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What's a nice place to stare at women? I was at trader joes today and it was pretty good
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where is this cute dawrf photo from? was thinking about snow white earlier actually
The blog I got it from says they're trolls and the artist's name is Artus Scheiner. It's important that you answer my question though
I was mumbling about whores and normalfags in the store. I don't think anyone heard me

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What kind of Stand would /r9k/ have?
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Probably the sun one, where it even effects the user. Simply being around the r9k user is a hindrance and a blight.
Cheap trick, it seems really fitting
Makes the user virtually invisible to everyone,however the user can still be smelt but other than that is undetectable.You cannot turn it off.

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Is pussy hair making a comeback?
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who cares about vaginas that's so 2016

femboys are in
I just want another humans touch don't care if they have a hairy vagina or a penis.
No. Hairy minge is for the lowest of all people.

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ITT: We post philosophical quotes we just came up with on the fly. Here I go:
>Nobody's perfect, but one who admits their flaws and is determined to build a secure foundation on one's loose ground, is that much closer to being perfect.
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>there are good threads and there are bad threads, and there are threads where OP tries to sound deep and fails miserably
>op is shallow idiot
>Fucking a trap is only gay if you touch dicks

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What is the most robot album?
What is your favorite album, Robot?
I like Pinkerton a lot.
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Get that normiecore shit out of here.
Dystopia , Human = Garbage

First track invented reecore

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beard before after.jpg
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Why haven't you taken the beard pill yet?
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I'm a functional adult who is not ashamed of his face
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From beta to Chad, just from a beard.
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>Why haven't you taken the beard pill yet?
I cannot grow a beard

Who else here /attractive women make me suicidal/?
Pic and link related
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No one else is like this?
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>tfw all alone in this feeling even on r9k
Don't worry anon, it also makes me completely suicidal

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Would I make a good trap /r9k/?
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Uh can't tell there's a black square covering your face...
I know people irl who browse this board so im kinda paranoid
why make a shitty thread

go get fucked on grindr and use condoms, jesus

>loser joins my discord
>ask who he is
>starts to beat around the bush
>banned him
talk about some of the autism you've dealt with r9k
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>talk about some of the autism you've dealt with r9k
These threads.
i agree, originally of course
i second this you guys need to be gassed

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>tfw skinnyfat
how do you guys hide your man tits? I use oversized shirts.
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> skinnyfat
> has man tits

That is called 'fat' you greasy rancid swine
I'm skinnyfat but I also have real gyno, so my tits look horrible. I use big shirts
/wear 2 shirts to make it less noticeable. I also wear a sweatshirt whenever I can, if the weather doesn't get too warm. I need to save up for gyno surgery but I don't have a job
I started working out and have become a mixture of built-fat and chubby-fat. Makes my gyno look less severe.

I wear normal clothes because I realised that people can see your chest shape regardless of what you wear, so you might as well look unashamed about it.

Confident + tits > Self-esteem issues + tits

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I grew up speaking with a Lowland Southern accent to friends in the South and extended family, but mostly a Western accent at home. My parents are from the PNW (mom from WA and dad from rural NorCal) so I have a pretty bland accent but the Southern is like a flip of a switch (When tired, drunk, or angry I drawl and become a weird intermediate in between but leaning towards southern). Does anyone else have similar experiences. I'm 20 and have lived in the PNW for 11 years and I still have like Pin/Pen merger and a slight drawl at times.
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I had to juggle western (California-Utah), Brooklyn and Southern (mostly Georgia) accents at home. I don't even know what my "true" accent is anymore. It's some kind of urban southern hybrid accent. I was around my Brooklyn grandfather when I was a young baby learning to talk, and think I picked some of that. My school was full of transplants that had midwestern, southern and other American accents. My mom still speaks with a western accent in spite of living in the south for over 40 years.
i lived around ghetto niggers so whenever i get angry its hard not to talk in OOGA BOOGA EBONICS i fucking hate it so bad
Tfw you have a south jersey/Philadelphian accent

