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Anyone here ever done DMT? It's really romanticized by everyone and I want an honest opinion.
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Yeah, I have.

It's extremely romanticized, but it is also extremely powerful. I can't think of any other substance that can go from 0 to 100 as fast as DMT - on my first time, I really did feel like reality was shattering and that my life was ending. After the trip begins to wind down, you return to baseline extremely fast, and are surprisingly sober considering what just happened to you.

I believe that this is primarily the reason that DMT has the reputation that it does - you're extremely clear-headed afterward and can immediately start rationalizing what happened to you, versus other psychedelics that have a long and confusing come-up/come-down.
This. Even during the trip your conscious mind stays relatively "clear" until it fades almost entirely.
I think you have a pretty good way of describing things. describe your trip for us bois who've only done shroomz and LSD and are kinda scared to try dmt

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Who is noticeably shorter than his dad here? (I'm 5'7" and dad is 6')
This feeling fucking sucks, I always feel I'm a kid that didn't grow up yet. It may even be one of the underlying reason why I still act like a manchild and don't consider myself as an adult.
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I'm 5'7, dad is 5'11 and chad brother is 6'1
I'm the shortest male in my ENTIRE family. The only one who is under 6ft. Even my young male cousins shot way up over 6ft by the time they were 15 or 16. I'm the oddball of two entire bloodlines. Lucky me.
Same for me, I'm the shortest adult male alive of the family. I know I had a turbomanlet grandpa so I blame him.

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>he got rated a solid 8/10 on soc
>he still can't get a gf

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what have you done in order to get a gf
If stanley cant get a gf no one can
i didn't made this thread but when i was younger i tried being around people a lot and communicate with them, talked a lot and hang round with girls i liked but they always treated me like shit and made fun of me, each time i fancied a girl i attributed some qualities to her that i liked only to interact with her and get a brutal treatment that would sober me up and depress me

a few girls showed interest in me but all of them were pretty ugly so i wasn't into them, there was one who sent me pics and looked really hot so she asked me to travel to her city but i pussied out because i thought it was some sort of cruel plan of someone else to fuck with me since i always had people on my back for some reason, and even if it was legit i was afraid i will make a fool out of myself meeting a hot girl

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can some anon explain the mutliverse to me? I don't understand how it could be possible.
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There exists vast seas of different worlds, each one different then the other. In one world, you're a kh permavirgin, another you're a ripped Chad that has never known sadness or grievance. Each world came to be this way just by existing, splitting off from each other.

If you dreamed of your perfect life, or a girl who truly loved you... Then that life exists. Even if you never know happiness, another you did.
Obviously it's entirely theoretical. I don't think there's any true scientific data for it to hold onto. I still like to think about it though. theoretically there's a universe exactly like this one but this post has one more typo in it. The multiverse theory would explain everything seemingly unexplainable by natural physics. Things like ghosts (if you believe in those) or other strange natural phenomenon. The kind of things you'd read as little snippets of infotainment on the Internet, you know. And maybe in another universe these seemingly world mending moments or properties are a lot more commonly seen and maybe even explained in their respective universes. In others maybe nothing at all would make sense through our own perception. Perhaps a universe exists in which everything is an endless sea of strawberry jam with clock shaped fish swimming in it. I dunno. It's really just something fun to think about.
There are multiple universes wig multiple versions of you and each one is probebly more happy than you

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only fembots allowed to post

>tfw it's monday and still no job
>tfw haven't showered in 3 days
>tfw still no boyfriend
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be my neet gf instead, i have a job
>>tfw still no boyfriend
trust me, there are lots of nice dudes on this website who is willing to do whatever it takes to have you as their gf, there is no need to cry about it
No be my gf! I'll treat you better than any of these losers and I'll fuck you like you want!

