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>Accursed Farms
>Fredrik Knudsen
>8-Bit Guy
>Night Mind
>Primitive Technology
>Felix Colgrave
>A Jolly Wanker
>Vinesauce (All Channels)
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No point, I just subscribe to almost everything that seems big, I've over 300 subscriptions

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I yelled a lot at my schizo brother and now I regret it so much fuck fuck fuck. I called him a mentally diseased freak and other profanities, mocked his low grades and mocked everything he said by saying "yeah must be the hacker"(he thinks his every email is hacked by some hacker and changes the passwords every hour, then panics when he confuses the passwords).
I also said that he doesn't deserve anything nice and justified it by saying he's got himself n this position that's why I'm yellijng and letting the profanities fly. I said some really fucking hurtful things, what do I fucking do ? I'm a NEET with no friends but my family, and feels like I distanced myself from them even more
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>what do I fucking do?

Tell him you're sorry for what you said and that it says a lot more about you than it does about him.
Man, you fucked up. Schizophrenia is not just mental illness. Brain scans bear out the physical nature of the disease. His brain is literally, physically wrong. He can't help it at all. It's the equivalent of screaming at a paraplegic for being unable to walk.
this. then tell him you were the hacker to bring him some relief

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>Be 26 years old
>Had interview at in-n-out this morning
>manager: "So tell me, what are your hobbies"
>me: "Oh you know, watching movies and stuff"
>Gives me dissatisfied look throughout interview

Why do all of the normies want us to stay NEET's?
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This is bait. People here are stupid but not stupid enough to realize why you had a shit interview based on what you said.
socializing/reading/keeping up with the news.
Shid bade, ob

>its "sundress season" again
*sweats internally*
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>It's Summer
>everybody starts showing skin
>tfw you are fat as fuck
>tshirts and polos look disgusting on you, showing off your bitch tits
>hot as fuck
>sweeting like a pig
>no stamina to go trough the day

fuck summer
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pink dress.jpg
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Girls look so cute in little dresses like that.
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>65th latitude north

Not so fast summer.

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Just got fired today bots. Was working at a nice Italian place and now I'm going back to working at a shitty sandwich shop. Feelsbadman.jpg
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Oh man, sorry to hear that. What do you like to do? If you like drawing, you can make a Patreon, so people can pay you to make a drawing. If you like computers, you can fix them for a price. If you like something, you can make a living out of it!
You live in UK right ?
Who, me? Or OP?

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What did Ariel Winter mean by this?
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She meant that she's a stupid roastie toastie whore who needs to hang herself in front of the White House.

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Do you believe that your parents did everything possible, to make a great human out of you?

Or did they fail?
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They tried hard and perhaps their best.
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Surely there must be further context to this .webm
What the
source on this video. that looks comfy as shit

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waiting on night walk bro edition
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I want to get into the nightwalk scene lads, where do I begin?
bring cigarettes, wear black clothes and listen to some music on your phone
I want to start taking walks, but I wouldn't know where to go or when to come back. Any advice?

What are the steps I need to take to obtain a Babs gf?
PS: I'm not a Chad and I like console gaming.
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Be yourself and and say hi. Girls love it when guys say hi.
Just be yourself, brush your teeth, take showers and be confident.
Get /fit/, sell all your gaming stuff, expect the PS4, if not buy a PS4 Pro and buy the current Sportsgame of your nation (N2K17 in the US/Fifa in the rest of the world).
Now get the newest iPhone and Macbook, create a Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Account. Post everything you do on it. Get a good haircut, bleach your hair, be slighty left wing and ta da you are a fucking advanced normie with chad traits. You will atleast get a 7/10 GF.

It's so easy.

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Your words fall from mouth like shit from ass.
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what u say u son of basterd bich?
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I said to remove cock from ass.
He was so fucking good, show wasn't the same after him. Changing the actor for Spartacus was a bad decision too

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>first shift ever at my first ever job

Someone kill me, my heart is racing and I want to puke.
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just take it easy you'll do fine
it's not like somebody is going to die if you screw up
I was in your position in March.
Trust me anon, it gets way easier.

There are two paths

1. you have a full on breakdown during work and, when revealed to your boss to be a pussy who can't handle work, get fired
2. you will eventually stop giving a shit and half ass everything
2.1 you will do enough work to keep everyone happy but you'll be dead inside
2.2 you will displease your boss and get fired

welcome to the wageslave life

I'm 6 foot 2 (188 cm)
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>something you like about yourself
>picks physical attribute
I think you're pretty fucked.
I sometimes have fun.
I'm good at programming, math, cooking, knitting and can convince people I'm intelligent.

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Pretty much anyone you ask would say war should be eradicated and world peace would be ideal

But if you think about it war is why we're even here in the first place. After we finished waging war on animals, we waged war on each other and the weak died and the strong lived. Even today, it's the dirt poor sandniggers who are on the losing side and it's because they're just not as smart, cunning or determined as their current enemy: whites. Their culture will be wiped from memory, as much of it has been already. And life will go on, humanity will pull itself forward and perform many atrocities but from those atrocities new technologies and benefits will be born.

War is good for us.
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War is the father of all things
in this age, the warriors are chaff garbage greasing their betters' wheels with offal sludge
and they will never reap the spoils
Wars keeps humanity in tact, you can see how the western society is slowly collapsing, it's becoming degenerate, wealth is getting distributed unequally, War is something we should atleast have every 100 years. It's a restart button.

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if all crime was made legal, there would be many people who would start just killing everybody

isn't that scary? isn't that a sad thought? there are many people in this world who only don't kill because the law says to. isn't that fucked up?
they have no internal sense of morality.
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You could just kill all those people tho.
>"if something stupid happened something stupid would happen" the post.
that's kind of an oversimplification of what I'm trying to say

I'm saying that people only don't do vile horrible shit because the law says they can't. not because it's wrong. if rape wasn't illegal, people would rape. why? I have no interest in raping someone regardless of legality, but people would.

>tfw just watched End of Evangelion with my mum.

what the fuck was I thinking? Jesus Christ from the very beginning...I forgot about that one scene, you know...
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>ma saw the shinji shame
don't worry OP, women can't understand EoE
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>I got my little brother into Eva so I can spout memes to him
>watched EoE with him
>He asks me if I watch this disgusting stuff often

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