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Why aren't you using linux r9k?

It's better than windows and mac in literally every single way
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>implying every single computer i have isn't a windows/linux dual boot
I like being able to play GOOD video games at high FPS.
Thousands of good games are available on linux, And hardware on linux is often more efficient than on windows

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>Biologically hardwired to desire a gf more than almost anything
>The female gender is almost universally composed of repulsive, vapid, promiscuous narcissists
Why is God so cruel?
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Because you're also hardwired to breed. Not to care. Society has depowered the urges that would see you rape
>mfw gay
>only reason i want children is so i can give them the childhood i never had
dont know if my reasoning for having children is better or worse than yours
I get what you mean OP.

However, when those Faceapp threads started getting big I ran a couple pictures of myself through the girl filter and it turned out I actually make a really hot girl, so I kept taking more selfies and turning them into hot girl pics. Then I posted them on 4chan and people kept saying how hot they were. I kept posting it and it made me realize that if I were a hot girl I'd do the same exact thing they do: seek attention, take pictures of my self, and try to look pretty and compare myself to other women (or men pretending to be women through a Jewish app). Maybe it's society and the amount of attention we give attractive women solely for being attractive women that makes them the way they are. If you were in their position, you'd probably act the same way.

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Have you ever questioned yourself or imagined yourself whats it like to be the other gender?

Would you enjoy it or consider it to be an unique kidna hell with all the diffrinces you get in life like how you will be seen, treatend and what is expected of you in society.

>inb4 ill whore myself out
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>the other gender
>implying it's a binary

This is why cis people should be quiet
Being a girl would be fucking awesome. I would probably be in a relationship without really having to do anything but endure sex and not be a cunt. My faults would be endearing instead of repulsive.
Is this baito dakada?

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Comfy shows?

Recently watched Over the garden wall.
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not a show but found it to be quite comfy
You mean gay ass bland reddit shows?
post a few comfy shows then faggot

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schizophrenic bots welcome
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I am my own universe and it fucking sucks
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How do you stay sane?
It feels like my mind is slowly tearing itself apart and i just want it to stop. I can't take it anymore.
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Anyone else here have a fancy for psychologically troubled females? I've always been abstracted by the thought of being there for someone who really needs me, besides raising their dying spirits by dint of ironically cutesy dates and cuddling.

Is something wrong with me? Is this just some sort of abstract, benevolent sadism?
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Everyone has their issues, even Stacies.
No, you just want someone to be emotionally dependent on you so that you can care for them, and so feel like you are in a real relationship.
You need other's to suffer to elevate yourself emotionally
That could very well be it, but kicking them back into shape and making something of them's part of the equation all the same. I'm already in good shape, emotionally. I don't need elevation. It's just the notion of caring and looking out for someone has always had my fixation.

Maybe you're onto something, though, and maybe I'll just never see it.

>tfw you will never have a cute hikki neet girlfriend
3DPD roasties stay out.
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>"what do you mean he has only pictures of cartoon girls in computer peter?"
>"I think we should try to get him to talk about his problems..."
>old roastie
You had one job and you fucked it up OP
Could you at least find a different image for these threads rather than using the same exact one every time?

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what's your autistic obsession?

I produce music for like 8 hours a day

I have 674 projects of which I have finished about 10

each one of those projects contains anywhere from 3-10 song ideas
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Ableton master race reporting.
Wut type music U do?
I do same shit in FL.

Maybe like 40 of them sound good out of 400
Most are unfinished

If I make even a single error while cleaning parts I get tard rage and abandon the kit. If the paint comes out imperfect I stop working. If I mess up a decal or waterslide or panel line same things. I've finished 15 kits out of 80+ started

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I'm new here, but I'm going to play music you'll all cry to. I love you all. Please listen.


All comfy, sad/pretty songs.
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Something tells me I'm into somethin' gooood
I'm an ex /mu/tant circa 2011, but my taste has become some else.

>i'm new here
leave while you can


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God hasn't given up on you so why should you? From the bottom of his heart he is truly hoping that you succeed. He will always love you anon, so please don't give up.
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Lucifer hasn't given up on you. In fact, he's the reason you have wisdom to begin with. Right and wrong? That was the Morning Star! Reasoning and understand? Our bringer of light!
You are an investment, eventually you'll pay off, if you keep up the good work.
Join me. Praise be!
which god exactly are you talking of - because i can tell you for a fact that you're not talking about the Christian God

the Sovereign Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth does not 'hope' that people succeed; because as Sovereign he ordains everything that comes to pass
God doesn't exist and if he does he's never once responded to my prayers, and if he did, I wasted the gift and now there's fucking nothing for me.

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>tfw no qt Bulma gf
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You don't want a woman like that, trust me
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Fuck off faggot, Bulma has always been MY WAIFU!!
>implying bulma isnt best girl within the entire scope of all anime to have ever existed

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what do? i cant tell
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Just don't walk that way
the virgin walk is a meme
>slept with ~19 uggos and fatties
>still have the virgin walk
what do?

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Does anyone else find it weird how so many women are unapologetically talking shit about nice guys now?

I understand that most of them say they mean "men who call themselves nice when they really aren't nice", but they're not even using quotation marks when calling them nice guys anymore. It makes me worried that either they'll condition themselves to think niceness (real or fake) = unattractive or that they already think that and the "men who call themselves nice when they really aren't nice" definition is bullshit.
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The line between "guys who call themselves nice but aren't nice" and "guys who call themselves nice but aren't Chad" is pretty much academic to roasties. Either way they have nothing but contempt for them.

Quit associating with Stacies.
it almost feels like non-stacy women don't exist desu
Get yourself a woman intelligent enough to see through the reddit bullshit


what do?
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Sorry kind gentleman but i'm going to have to decline your offer to participate in the smoking of "Cookie".
smoke weed dude

marijuana is great social lubricant
>smoke dis cookie
What did the negro mean by this?

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That's how good dick is. We don't want to be white knighted, we need someone who can dick us down.
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Well I am too autistic to whiteknight and my pengus is only slightly under 8 inches so where is my complimentary gf?
You probably don't have the charisma or X factor to make a pussy wet.

aka not chad so don't pretend its about the dick lying roastie

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