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I'm about to eat white castle

Then i'm gonna get high in a bit maybe

Whats 4chan doing
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>Eating White Castle
>Then getting high

Instead of

>Getting high
>Then eating White Castle

Nigga you a goof
>white castle

I genuinely don't see the appeal of eating a bunch of mini hamburgers. its like the makers of that company didn't build their restaurant based on their food ideas, but on the low IQ of Americans and the like
currently at work. im trying to log into this jpmorgan bullshit to fill some report out but its not letting me. Technology can go fuck itself.

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Lovely warm bank holiday edition
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Anyone doing anything nice with their day off?
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I'm doing it lads, wish me luck
might go out in the back garden and do a bit of work while this sun holds

hopefully get a bit of colour on me legs

What's your opinion on reviewbrah?
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he is a dumb meme that doesnt really deserve his popularity but i sometimes play his videos on my other monitor just for something to listen to
We should praise him as a god
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Holy shit he is so fucking based

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I put on lingerie and crossdress to make guys cum on omegle
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I think i've beat off to you once or twice.
that's what happens when you're raised by a single mother

i usually only go for guys with big cocks tho

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>Anon, I baked some biscuits! Do you want some?
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theyre called cookies you fucking tyrant
Just one I'm on a diet.
What's in them.
Those are chocolate chip cookies, so you'd be right in this case you uppity colonist

Most people just don't grasp how fucking difficult it is to be a short man in the modern world; you're unattractive, routinely mocked, rarely taken seriously, and just have a harder time in almost all spheres of life. I'm only 18, but being 5ft6 has already likely reduced my future prospects sharply, both in terms of a prospective career, and in the world of dating.
I say this with complete sincerity; I would rather have a mild facial disfigurement than be short. The former may mean some women don't find you attractive, the latter means that almost all women are viscerally repulsed by you. I don't even bother trying to court women; after all, what's the point? I've already experienced enough humiliation and rejection thus far due to my height, why humble myself any more?
It's not that I blame anyone for not liking me, it's just an unfortunate fact of life, and I suppose it's just a curse I must bear. I'm going to have to accept that peers will not take me seriously, that I will have to move through life a figure simultaneously pitied and reviled. This is the life of the short man.
I'm thinking of perhaps moving to a country with a smaller average height in the future; at least there I may stand some chance at success. As it stands, I just have to accept my lot and try to make the best out of it in a hostile world. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
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>it's not okay to hate niggers because it's genetics so they can't help it
>it's okay to hate manlets because it's their own fault their genetics made them short
jesus christ what a whiny bitch, just deal with it like everyone else does, don't let a tiny percieved flaw define you. do you have any idea what others who have real handicaps have to go through? you dumb entitled fuck, and don't wear lifts in your shoes that's just pathetic.
>perceived flaw
Would you tell a guy in wheelchair to stop being a whiny bitch and get over it? No, because it's an objective and debilitating flaw.

Being small, while not as severe, is much the same.

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Don't be afraid to tease one and other for your poor taste.

Pic relate.
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For me it's Lauren Mayberry, the best indie popstar
> inb4 eliza's orbiters
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So, I'll post a couple of the ones I like.

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What's worth watching on YouTube?
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watch dunkey
Cody's Lab is pretty /comfy/ if you're into sciencey things. His channel is basically minecraft irl with science.

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>new reddit and memey
>morty hits on a slut literally named Stacy after having his "toxic" side sucked out and turning beta and she's down to fuck
truly the blue pilled show if ever was one
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I don't know anything about this show but it sounds fucking retarded
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I tried watching this show and didn't laugh once. I couldn't figure out if it was a parody of an unfunny show or if those shitty jokes were actually what people were raving about it.

Even more annoying one of my only friends is a huge fan and sometimes makes me watch it where I try to forcibly chuckle along to be polite while being utter bamboozled about what is humorous about this show. apparently the old guy being drunk constantly is supposed to be some kind of comedic genius.
It's a fun show.
Stop overthinking it.

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>tfw have a glove fetish
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>>tfw have a glove fetish
Dumb sissy anime boi.
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I'm not dumb and I'm not a sissy.
wtf is a glove fetish

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