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Just imagine sucking her small feimine cock as she is moaning from the pleasure, then fucking her rough
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I wish i was her tbqh
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Lets not forget that guys also suck dick better
what is the source of this clip famalam?

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it's getting darker earlier
winter is coming
comfiest time of the year
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another year flew by

and you're still in the same place
it's barely late August, lad
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i'm too excited for it

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what are you doing on this day? anything interesting?
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I'm dying of boredom at the office then walk home (it's a 70 minutes walk) and then i'll start drinking until I'll pass out.
As every M2F day
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Waiting for tommorow, so I can end this boring vacation and return home.

Does anyone have tips on how to make the day end quicker?
>Reading lewd shit on sad panda
>No jerking off
Would really love it if we had a erotic literature board too

>first gf when I was 16 and still in highschool
>relationship lasts just 3 months, never even got to 3rd base
>nothing for 7 years, resign myself to eventual wizardhood
>have close irl friend, only real friend in the world, 3 weeks ago he sets me up on a date with somebody from his workplace
>almost puss out last minute but decide to go anyway because #lmaonothingtolose
>we immediately hit it off and boy this girl is amazing
>share the same awkward, morbid humor, similar hobbies, she loves reading, outdoors activities just like me, voice like an angel and unbelievably cute
>like, really cute, a couple of inches shorter than me, with bangs and round glasses, kind of reminds me of that chick from Amelie
>been seeing her 3 weeks now, been on 4 dates and have chilled at her apartment watching Rick and Morty together
>chatting to friend about her online, thanking him for arranging the date in the first place
>"np man, though to be honest I thought the age difference might turn you off at first so I'm surprised"
>"well I mean she's like 27 or something isn't she?"
>go to her Facebook, her birthday is on September 3rd, she's 28 in a little over a week

I actually don't know what to do brobots. You faggots always talked about how women hit the wall at age 22-23, definitely by 25. She's almost 28 and she legit looks like she could be 20-21, I thought she was fucking younger than me. How is this fucking possible?
I really like this girl, fuck even calling her a girl feels disingenuous now. I don't know how to feel about dating an older woman. I'm the kind of guy that eventually wants children and don't babies turn out all fucked up and retarded if the mom is past 30? Being in a relationship again is incredible, especially an adult one, but that's one hell of an age gap and honestly I feel slightly emasculated because of it.

Wat do.
Also you dicks lied to me about the wall.
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just go for it. i've always dated older. girl im currently seeing is 8 years older than me
If you have something good with her just go for it. You don't want to throw away an opportunity like this

And with the baby thing it's more past 40 that there's problems. Having kids in your 30s is fine afaik
How does that even work? That means that when you were 10 she was 18 y/o, and was already in her prime.
Fuck I don't even understand this anymore. My world has been shaken by this revelation.

I hate admitting it man but I do feel emasculated because of it, like the child of the relationship. This shit is supposed to be the other way round. I'm usually a strong believer in traditional relationship roles. Is it really okay to be the significantly younger one in a partnership when you're the male?

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did they call you back after the job interview?
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I was... not needed.
Yes.... I was needed....
The position was filled

i maked brekfast and lunch for my mommy and she frew them both in teh trash :(
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If your English is as bad as your cooking, I would as well.
if they aren't cooked properly how do you expect mommy to eat them. anyway mommy's food tastes better and you like her food don't you? be a good boy and smile for mommy! :)
No, I was just trying to accommodate Apu's character.
But seriously, my mom is not a nice person.

Would you be depraved enough to have a vampire gf but allow her to suck your blood in return every day?
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id actually like that
like id like anything that would break the rut im stuck in
God I hate your generation
My blood isn't good enough, she'd get sick.

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Are you a girl?
yes and everyone who is interested just wants sex
I'm completely uninteresting, a brainlet, ugly, short, and basically worthless.

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I absolutely cant into math, Ive been staring at these questions for a solid 15minutes now, lost and confused! any smart Robot in Math analysis can answer this question? Its my 2nd time taking Math Analysis and I still dont understand shit.
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Here's the 2nd one
m8 if you can't even pass this shit you're fucked.
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sent ;)
[email protected]

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Has anyone here gotten an associates degree or went to two years of college.
I just started community college and would be interested in hearing how other people made it through
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I'm thinking about doing what you are doing. Currently in 1st semester of uni trying to get a BA in IT, but I'm starting to think I should have went to my local community college and instead got a associate of applied science in IT instead.
If you don't want to get a four year degree after that A.A. you might as well just start working now. An Associate's isn't worth shit.

False, although mostly true

Some Associates of Applied Science pay as well or better than bachelor's.

