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Go to bed, you pathetic NEET cuckolds!
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It's only 6:51 PM in the part of the world that actually matters.
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Jokes on you I'm a wagecuck that has to get up at 6 am tomorrow! haha ha...ha...

Stop posting on 4chan then, go to bed and stay there for the next 5 hours unless you want to become a NEET!

My benis go granit when looking at this picture. Warum?
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twilight is not a nigger
take this shit back to ur containment board
Delicious brow =/= Black
Get some fucking taste you... double nigger.

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Are you naturally an edgy asshole or are you just proud and want to avoid being seen as weak?
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No, neither of those things.
What do you mean? I only act like an edgy asshole on the internet, in real life, you can tell I'm a pussy by my body posture and insecurity.
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also this


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a "failed normie" is a Chad who just chooses to not have sex, get friends, better his life. Most of you faggots are mocking the real robots. Only way to know if you're a true robot is for you to get rejected by 100 girls. Most of you faggots are just choosing to not have sex/good social life. Being a robot means you are innately a loser and you cry everyday about tfwnogf.

It is sad that so many fags on this board call someone a failed normie just because they tried to get a friend and failed. Go fuck yourself faggot
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Chad can't choose to not have sex. Roastie will literally ram their pussies into Chads dick.
>implying I have the courage to talk to 100 girls

The thought of rejection is terrifying.
robots don't care about gfs, stop confusing robots with >tfwnogf posters
don't mistake this for saying that robots can have girlfriends, they definitely can't

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Prepare for operation ganges..... /r9k/
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Always thought the Microsoft Customer Service flag was fucking dumb
what is operation ganges?

>inb4 newfag
wew lad that was close like

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God damn i hate psychiatrists and psychologists and any other branch of shrinks. Do they ever solve anything? They seem to just sit there and tell you what you want to hear for an hour a week without fixing shit. Any robots that can give me insight on this?
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I just started seeing one Saturday, I'm not expecting anything immediate but once I get a bit better at opening up and more comfortable with him it'll be nice to have that sort of transparency with someone without the consequences of potentially ruining a relationship with someone o care about
psychologists are not like medical doctors or policemen, they don't actually care about your well being because it's not part of their job to fix you.their job is simply to talk to you so they can publish their theories to the scientific academia for attention whoring.
I kid u not I went on a retreat (mankind project) with my psychiatrist and they were peer pressuring people to get naked in the shower in front of each other. this was an activity

Hey /r9k/ I was wondering If you knew the way how to calculate the area of the blue part?
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1. Become a NEET
2. Realize that nothing else matters
3. Kill yourself
It's okay dude i don't know how to do it either
Do your own fucking homework faggot.

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>want to go be homeless in Fort Collins, Colorado
>masturbate in sleep
>know I will get caught and charged as sex offender
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>wanting to freeze to death
I'll wear a comfy sweater, don't worry.
Fort Collins sucks. Go to Columbine, it calls our names.

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images (22).jpg
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Whats a food I can live off for the rest of my life
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eat all you want
Calorie Mate recovers all your stamina, so that or instant noodles.
thats kinda gross...

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People are just memeing on /pol/, right?
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That was probably the case for a few weeks but then genuine white supremacists etc took advantage of it as a means to appropriate *chan culture for their own retarded gains
Bronies started out as joke threads too.

Never underestimate the power of autism.
Maybe a few years ago when the vast majority racism on 4chan was still genuinely ironic

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and do roasties really fan their vajayjays?
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If its really hot yes desu
imagine the smell

inb4 some faggot finds it hot

Past week or so I have become increasingly content with being a virgin- upon realizing how gross women are
I agree that women can be gross as fuck but at the same time they're also really hot and pussy feels amazing without a condom. Women are shit though. I honestly envy asexual people that have no desire to be with anyone romantically...it's not worth the headaches or the heartbreak.

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Why do normies browse /r9k/?
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There are a couple theories that sound plausible to me.

They play tourist. None of the films, television shows, literature or interactions they're used to are as hard hitting for them as what's posted here. They enjoy the shock factor, they like to see misery from a safe distance.

They think themselves to be one of us on some level or another. Everyone, no matter how normie has troubles and experiences the ups and downs of life. They might think that most of what's on here is exaggeration and that everyone is actually "suffering" in the same ways as them. Or, perhaps being exposed to a more intense level of loneliness and frustration dulls the edge of their own.

Whichever the case, they're here and will only go away when it's less appealing to them.
i just want to be included
It's really, really funny to find a message board where betas actually revel in being beta.

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Hey kiddo it's been a while since I saw you looking for a job! How about I drive you around town with some copies of your resume and you can get some 1on1 with the managers at the store. Remember champ Big smile and firm handshake.
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You're not my father

good steady eye contact and a confident tone of voice, too
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*sees you dropping your son off at the entrance, application in hand*

What do robots think about the military? I'm sick of having no direction or structure in my life and its looking like a more attractive opportunity every day. I would be able to apply as an officer, which pays pretty good in my country, so I could even make a career out of it.
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In marine infantry. It's the best and worst decision I ever made
If you have to ask yourself if you should do it, you shouldn't do it.

If you have to ask strangers on a Formosan basketweaving forum if you should do it, you really shouldn't do it.

t. milfag
In what ways? Has it changed you as a person?

white boi: eeee my stomach hurts
white mom: go chug a tylenol

asian child: mommy, my tummy hurts..
asian mom: oh no! come here, my love. lay down on my lap *proceeds to rub his tummy and sing him a lullaby song to heal the pain*

Why are white families so degenerate and lacking in love + values?
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Memes aside, it's uncanny how little affection there is between family members and other close relationships in the west compared to other countries, no wonder we're all fucked up.
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korean child: mom i failed suneng and now i cant get into uni, because all unis here require perfect test score nothing else
parent: leave this country
Parents love their child no matter what.

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