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How healthy are you on a scale 1-10?
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while i may not be obese im still a fat lazy fuck
Way more healthy than I should be. I'm overweight, but I have zero health problems and go to the doctor like once every two years
Been a 10 all my life but now I have a tumor and it already started spreading to the reste of my body. Thus I'd say 2 for now.

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Convince me why I shouldn't go my own way. I have literally never seen a solid argument against MGTOW. I'll rebut some of the common arguments right off the bat:
>Lel you're a bitter manbaby/virgin
I'm not, and even if I were it's not relevant to the merits of MGTOW
>Not all women are like that, you just haven't found the right girl
Unicorn-hunting is a waste of a man's prime. He should be pursuing his own interests instead of women.
>Man up. You have a duty to society/women to settle down and start a nice family.
That duty evaporated when women stopped being women. Marriage is a two-way street and women no longer bring anything to the table besides sex. Don't blame men for backing out of a raw deal.
>By avoiding long-term commitments to women, MGTOW enable the problems of hookup culture
You're confusing cause and effect. Feminism and the sexual revolution need to be rejected to end hookup culture. Such monumental social evolution will not happen in our lifetime, so it's better to go our own way.
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> Go my own way

Lets be honest for a second, you got sent your own way,
I agree op.
But id probably will just put a bullet in my head instead of moving to the woods or whatever
Nope. Looks like you didn't read the OP. In any case that's a semantic argument that doesn't touch on the merits of MGTOW as an ideology.

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>80/20 meme

Do you retards actually believe this?
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We don't "believe" this because that's the truth.
>We don't "believe" this because that's the truth.
[citation needed]
The only people who believe this are the virgins who think women are most attracted to the same traits men are attracted to

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>tell my mom about how much I hate being circumsised.
>bought her the book "unspeakable mutilatons" last week
>she hung herself 3 days ago.

I fucked up.
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>tfw you guilt your mom to the point of suicide
may her soul rest in peace, were you condescending ? how old was she ? is your father dead ? do you have siblings who have yet to come of age ?
That's sad that you care about your 1 inch peen that much to post about it on this shit board let alone talk to your mother about it

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Dammit I just want a fap partner so we can fap together but dammit there's nobody I can fap with I just wanna fap together because I can't get off without letting somebody know I'm fapping to them so they can join in fapping to the thought of me fapping to them
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Drop your discord well fap together in VC
I wanna fap with you OP

do you live alone or something?
Op I'd do it with you but I'm literally just about to go to bed, it's a shame because I didn't have a fap partner all day either :<

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How much did you eat today, fatbots?
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I had 3 mcchicken sandwiches from mcdonalds for lunch, and 2 roast beef sandwiches from arbys for supper. Just snacked on 2 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch
it sucks, I ttried to portion my food today, and i ended up eating whole pizza tonight.

they say, that you need to be skinny to be happy, whereas you could "die" at any MOMENT, so I dont trust, and this is why i eat
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>2 sliced potatoes with sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon bits, and salsa
>10 slices of bacon
>6 eggs, scrambled with an entire chorizo sausage link
>2 flour tortillas
>1/3 gallon of whole milk

>1 Hot N Ready pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars
>Meal Deal "D" from Taco Bell (medium drink, bag of chips, and a beefy 5-layer burrito)

>15 chicken nuggets
>10 mozzarella sticks
>half a pint of rocky road ice cream

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I feel so worthless right now; I'm a fucking waste of space. I've yet to do anything my adult life except sit in my room and bathe in self loathing. What's the fucking point?
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i feel the same way man. The only difference is that now i'm paying for my room with the job i work 40 hours a week.
Theres no point until you give it a point. Thats your duty,not anyone elses. This is your fault and you know it.
>giving your own life meaning meme
I haven't genuinely enjoyed anything since I was a preteen I'm not going to randomly start now