I have a 2 year Network Administration degree and make 70k/yr as well, you guessed it - a network administrator

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look at him, i can feel his pain, i'm sure he killed himself
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>wearing sandals
>wearing sandals with socks

Hopefully he really did it
Is that guy in the background you, OP?
Normal shoes > shit > sandals with socks >>>>>>>>>>>> sandals without socks

Thank you for the coffee anon, you're so kind to me! But listen, why don't you ever have a girlfriend? I mean, ok, it's good to stay alone sometimes but ALWAYS? I mean everyone thinks you're gay! But you're not, are you?
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Please bitch, you know yourself I just can't function about my coffee. I'm impossible I know but LOL I am who I am
>I just can't function about my coffee
He told you he couldn't function.

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Ill start off.
>be me
>15, white, nerdy, no friends apart from online
>clinical major depression since 12 or 13
>shit at everything that is not academic
>socially awkward
>plays guitar really badly
>lowkey suicidal kek
>listens to shit music (midwest emo, math rock) that only makes me feel worse
>doesn't sleep
>permanently feels emptiness, usually desperately dysphoric
>group of guys in my year seem alright
>'hey, maybe i might have friends'
>start hanging around the edges of these guys
>starts being socially semi-confident
>still inept though
>starts being recognised
>never been happier, feelsgoodman.jpg
>feels genuinely not alienated and perhaps even appreciated
>can't believe it
>still inept and rly annoying
>starts feeling maybe life means something, maybe its worth it
>'i can get through this, i can live life'
>feels happy for first time in years, it was great
>there is hope
>start sleeping, stop wishing i was dead
>listens to less sad music
>starts being self
>then i fuck up
>starts being too fucking annoying
>'anon, we like you and all, but please go away'
>only gets more desparate
>there's this one guy who doesn't actually give a shit
>im blackpilled, he's the only redpilled one at the school
>both of us have a mutual dislike of pretty much everything
>both ironic shitposters
>he's top of social pecking order, i'm not even on it
>if i'm going to save anything social from this downward spiral, im gonna be friends with him
>'anon, go away, ur annoying'
>try harder
>makes me more desperate
>makes me more annoying
>makes them not like me more
>vicious cycle
>i don't want to let go of that fleeting happiness i felt
>cut out from most of them, apart from occasional exchanges we don't rlt talk
>so it doesn't get any worse
>hang on to a few friends who either didnt rly mind me that much, or are /thatguyaforementioned/
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>hang on to a few friends who either didnt rly mind me that much, or are /thatguyaforementioned/
>starts getting irritated at everyone except that group
>tries hard to be a better person for these guys
>none of them rely want me as a friend
>manages to piss everyone else off at some point
>starts being either more desperate and/or socially awkward and withdrawn, interchangeably
>/thatguyaforementioned/ finds me rly annoying, but will often put up with it
>hey ok.jpg
>we talk a bit
>start texting while doing homework about random shit
>what we r sick of, random shit like that
>hey we might be friends.jpg?
>'nah, anon, can't force a friendship'
>punch in guts
>text to ask if we can talk at school tomorrow
>school is normal, don't rly talk to anyone
>friends still want me to piss off but they are too nice to say it to my face
>im usually the only one of my friends left out of anything outside of school
>feelsbadman.jpg, maybe i should just piss off
>don't want to be loner from before so persevere
>they think i don't know about them doing shit, and whenever i ask whether i can come along they will always ask each other, cos they are all too nice to say it to my face
>eventually one of them says 'no, anon'
>falls into a pattern most weeks of being rejected to do shit with 'friends', and texting /thatguy/if we can talk tomorrow
>sick of all of that
>nothing i can do that won't make my situation worse
>keep going with weekly routine, hoping that one weekend they will accept me?
>some of friends start band
>get rejected multiple times when asking to join even though they don't have a rhythm guitarist
>starts being really annoying
>life is rapidly becoming like it was before
>haha great
>is now permanently pissed off at everything, and miserable
>while all my friends are having fun with each other on friday/saturday/sunday im crying in bed wishing i was /oneofthem/
>but im not
>still texting /thatguy/, but start annoying him so bad he sometimes doesnt reply
>starts making him secretly hate me
>thats how shitty a human i am
>we will often make up cos he's a good guy
>fast-forward a month
>most of my friends are now trying to get in with girls, i know that Im going to get fucked over so don't even bother joining them
>/thatguy/ doesn't either
>oh yeah forgot to say i'm straight kek
>anyway, manage to become more of an outcast
>many of my friends are now like acquaintances now
>now permanently miserable
>And pissed off
This isn't your personal blog, faggot.

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Post stuff from your early days using the internet
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The futa jew took hold of me early on and there was no turning back.

File: CucAEmdW8AAlP3J.jpg (20KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who else feels absolutely nothing?

I don't feel depressed, happy, listless, bored or anything else. I'm just sat on my computer all day because that's my life, it's what I've always gravitated towards. I'll probably be like this for the rest of my life.

What about you?
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Welcome to adulthood faggot
It sucks.

At least when you're a kid you can enjoy things and get excited.
Same. Been Jobless for fucking 6 years and on SSDI for about 2. Last 7 months though I haven't been doing a fucking. 0 motivation to better myself and this is getting old.

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