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Why is it that anime posters are such enormous fucking faggots?
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is this an attempt at irony
What are you implying? Are you acuseing me of something?
>no peri
it's shit pls die

They do not actually dry your hands.
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They dry your hands but you have to rub them together, you dumbass.


push the button, wash hands. push it again and then dry them.

the first push will warm the thing up, the second one will get you beaten up by the normies in the bathroom.

by the time they are done taking turns on your boypussy hands will be dry.

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The girl that i love cut all ties with me today. Where do i go from here.
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Get redpilled.
Just look for a "women hate thread", they appear about once a day
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go anywhere but here you normalfag scum
it hurts anon, i know
try to lurk though other anons aren't nice about this stuff

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I have a question for all speech impediment anons. Why can't some of you say a certain word or sound? Confuses me why you can't
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I can't pronounce L if it comes in the middle of a word or after a consonant. Went to speech therapy as a kid, didn't help. It's tough to describe why, imagine that everyone in the world can throw a 100mph fastball except like 1% of the population, and no matter how much you practice it just doesn't feel right and never quite gets there. It's something like that.
I never had trouble with the word 'nuclear' until people started making fun of bush all the time. Now I can't remember which is the right way to say it and mess it up all the time
Just remember how its spelled.
and not

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Why is there so much hate for jews on 4chan? white people are unimaginably worse

You guys are the most violent race on the planet, you've probably killed more people and caused more suffering and destruction than every other race combined.

if the Jews really are trying to wipe you out of the gene pool and it isn't just the rumblings of retarded neets then they are doing a service to every other race on the planet and I support them 100%, the sooner you're gone the better.

your race is not as invaluable as you think you it is.
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>you guys are the most violent race on the planet

So white when it's convenient and not white when that is more convenient. Is this helping you understand?
>You guys are the most violent race on the planet
Want me to bring up any statistics, or are you drinking the self-loathing shit that certain left-leaning circles feed you?
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Nice try schlomo

No one is falling for your kikery

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What did she mean by this? Am I fucked?
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she is fucking with you , don't even bother she will never meet up
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What a riveting conversation, thanks for posting.
nigger, father's day is in June

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So /r9k/ what type have you been rocking lately?
>tfw type 1
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Who's autism is so severe they made this chart?
Just answer the main question
Type 6, sometimes type 5, 7 or 1. I hate my bowel.

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TFW even America's sweetheart loves to get BLACKED
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>Trying this hard to de-fame Tay-Tay's repuTaysion

Fucking neck urself, mate.

Then again, it may be hypocritical of me to talk about reputation
tfw you love to bleach thicc blacc girls
my source?

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vegetable anger.gif
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>father is a surgeon
>his father is a physician
>his father's father was a physician
>mother's father was a physician
>I'm struggling to not drop out of university a second time while trying to get a meme degree
who /complete and utter disgrace to the bloodline/ here?
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yeah i don't get it man

it's not the lack of effort for me it's fining what i wanna do. I don't put any effort towards anything because I don't know what i wanna do. I just spent like a bunch of years making music and even though i've been doing it for so long i realize I just suck and have 0 talent for it and all i did in this time was make it more and more bland to the point where it just feels pointless and emotionless to do

i can cross freelance career AND college off the list now so i guess it's just neetbux and sleep for me. i'll NEVER find what im good at and every passing year it gets more too late and pointless
At this point it's causing me some severe cognitive dissonance, because I believe genetics are almost everything yet both of my parents are exceptionally successful and I will never be worth anything. I have already tried to kill myself a few times but I can't do it because I'm not even good enough to do that
>tfw bloodline doesn't have much to be proud of
>tfw autodidact who is considered inferior in academics
>tfw wright brothers didn't college

Well anon at least ya tried...

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>apply for tons of jobs, including one at a security company, thinking I'll never get it
>actually get one and have to show up now
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That's the part where you'll start self sabotaging yourself and not get the job. I've been through it.
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Working night security can't be that bad... r-right...?
I've heard it's pretty chill if you don't get killed by criminals

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I'm calling a welding supply store to see if they have pure helium/nitrogen/argan gas to use to make an exit bag.

If anyone knows anything about welding, what can I say if they ask what I need the gas for?
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>exit bag underway
>mom walks in
>"omg anon what the fuck are you doing", in tears, rips bag off me
>"you just don't get it, mom"
>my voice is high pitched because of the helium
>she starts spasming, choking between crying because her son was minutes away from death and because his voice sounds like a fucking clown
>starts laughing and apologizing so much she has to back out the room and leave
As if I thought home life couldn't have been worse
Just buy an argan tank for personal stainless steel welding with a gmaw
Gotta go back waging now
This is a copy-paste.

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>be me 5 minutes ago
>doing shit in my college dorm room
>someone runs through the halls knocking on every door yelling "YO BROS THERE'S A PARTY AT MY ROOM AND EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR CAN COME OVER!"
>everyone comes out of their rooms smiling and laughing, following this guy down the hall to the party
>roasties and qt3.14s come up to the floor and start having fun with everyone
>i could try to go out
>i could try to have fun
>i could try to talk with others and work on my social skills
>i could try to have fun with bros and hoes
>i decide to instead take out a bottle of snapple and go on the internet instead
>i start shitposting on r9k to try and forget my crippiling lonliness and repulsive life
>i forgot i'm too weak to open a bottle of iced tea, which just brings back memories of jokes my family used to bring up about me about how i would be the only person to die with a plastic bottle of water because I couldn't open it
life is pretty alright, I guess. But it really isn't my cup of tea
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accidentally fucked up the joke, it was along the lines of "you would be the only person to die in the middle of the desert of dehydration with a full bottle of water because you wouldn't be able to open the plastic cap"
I wish I could be given social opportunities like that
Yeah I would love someone running down the halls inviting people over. My dorm is just blacks and anime geeks that are too normie for me to hang with

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what did you think of the shooting, how was everyones response in school to it the next day
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Everyone at my school became more wary of me desu
I was a freshman in high school. They called random students, popular and weird, in to ask us if we knew of any "troubled" students. After that there was a lot less bullying for about a year, then things got back to normal.

The next year on 4/20 someone called in a bomb threat so I got to go home and play vidya, that was nice.
I was in grade school and it freaked me out. I remember using the slow internet to find as much info about it as I could.

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Does lifting weights really get you dates?
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it's the biggest meme
Even if it did, those who lift solely for women never make it through
It can help but autism and bad genes cancel out a physically attractive body

Stacy here. I'm stringing along two autists that have no idea I don't give a shit about them. They buy me whatever I want (clothes, food, etc.) whenever I want. I've gotten manipulation down to an art and I cannot be stopped. Feelsgoodman.
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You are an evil person. I honestly hope you get hit by a garbage truck
Fucking awesome. If I had tits I'd have the world at my feet. They're basically a cheat code.

If you really want to blow their minds start asking them for advice on how to sexually please other men.
How nice do you have to be to them for them to stay interested?

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