>start flirting with frequent customer of restaurant I work at
>she's not "hot" in sense most think of, but I find her incredibly qt
>also clearly intelligent and likes a lot of the same pretentious stuff that I do, i.e., she's exactly my type
>body language and the way she talks screams that she's interested in me
>I'm a big pussy so it took me several weeks to work up nerve but finally ask her out
>she accepts but later that day tells me she's in an open relationship
>I say whatever, let's just hang out and see where it goes
>first hour or so of date I'm spilling enough spaghetti to feed an army of Italian betacucks
>get some alcohol in me and finally settle down, actually hit it off really well for the rest of the night
>go back to my place and end up making out, but she says she's not ready to go further
>continue to see her once or twice a week at work, still flirty and whatnot
>a couple weeks later I ask her if she wanted to go out again, she responds "Maybe we could do a group thing?"
>I immediately interpret this as a deflection and a loss of interest, give half-hearted concurrence, conversation ends with no plans made
>a few more weeks pass, still see her at work every week and chat like usual, but don't ask her out again since I assume she's not interested.
>occasionally text with her, in which she vaguely seems to be dropping hints, e.g. "It was nice to see you twice in one day" and some other remarks like that I can't remember
>A few days ago, before she left she looked at me and said, "and you know...don't be a stranger."
>Drunk at bar last night, thinking of her, decide to ask her out again, so I send her a shoot her a message
>24 hours later, no response whatsoever

This girl's just playing with me, isn't she?
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>open relationship
hahah yea no no family
I know...It was dumb to get emotionally invested in her as soon as she said that.
But on the bright side, I strongly suspect her "partner" is female, so...threesome potential?
You should have definitely asked more about that.

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>tfw no clingy gf to cuddle and kiss all night long
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I cry every time
This is now a feel thread
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OP don't be a faggot and post some
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Feel thread, very oregano

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tfw you believe in liberal Utopia but hate fat mexicans
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shut up..i love my mexican girls
They're all fat pigs who don't contribute to society
Kys get off my board normie fag reddit poster

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>Dear Sara, I hope you're having a good morning. Sucks that Mrs. Connor sprung that surprise quiz on us last week, huh? Can you read my score to me today whenever we get our tests back? I'm kind of terrified about what mine is going to say.

>I know you don't usually enjoy receiving these kinds of confessions. I'm always nervous, too, whenever a guy asks you out. I always relax whenever you turn them down, but jeez, things sure do feel scary until that happens.

>I'll stop beating around the bush now. You're kind of an airhead, so you might not get the point unless I spell it out: I like you, Sara...

>I didn't mean to keep this a secret from you. I wasn't sure about my feelings until just recently. I moved to Spring Hill when the two of us were just ten years old. I know that you're important to me, but important to me in what way? Are you important to me as a sister? Do I love you as a best friend? Or do I care for you as something more?

>I thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it some more. I thought about the afternoon we first met at Spring Hill Elementary. You saw me sitting by myself during recess, thought I was was some lonely kid with no friends, and came down to sit next to me so you could be my 'first friend.' Jeff and Gary had actually just gone to get the basketball from Mr. Woodrow's class so that we could shoot some hoops, but you dreamed up some kind of tragic story and set out to save me. Hehe, that's so like you.

>I thought about the night we went camping together, and looked at the stars. The whole gang was there that night, but I felt the most at peace when I was just with you.

>It's okay if you say no. You're a wonderful friend, and I'm lucky to have you as one. But, if you're okay with being more, I'll do my best to make you the happiest girl in Spring Hill.
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This is the most cringe thing I've seen all month. Kill yourself you pathetic beta fuck.
Just slap her in the gabber and tell you that you likes her and you wants her and this is going to happen the easy way or the hard way
If you want her to cringe like a motherfucker and possibly accept your feelings, give her the letter.
If you want a good chance at being with her, just tell her you love her as more than a friend, but you don't want it to change your relationship if she doesn't feel the same.

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