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I miss the internet the most in my opinion when it was inhabited by robots and nerds during that time period. When did it go so wrong?
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Some more for you guys. I also used to browse Something Awful, AniPike, Rotten.com and Crazy shit before I discovered 4chan. I wonder where they are now?
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>Haven't spoken to your online friends in over a decade
>All those days of staring out the window during school daydreaming about coming home and playing video games and surfing online are gone
>All those days of exploring the unknown territory of the Internet, being amazed by all the different things you find, are gone
>The spark is gone
>Even trying to rekindle the spark by watching old shows/playing old games doesn't work
>Trying to recreate the experience of the old Internet with things like Archive.org just feels like visiting a cemetery
>You will never wake up with the same bright, naive desire that you used to

>hoping the random milf on Yahoo Messenger webcam would show tits so you could bust a billion nuts worth

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>mfw some attractive 20 year old girl kills herself because of "depression"

fuck this shit pisses me off

women have no idea what true suffering is and yet they feel suicide is an option. Go fuck yourself. I've been in hell my entire life, it's almost insulting when attractive young women (or attractive people in general) commit suicide. Like go fuck yourselves man, you don't know shit about "suffering".
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>true depression is not having women begging for your pee pee

that's you
there is no way you are being serious here.
there is no way you are being serious there

God Save The Bloody Queen Britfeel Confirmed Pro-Monarchy Edition
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How old is your mummy and what does she do?
about 350 lad
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Kanye (33).jpg
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>Who killing them in the UK?
>Everybody going to say "You, K!"
>Reluctantly, because most of this press don't fuck with me
>Estelle once said to me, "Cool down, down
>Don't act a fool now, now."
>I always act a fool oww, oww
>Ain't nothing new now, now
>He crazy, I know what you thinking
>Ribena, I know what you're drinking

cheeky repost for the new thread

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>tfw blind in one eye
>the other eye has 20/50 eyesight with glasses
>can't get a driver's license
>can't join the military
>not even the Foreign Legion
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gary you used to drive

stop fucking lying why you always lying
Robotic eyes are becoming pretty decent. Current models show distinct silhouettes, which is more than blind.

Gouge that useless piece of flesh out and start cyborging yourself.
Get an eyepatch.
Get a monocle, a cylinder and a tailored suit.

You're a legit gentle-pirate now.

Praise the sun for you're not blind of deaf, one is better than none.

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Is 10k enough money to travel around the world? I'm about to be fired from my job and don't know what to do. I figure I'd say fuck it and just travel the world. Being a wage slave sucked and it didn't even make me happy at all and I was just stressed all the time.
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I'm not an expert on frugal travel, but I'd guess if you're really careful, you can travel to a few places for a few months on that money and have enough left over for a plane ticket back.

But my question is what you're going to do about your regular expenses. Will you give up your home, cellphone, healthcare, etc.

Also, are you going to be laid off or actually real-deal fired? If it's a layoff, apply for unemployment.
10k won't last that long if you want to travel the world
I'd pick a location or two and live cheaply so you can stay longer. For example if you go to Thailand it's expensive to get there but in some areas you can eat and have a place to stay for under 20 bucks a day

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Shot himself in the head in the desert. He was on some mtv reality show and was friends with roastie scum Jennifer Lawrence. WTF would a Chad kill himself? He has everything. And why don't we kill ourselves when we have nothing?
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mental health issues don't discriminate
> And why don't we kill ourselves when we have nothing?

I live for the happenings
> And why don't we kill ourselves when we have nothing?
I live off spite. When Chads like this kill themselves I can't help but be an edgy fedoralord and laugh that my circumstances are worse, yet I survive to the next day.
Chad is so sheltered.

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>lel blacks can't be robots amirite? lmao xdxD
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We're getting goyed again
Who's the big tiddy anime girl in bottom left?
>post black porn all day all night on all boards

>robe or tunic
>staff or wand
>hat or hood
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Robe, Staff, Hood
Like the true druid.

old school wizard best wizard
Gotta admit. Robe staff hood

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fly (3).jpg
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how are you robots coping?
any comfy discords?
anyone want to be my friend? lmao.
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https://iscor.gg/TBENaeN add the missing ds
I'll be your friend if you like to play games from different genres. I mostly play grand strategy and action games myself.

Post your steam profile and I'll add you if you want.
Fucking anti spam system.


This one is pretty comfy. It's tiny though so whatever

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How do I go to a bar for the first time? Keep in mind that I have no friends to go with and look like a kid. I'm mostly afraid of people looking at me like this.
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>Keep in mind that I have no friends to go with and look like a kid
Then you don't. What do you even plan to do there? No one's gonna wanna meet a loner at a bar.
People will only look at you like that if you emit virgimones
I just want to experience the atmosphere. I just turned 21 and I want to experience some things.
I probably do. I don't think I'm hideous but my height and boyface makes me so insecure.

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>its the year 2069
>after WW3 every continent suffered
>every standing country is fighting with the massive waves of immigrants
>due to the sudden influx of people every robot gets a female because they need one of the males living in the country to stay
>the robot and his new female cant even talk with each other due to the language barrier
>they have sex and everything and she even get pregnent and they have a child
>the robot has now everything he could every wish for but somehow still feels cant fill the void inside

screencap this
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This sounds great. I dont think i can wish for a better future than this.
>get to fight in a big war
>get a gf
Now, this is based on the assumption that my gf is of the sentient races which is implicit from the fact the war was between the migrants and the civilized world.
>implying i wouldnt learn her language.
>convert to muslim
>get a mediocre but existing waifu
>no more burning of coal and no more of their shit music
>women are modest and nice
Lads I think we made a mistake
>Get to mow down shitskins
>Gets a qt gf that is forced to love me and bear my child
Launch the fucking Tsar bomb already

Old pic of me high as hell in car
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Asuh, dude

I see you've got your lips primed for dick-smooching.
I would gladly pound your boipossum

Hey um so I never had a haircut at a barber before and I'm wondering what I should ask for
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A new bike and an Action Man.
3 on sides and scissors top
So it looks something like this, best haircut imo.

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What would you do if your boyfriend punched you for being irrational?
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I'd tell the police, get him charged and sue.
Bad thread. You're not supposed hit girls
Laugh at him for throwing such a weak cuckold punch and question his manhood.

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so my nofap anons, how do you control yourself from being a horny freak?
Is it only in the first week or so?
I went a couple days and tried getting with every girl i talked to and probably just ended up looking really weird
Why is it that after i fap i feel like i dont want any girls or want anything sexual, yet a lil bit later im back to wanting to bust a nut?
inb4 science nerds say its bc i just busted a nut like i get that but how do i stop being a demon of sexuality?
I just want to be celibate and pure like my role models but im stuck like this...
how do i stop?
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>bust a nut

There is just no way to refer to masturbation and orgasm without sounding ridiculous, is there
Nofap since Oct. 1 of 2016.

>anxiety gone
>depression gone
>4chan use cut to half hour a day
>have a tan now

It changed my life bros.
Cold showers and exercise helps. But you gotta admit you're happier and feel more motivated when not fapping.

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