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who /declare war on normalfags/ here my fellow robots ?
>key cars parked outside grocery store while nighttime grocery shopping
>key cars left by parks near me at night
>key cars near apartments at night
>leave chewed gum in public seats
>piss on toilet paper in public bathrooms
>use counterfeit money ordered from dark net to buy from small businesses, garage sales and door to door sellers
>shoplift often
>slip chewed gum through cracked car windows and onto seats
>lie to local churches about needing food monthly and get free stuff
>leave out poisoned meat for neighbors' pets
>steal mail and packages from neighbors
>order delivery pizza to random addresses from google maps at least twice a day
>catch name from wagecukc at subway and call in requesting manager to file a false complaint
>always fat shame from fake facebook account while pretending to be chad
>honk at 2 am down random neighborhoods while speeding
>keep an eye on chad facebooks to report normie parties
>always file false claims on ebay to get refunds
>always talk down on retail wagecukcs
>always spit on unattended food at fast food joints and starbucks coffee
>give counterfeit 20s to homeless people and beggars to see them get arrested
this is for giving a smart ass reply every time you get told to leave /r9k/. "deal with it neet xDD were here to stay!"
fuck off. you have no reason to stay here. if you think you can feel good, think again. i am here to make your wageslave, roastie-filled life worse. i urge all other robots to join me. start off by pissing on public toilet paper and keying cars during nightwalks. make those normalfags think twice before giving "witty" replies. Thats what you get, stupid.
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>be me
>work dead end wage slave job
>have to clean up when some faggot pisses all over the toilet paper
>have to deliver said pizzas then get yelled at cuz its a prank
>have to inspect almost every bill to look for counterfeits

Your probably a normie asswipe and need to leave immediately
Ugh, I wish I had the balls to do shit like this, but I'm a paranoid wreck who becomes agitated for just jaywalking or moving too loudly late at night for fear of angering my downstairs neighbors. The worst I ever do is go into CVS and purposely smoosh the hostess fruit pies so that they look fine on the outside, but when a normie busy it, they will find it smooshed.
basically this.

Normies always win.

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90s tomboy.jpg
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I know this board is obsessed with MtF Traps, but have you guys ever considered FtM trannies to be a superior option? If she's not very determined to become a male it's basically just a name change, pronoun change, and tomboy personality alongside the female body and cute, fake, gruff voice
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Vaginabois are disgusting.
This was an original post
all trannies are fucking disgusting

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Mammy 002.png
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>born too late to own slave
This is fucking bullshit. Being able to buy somebody to do housework indefinitely for the cost of a small appliance would be really convenient.
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You probably wouldn't have a slave in that time, in fact I'm not even sure if you would have a house in that time
If you are non white you may be born just in time.

The days of white people running shit is coming to an end.This time you cave beast will be picking up the cotton
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>ywn become a mans legal property

>wealthy country
>rich history
>bomb ass food
>good music
>thriving cinema scene
>STEM master race
>best looking women
>alpha as fuck men
>not ruined by feminism
>no blacks

feels good being indian
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Sure thing, Mr. I-bathe-in-my-neighbor's-shit...
Pajeet when you're done constructing oppressive caste systems poo in the loo
You kick my dog.

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Would you ever consider just trying a bit of chocolate?
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at this point ya
Lolnot in a million years.


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Too much or just right?
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Just right. Maybe needs a little more actually.
just right
>tfw no belly gf
i'm in no fap here lad

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>tfw no kanin picking, tinikling dancing, baboy wrestling, tiyanak finding, manok chasing, aswang hunting, kabayo riding, carabao herding, duwende stomping, lechon roasting, lumpia cooking, pancit making, sinigang eating, forest loving, /r9k/ posting, qtp2t filipina gf
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oh hey, he's back
well, somebody has to carry the torch
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>tfw no vietgook gf to go shooting with

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For years women have been victimized and oppressed. We're stared at in public, objectified having our bodies put up on billboards with hopeless standards of beauty being subconsciously forced upon us. From the articles we read, down to the clothes we wear, we've been trussed up like pigs to the slaughter.

And HERE, on 4chan, on R9K of all places. A place where victims of systematic oppression come to vent their frustrations anonymously. We are still bullied and made to feel like shit. I've had Anons admit that if they were female, they would be sluts. But those very same Anons will shame us for having had sex. They call us "roasties" and "normalfags" and saying that women can't be robots.

What do you call a woman who chooses to live outside of the social norms? Who chooses to seclude herself from the general public due to anxiety? Does that seem NORMAL to you? If she chooses not to bathe or shave or eat a diet consisting of more than a mint and a half glass of water. Don't even get me started on the treatment of fat women here.

You want us to feel sorry for you because society hurt you, and yet when you're here you hurt others. By shaming them and calling them names, harassing anyone who happens to be female.
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This isn't for you. You women are coddled everywhere else. No one is pretending like this board is for everyone. We have no desire for roasties to come invade.
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On the off chance this isn't bait, hot women (and men) live life on baby tier easy mode, and average women live life on easy mode. If you're an ugly woman you're basically playing on par with the average man, and if you're an ugly man there's little hope for you.
Nobody wants you to feel sorry for anyone. This board is a place for guys who don't have much success with women. It's not a place for women. You're welcome to leave, in fact I highly encourage it.

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