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Here's a Discord community for you dumb fucks.

Invite: Gpb5R7

Perfect place to meet m2f trannies who throw themselves out of windows in potato sacks, f2m trannies who look like Danny DeVito & furries from /x/

Pic related: generosity killed the kike
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Where's Nor? Xhe was unbanned
we've been waiting for nor to come back, but she never did
>Not using Xhe

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>he is Aries

Is there a more beta sign?
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Because I'm Aries, I'm beta and I'm projecting.

Way to ruin my thread asshat
Aries is actually very alpha. Shit bait desu.
Caring about signs as a guy is beta

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>tfw I was the practice bf
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>tfw dump the practice bf
that fucking sucks

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>I was always the backup plan
>I was always the second choice

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Nobody can seem to give me some type of advice

>I'm turning 30 soon
>Make roughly six figures and govt takes a big chunk
>Moved half way across the country for my career
>Ended up becoming successful and finally finding happiness
>After a few years of having a lot of money you see that I'm still alone
>I have nothing but a career
>I'm a workaholic
>I work a lot, and have dedicated my life to a career
>I just want a gf, or a friend again
>But these days I find reasons for not making friends
>I have no idea what to do anymore
>The nightly /kino/ nights aren't helping either
>Just cant take my mind off of being alone anymore

In Japan people like me are called salary men. These are men who spend their whole life working for a company
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Are you in japan? if not you're already a lucky boy. try to focus on God. Make sure your ira is being packed so you can retire early and focus on living again.
Same, dude. We're too old to get into a new social circle, but not old enough to just give up and buy a woman yet. I'm just going to put away $50k a year until I figure out what I want in life. Surely I'll be used to not having a gf by then.
you could kill yourself. please do.

"Champ, I know how hard it must've been for you to step out of your comfort zone and apply to all those places, so let's celebrate with a couple of Big Macs and shakes -- my treat. And since we're here, you might as well check to see if they're hiring. Go up there and ask for the manager. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work there. That simple, Champ."
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dad pls stop feeding my fast food pls
I wish my father was like this.
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"Champ, you could either sit there and make excuses, or you can man up, eat the food on the tray, and give the manager a firm handshake."

Is there anything that was part of your childhood that you thoroughly enjoyed, if only on a superficial level, that you revisited as an adult and is now irreversibly different?

Pic related of course, I was part of the Scholastic club and had my parents order me some Calvin & Hobbes books and read them in the weekend papers when I could and just laughed at the silly situations like Calvin building snowmen around his dad's car or whatever. Looking back on it now and being able to actually understand all of the words I was amazed at how counter-cultural and borderline revolutionary the underlying message of Calvin & Hobbes is, especially compared to shit like Snoopy and Garfield and everything else in the cartoons section of newspapers.

Also, Mr. Bean. I thought he was hilarious as a kid, but watching it on youtube now I realise how much of a fucking asshole he was and also how just creepy it is that he's a grown man who is actually retarded or autistic and gets away with doing all sorts of mean shit to people.
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No, but I dropped out of the college Bill Waterson went to.
That's a fun fact.

Is there like his stuff all over the walls or a building named after him or something?
i had a LOT of calvin and hobbes books when i was a kid.

but i had anxiety and developed pika and a paper eating habit so they all look like they've been eaten by moths

>Tfw I dumped my 6/10 practice girlfriend a year ago today
>Honestly thought I would do better and get a hotter girlfriend soon after
>I was still just as invisible to hot girls as I was before I was in a relationship
>Haven't gotten another gf yet
>Only had sex this year because I visited hookers
>Sometimes I get hard as hell at the thought of fucking my ex-gf again, and furiously jack off to that thought, even though I wasn't all that attracted to her

When will women finally like me, r9k?
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>pic related is you
I'm practically a psychic
That's what you get for having a practice girlfriend you sick fuck.
nice b8 m8, thats a youtuber who is a lying bitch

How to I make myself hallucinate a qt3.14 gf that I can feel?
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Drugs probably.
I dunno.
Sounds like some normalfag shit.
There was a post here earlier about someone imaging an imaginary girlfriend for five~ years and then being bale to kind of see and feel her. So just do that.
Go look up tulpa guides. It involves meditating for a long time though.

