds to exit library
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>"hey, this is a library, but I am acknowledging you"

She's trying to pull you into her orbit.
are you serious. Geez. now i know she was just toying with my feelings all this time. Are grills really this cruel? To watch a guy desperate for them knowing they dont have a chance with them in the first place?

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I am one of the very rare chads that lurk hear from time to time AMA
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can I slice ur throat and watch the life drain from your face
can you please fuck my boigina and make my boiclitty drip milk
post your dick PLEASE
why dose my pee pee burn?

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