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Dating Rules
>If you want to get laid

$40.00 Spending Limits
Don't spend more than $40 on a date. More money spent during a date will not necessarily lead to a better chance of sex.

3 Dates Rule
This one can be the hardest to follow, but abide by it. If you're not laid by the third date? Get out.

No Means No
Regardless of the situation, when a woman says NO, stop whatever you are doing or about to do and get out.
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>3 dates

I'm out after the 1st if I don't get sum fuk
>Dating to get laid
Tip top fucking kek lads
Dis nigga know what up. OP, you're a complete retard if you think sex is worth going on three whole dates.

Also, no very rarely means no. Unless you're completely autistic, you shouldn't have too much trouble differentiating the various kinds of "no"s.

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I see a lot of women wearing these things. What EXACTLY are they trying to accomplish?
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+1 aesthetics
+2 charisma
+50% chance for sex
It means 'choke me daddy I'm a slut'
idk tqhb man its a fashion trend probly

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Fembots, describe your ideal boyfriend!

>his age
>his height
>his weight
>his race/nationality
>his personality
>his interests
>how would be a perfect day with him?


>talk a bit about yourself

Go! Maybe he is here and you did not realize yet!
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Lurking in hopes one will say her ideal bf is fat and lacks confidence
why hasn't this /soc/ shit been banned yet? whats the point of these threads
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>*boom* *boom*
>*deafening roar fills the air*
>*wagies running for their lives scrambling underneath manhole covers*
>*buildings tremble*
>*windows shatter and car alarms spring to life across city*
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cnn pepe.jpg
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you're not funny you autistic retard
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This classic never gets old.
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Daily reminder that wageslaves have never been able to answer this fundamental question

>went to bed at 2 AM
>woke up at 4 PM
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>went to bed at 7 AM
>woke up at 2 PM
in college i slept from like 4AM to 10AM. it was pretty nice. i partied a lot, if you couldn't tell.
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>went to bed at 1 AM
>woke up at 3 AM
I want to stop having nightmares

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images (12).jpg
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You're not a true robot unless you cut your own hair.
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You cut your hair?
Just go wizard mode, there is literally zero reason to cut your hair, or shave. Just let it grow.
Who are you trying to impress.
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Gonna go do it now. Thanks for reminding me.

>be me
>37 y old male
>wife is kinda ugly but its best i could do
>have 11 y old kid
>lets call him fuckweed
>fuckweed is too damn edgy and autistic
>work as a fisherman
>doesnt pay off that great
>have huge debt to the bank
>wife is cheating on me with my neighbour and fuckweed wants new, most expensive fidget spinner

So dear brothers and sisters, how did i manage to get this deep in the shit????
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Fuckweed did nothing wrong. Kids are needy and dependent.

Stories like yours make me never wanna get married.
>how did i manage to get this deep in the shit????
You got married you reddit cuck. Go complain about it there.
is fuckweed the fisherman? maybe thats why he is edgy and autistic?

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Why do normies pretend to care about this series so much?
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I get the "i'm a nerd lol" vibe, when they talk about this shit.
Lol are you fucking mad white boy? Sorry you're too much of a brainlet to understand complex drama.
Because they're told that they should like it. I can't believe that you browse this board and still can't figure this out by yourself.
>70% of all deaths are from getting stabbed in the back
>somehow the characters always end up getting saved just as they're about to die (probably not a single main character on the show that this hasn't happened to)
>complex drama
hahah faggot

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I have so much love to spread, but nobody wants it.
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is this a columbine quote
"I wanted happiness!! I never got it."
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It WILL be soon enough

Femanons, did you ever fail the butthole inspection at school?
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only once when i forgot it at home
now this is shitposting
oregano postism
dat bussy looks very happy desu

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>Not ugly
>But not a degenerate either
>Roastie bitches wont stop trying to hop on my dick
>Average robo-waifus too scared to interact with me
>Avoidant/shy to love
>Could walk up to any woman, and talk to them
>If that woman romantically like me I can't even be a literal mile near her, because too scared
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Im in this same situation, ugly during important years became good looking now have avpd
avpd isn't very fun to have

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itt: your favorite shits charts
post your taste
get bullied by others
bully other people
call other people plebs
get called a hipster and a redditor
here's a template I like
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What is meant by series here? TV series?
Im too lazy to edit so:
Bands: None
Video games: Gothic 1, gothic 2 notr and Warband
Movies: none i can think of
Albums: none
Anime: none, i hate it
Series: none i can think of
Foods: meat in general
Drinks: beer and vodka
Fetishes: none
Waifus: none
Type of girls: religious ones and agressive ones
Characters: Stannis Baratheon, Lee from Gothic
Hobbies: none
you seem like a super interesting person

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hey /r9k/ you can properly get fucked,

you are the one convincing me i was a ''''''''''''''''''robot'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' or whatever the fuck that means FOR YEARS while i was living in my parents' basement and rarely go out

even since i left /r9k/ and started to frequently visit /sp/, i found a job, bloomed into a Chad and met a nice girl who is my fiancee now

so get fucked /r9k/, get fucked for holding me down. also yes pic is very related, that is me and my fiancee.
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>it's a, "normie realizes he's spent all these years getting bullied by the internet," episode
5/10 bait, step up your English skills sempai
are you on the left or on the right op?

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Does anyone else find sex disgusting?

I mean, obviously it feels good and I would enjoy doing it with someone, but this whole "sex is beautiful" idea is just stupid. It's fucking gross, as is pregnancy and childbirth.
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I hate having sex, it is gross and overwhelming and the anxiety makes me feel like I've been kicked in the stomach afterwards, I only do it for my partners sake and wish the women dont like sex maymay was real
Wait, women like sex?
it's ehem, an acquired taste

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female pepe.png
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Should I use MPC or VLC?
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File: smugwojak4v2.png (32KB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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VLC if GNU/Linux
KbMediaPlayer if Windows
iPlayer or whatever if Mac
I use MPC for for that subtitles downloader shit
it's so convenient

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