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Please fucking insult me, the harder the better
I do not deserve your empathy so don't even post "anon what's le wrong :((((((((((" Just tell me that I'm not worth anything please
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To be honest you probably aren't worth anything.
This thread is the absolute worst way to go about getting insults by the way, so you're pretty bad at this too.
>This thread is the absolute worst way to go about getting insults by the way, so you're pretty bad at this too.
Please tell me how people can insult me
This is not even sexual btw
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You'll never have a girlfriend.
You'll never touch a girl's pussy.
You'll never cuddle with a girl.
You'll never kiss a girl's lips.
You'll never sleep together with a girl.
You'll never watch anime with a girl.

Kill yourself, you worthless garbage. You're ugly as fuck. No girl will ever have feelings for you, you fat fuck.

We all have our bad days, and sometimes living can hurt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting a genuine smile on my face everyday.
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Likewise OP. Youre part of the reason why I bother to wake up in the morning, and feel excited when its almost time to get off work. But i also hate you because i know that things would probably be better off without you, but the process of getting there is harder than how it is now, and i'm a coward.
>bad day at work
>bad day at life
>go on /r9k/
>despite all the shit posting, feel at ease

This place is comfortable and reassuring, like depression. It gives me a high when I'm low.

>dating INFJ girl
>she is a huge bitch without a nurturing, loving, or caring bone in her body

Why do INFJs pretend to be good people...
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Why are you using made up fantasy words to describe a real person?
It can't be a made up fantasy word if it's around 100 years old, anon...
Jeez, are you sure she's INFJ? That sucks dude, they're supposed to be the exact opposite of that. Either way, if you're not enjoying the relationship it's not worth it, unless you haven't already lost your virginity and need to.

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When did you outgrow cringy liberal atheism?
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About 16. So 10 years ago.
So you believe in a sky fairy now?

Cool. I should do that too. I need to believe in bullshit so I don't get associeated with "them".
He outgrew the liberal thing, I think.

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How did you became an introvert?
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Probably as an overeaction to negative reinforcement from peers and adults to just b-ing myself and that behavior just stuck with me.

I completely forgot about this until he told me, but I used to go on 2 hour long car trips daily with my dad as a little kid and I guess I used to talk his head off about video games and shit and one day he basically outright told me he didn't care about the stuff I was talking about and according to him from that point on I basically never tried to talk much with him again and he felt bad about it.
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Realized I like doing things by myself more than with others. I also partially blame POARN
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Realized how Narccistic everyone around me really was, how they were only out to better their own lives and didn't really care what I/anybody else really said.

Stopped putting the effort in to even talk to people and here I am at 25 with no friends gf/bf.

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I like rick and morty even though I know it's stupid. It's still more entertaining than most bullshit on TV right now.
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yeah, last episode didn't live up to the hype but still a good show imo
>I eat this shit because it's slightly better than this other shit

You're free to like whatever you want but you're still a massive faggot and a retard.
>b-but normies likes it so I have to hate it!

One of the dumber parts of robot ideology. Reflexive opposition to anything popular doesn't make you an individual, it just makes you another kind of conformist.

Rick & Morty is okay. They go too light on the emotional suffering and try too hard to wrap things up in a morally palatable way to appeal to everyone (e.g: 'Rick's secretly a good guy deep down! The family actually loves each other despite flaws!')

I personally like F is for Family more, to get my dysfunctional family television fix.

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FACT: 2010 - 2013 was the best time to be on 4chan.
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No, as someone who has been here since 2004, basically for the whole ride, 2006-2008 was the best time by far. There was still some people having genuine fun instead of every single post either being a child poster or ""ironic"""


2004 - 2006 = salad days
2007 - 2009 = the golden age
2010 - 2012 = fall from grace
2013 - present = worst period of internet culture, internet is actually dying, its become so intermixed with reality that it's becoming more difficult to discern where the internet ends and real life begins. you go back to earlier times and there was a definitive separation between "offline" and "online" and this resulted in the funniest shit happening when people treated the internet like a separate world and not like a mediocre and boring extension of real life.
I can't say that was the best, but I can guarantee this is the worst.

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